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Welcome to quotThe Tonight, Show.quot Guys it is a big night for NBC.. It is the start of BTS Week here on quotThe Tonight, Showquot Cheers and applause. We have something special for you. Bts fans in a couple minutes. Also a huge night for hockey. If you just watched Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, that means you’re, either drunk and happy or drunk and very angry. Laughter. I actually watched the game through my plastic face shield, so I feel like I was really there. Laughter Yeah tonight we got to see white guys brutally attack each other for two hours, so it was a pretty good preview of tomorrow, night’s debate. Laughter Let’s get to Some politics. Well guys. Last night, quotThe New York Timesquot published a bombshell report about President Trump’s personal finances. Yep. Somehow quotThe Timesquot got their hands on Trump’s long, hidden tax records and what they found was not good.. Listen to this. The quotNew York Timesquot reports, it’s obtained two decades’ worth of President Trump’s tax, returns. quotThe Timesquot reports that the President paid no income taxes in 10 of the last 15 years.. That’S right Trump has not paid income taxes in 10 of the last 15 years. Although honestly wouldn’t, it have been more shocking if Trump had paid taxes in those years, Laughter Yeah when the news broke, Trump was furious., He was like quotWhy did. I pay taxes for those five yearsquot Laughter Seriously when it comes to avoiding taxes.

Trump knows every loophole., For instance, on next year’s taxes. He plans on claiming his coronavirus response as a total loss. Laughter Applause. What Thank you. It’s, a clapper. It’s, a clapper., Some laughs. Some claps. Well, someone close to Trump must have provided the records. When asked who might have a grudge against him. Trump was like quotOther than 65. Tell all book authors, no one comes to mind.quot Laughter, So Trump didn’t pay any income taxes for 10 out of 15 years., Big deal. I’m sure when Trump did pay, something it was a lot.. In 2016, the year Trump won the White House. He paid just 750 in income tax. 750. I don’t know what he should have paid, but it is definitely more than an Xbox and a half. Laughter, 750 That’s great. In today’s money Trump, basically paid the equivalent of a 1993 Toyota Tercel. Laughter. Even people who use the free version of TurboTax are like quotThat can’t, be right.quot Laughter. The report also found that, on top of not paying taxes, Trump wrote off a bunch of expenses that seemed kind of suspicious.. The paper also accuses the President and his companies of claiming questionable deductions on some of those businesses. More than 109000 for linens and silverware, and nearly 200000 for landscaping.. He also wrote off more than 70000 in haircuts when he was on quotThe Apprentice.quot. The crazy part isn’t that he spent 70000 on his hair it’s that clearly 70000 wasn’t enough.

Laughter Applause Should have went with 150000. Landscaping.. The most damaging part of the report also shows that Trump might not be the billionaire expert businessman. He claims to be. quotThe Timesquot, says documents show the President reported more than 47 million in losses in 2018 alone and he faces a personal debt, totaling 421 million money that could come due while he is in office. If he’s elected to a second term. Wow.. This news comes as a huge shock.. I mean all this time. I thought the guy who lost money running a casino was a financial wiz. Laughter Yep Trump’s got to pay back 421 million. In response college. Kids with student loans are like quotHoly, crap, I’m, richer than the presidentquot Laughter. Basically, this is who Trump says he is, and this is who he really is. Laughter. I guess that when you owe that kind of money, you start doing desperate things.. Look at what I saw today on Zillow. He’s selling, the White House. Laughter I’ll check it out at an open, house., I’m, not sure if I’m going to buy it. Since 2000, Trump’s reported over 300 million in losses just from his golf courses. Would have been a Better investment if Trump opened up a RadioShack inside a Blockbuster inside a Sears. Laughter, It wasn’t all bad news for Trump this weekend. On Saturday, he officially named his nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.. It is my honor to nominate one of our nation’s, most brilliant and gifted legal minds to the Supreme Court.

. She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, towering intellect sterling credentials and unyielding loyalty to the Constitution, Judge Amy, Coney Barrett. Whew, Good Lord, that took forever. By the time. Trump was done with the introduction he had to fill three more Supreme Court, seats. Laughter Seriously. The only thing Trump will drag out longer are the results of the election.. Of course, the presidential election is heating up, and the first debate is tomorrow: night. It’ll be a little different than debates. We’Ve seen in the past. Watch this. Joe Biden and President Trump are preparing to face off for the first time. Now this debate will be very different from debates past due to the coronavirus, pandemic. Biden and Trump will not shake hands. There will be a much smaller audience and everyone on hand will be tested for COVID 19. Yep.. The debate is almost here right: now. Biden plans on throwing Trump off by walking out in a hat that says, quotI.R.S.quot Laughter Because of COVID the candidates. Won’T start the night while shaking hands well, partly because of COVID, but mostly ’cause Trump. Just doesn’t know how to shake hands. Yeah. I know. Yeah. Chuckles, How you doing there Yeah yeah., Oh, oh boy., Laughter, That’s, …, Oh boy, …, That’s, right, the candidates. Won’T start the evening by shaking hands. Instead it’ll be like a wedding dance floor, where Biden casts a line at Trump and then reels him in. Laughter With the debate happening tomorrow night, both Trump and Biden have been busy preparing what they’re going to say.

And we Actually managed to get our hands on some video of Trump’s debate. Prep. Check this out. Bird chirps, Alright, the big debate’s tomorrow and we got ta prep.. We got ta prep.. If I blow this there’s, no telling how many tens of people will change their minds about me. That’s, why I asked you my loyal team of future tell all authors to come up with questions. So hit me.. What do we got? Mr. President, first question: when will the COVID vaccine be ready, Easy., Tomorrow. Laughter, Definitely tomorrow. It’s, coming out immediately. And look it’s, a very wonderful vaccine. Tastes, great., Very delicious vaccine gon na to be grape probably.. We have our scientists working around the clock, mixing inhales sharply. The vials and the beakers and it’s turning the liquid into different colors., Just incredible. Right now, it’s very green and bubbly, and it unleashes smoke in the shape of a skull, so it’s looking good. Next question.. Mr. President, is it true that in 2016 and ’17 you paid 750 in federal income taxes, Absolutely false., Excellent. Great, clear answer.? I paid 350.? Okay, maybe let’s just skip that., Sir what’s. Your view on climate change, Look I’ve said it before.. We love the climate.. The scientists they don’t, even know., They don’t, even know.. I watch WKTG their meteorologist.. He gets the climate wrong, most every day.. He says quotIt’s raining.quot There’s, no rain.. He says quotIt’s sunnyquot, but I look at my phone and the sun’s behind a little cloud.

, Very sad.. It’S, a tough thing, the climate. Inhales sharply Very tough., Very tough thing.. Mr. President, if you win …, Ah bah, ah bah when I win. Laughter How about when I win … when you win, how exactly are you gon na unite the country I’m going to pass on that one. Okay.? How will you ease racial tension, Ooh big pass.? Back to your taxes, Double dog pass.. Well, I think we need an answer for that.. I said double dog, so legally you have to pass.. They said I can have three passes. Didn’t. They say that. Can we look into that Three passes? What do you think of Biden’s plan to Look the thing about the thing about Biden? Can I just say the thing about Biden? Is that he’s, a nasty woman. Laughter He’s such a nasty woman.? Sorry, you said that about Hillary. That’s right. I’m, bringing back all the classics.. No one goes to a Counting Crows concert to hear the new stuff folks. With me: it’s quotMr., Jonesquot, all night., By the way that’s, where I that’s, where I drop the mic., You won’t have a mic, sir.. Well, I’ll I’ll drop this one then. Clicking fabric rustling, Not that kind of mic. No audio. We can’t hear you now sir. Laughter, Clicking fabric rustling, Hello, Sir civil unrest is widespread across the country.. Yes it’s very unrestful. People are very upset. They’re, throwing cans of tuna.. Very sad for tuna. Next, Finally, will you accept the outcome of the election? If you don’t win, I will absolutely.

Definitely. Clicking fabric rustling, No audio, Sir. We can’t hear Laughter. Oh he knows., No audio Applause, Cheers and applause. How did we get our hands on that debate? Prep And finally, right before the debate, Joe Biden just picked up a big endorsement from Dwayne Johnson. Check it out.. I do feel that Vice President Biden and Senator Harris are the best choice to lead our country, and I am endorsing them to become President and Vice President of our United States. Yeah. Biden, said quotThanks for endorsing me.quot, Then Dwayne said quotJust return the favor in 2024.quot Laughter, Meanwhile, Trump was disappointed.. He was like quotHow. Could you not pick me? People are always saying I’m as smart as a rock.quot Laughter, Hang on.. Can we see Dwayne again? The guy is jacked. Whoo. If you check the tag on that shirt, the size actually says. Quotstatue.

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