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Why we got the rest of the week until uh until game day, you took quite a shot. Was it? Is it specific to your ribs baker or is it kind of like the whole right side, uh yeah, i mean kind of that whole right side, everything’s intertwined right there, so i mean i’m lucky with the way that uh i landed that it wasn’t directly. On my shoulder kind of rolled a little bit, so obviously it could have been a lot worse, hey, so everybody! You know you guys have been one of the surprise teams to this point to the outside. Um you’ve had quality wins the last two weeks. What would it mean baker to go to heinz field where this game hasn’t won since 2003 and equality undefeated team? You know once again, we’re not worried about the past worried about right now and the next game’s most important one, and we have a good, very good division opponent, everyone up against in their house, so that’s the most important part the focus is on now and that That is pittsburgh this week, thanks next time, we’ll go to new york. Next, hey baker. You mentioned that something um was awkward for your wrist on the one play did that hold up: okay, yeah yeah. I feel good now on the wrist okay, and will you be practicing that is to be determined? Okay and uh? Are you still confident you’re, definitely playing sunday yep just day by day still confident? Thank you.

Thank you. Nate next up is mary kate, cabot, hey baker. Uh, can you maybe address a little bit about your uh, your relationship with miles garrett and how um it you guys seem to be. You know, maybe engaging a little bit more a little closer this year. You know maybe i’m reading that right, maybe i’m not, but it just seems like you guys, have kind of developed a little bit of a deeper relationship than you maybe have had before um. I think it’s definitely uh expanded. I think um as i’m, much more comfortable in this system and, like i’ve, said just trying to be a better leader for this team and reach out to more people. But miles and i have had conversations – and we know the time is now for us to take advantage of it and we know why we were brought here, and so we believe in that and there’s just uh, not everything is said between us but there’s. There’S. Certain looks we both know what we’re thinking uh and i think that’s, where you’re picking that up from thank you thanks mary kay we’ll, go to daryl ryder for next question baker. You just mentioned you know. This is why you and miles are here to start playing meaningful, uh football games just this. This game with pittsburgh is probably the most meaningful one between these two teams uh in a long time. What how excited are you to enter, enter a stretch and be in a position where you’re you’re going to be playing meaningful football that’s, the exciting part about it? Obviously, the vision games are always meaningful for us, but uh they’re, undefeated we’re, four in one uh it’s an extremely important game, but it’s because it’s the next one.

So we have to handle it that way and we’re on the road in somebody else’s house um. Last week you played a good defense in indianapolis and you got another good one this week against pittsburgh. What do you see from them and what is what makes them so good yeah, the both very good defenses. I think pittsburgh is a little less of just lineup and play they’ll show you some looks and bring more pressures, and so i mean it’s just it’s pretty typical for pittsburgh. They’Re physical. They have guys that are making plays, and it starts up front with a lot of those guys, obviously extremely talented, so we have to handle that those front seven guys and uh take care of business thanks, sir we’ll go to scott patrick baker, um after the game. Sunday, you said that was the worst. Your worst of the five when you went back and watched film did you feel the same way and if so, what maybe bothered you the most yeah? I would have to agree with what i said: uh prior just looking at the drive before half time and then also just going in the second half. Finding completions, i think, is the most important part, which is what we did the weeks prior, but i definitely can be a lot better but, like i said, it’s always better to learn from a win than a loss. I think you mentioned some of the high the high misses when you missed high when you watch those.

Is there a common thread like a footwork or a technique thing, or does it just happen kind of spur the moment yeah, i think the one to harrison uh should have led him into the hole more instead of trying to put it on him over the backer. So there’s certain things uh that just going through reeds to make the easier throws, not not trying to you know, make make the hard tour every time. Just take the completions, make it easy on us and keep the chains moving thanks. We’Ll go to jay trotter next yeah baker uh miles before the season kind of hinted at that that ural’s relationship had really even grown. Just in the last year um, you know he said: y’all had really developed a camaraderie as former number one picks guys that you know are anchors on this team as you’re. Trying to turn it around. Is that the way that that you see it and if so um you know beyond just kind of like knowing where each the the others coming from with the looks and stuff uh, you know how that maybe has evolved with you guys. Absolutely i think, that’s something that throughout these zoom meetings, uh and once again the stuff we did off the field during those meetings to learn about each other, more um, i think, was very important, and so for me and miles we took that personal and we’ve done That so that’s, where we’re at right now and i’m happy about it.

He keeps making plays and we’re trying to lead this team by example in vocally so he’s doing an incredible job of uh, i think, being more vocal, um and so we’re proud of him. Can you put into just the context the impact that he’s making you know the strip sacks forcing phillip rivers into the safety? I mean just watching him out there. What kind of impact has he had on the record that you guys have um huge impact? Obviously, the stats and those uh the sacks obviously speak for themselves, but the the game, if you watch it guys, are having a chip they’re having to bring extra people over there, that that takes such an impact on our defense of freeing up other one on ones. For our other d, linemen and other blitzers and stuff like that, so it’s not just miles play individually, it’s the things that teams have to worry about and that’s something that we’re lucky to have adidas ball. You have our next question: hi baker. When you think about the rhythm of the offense right now, how is it working? What is working really well and where are you in terms of that in particular, where you want it to be uh we’re efficient when we need to be, i think the consistency can always improve there’s little things you can always improve on, but when we need to Be efficient right now, we’ve made the plays we’ve made the conversions and that’s.

Why you’re seeing this streak of winds? So we have to continue to do that, but also improve on the consistency when it’s not just crucial times and just uh just help ourselves out. We don’t have to make it close uh. We just need to keep eating better, make a work. We’Ll go back to you, hey bakers, with um watt and and hayward um. What kind of test is that front? Seven! Those are just a couple guys but um. What kind of tests is that um it’s a it’s, a great test for us, another great defense? They bring a physical challenge, they bring the you know the muddy pockets. They’Ll hit you they try to impose their will but that’s what our division is all about. So we have to play that ball and match that energy and exceed it so they’re, obviously extremely talented, but the mindset of the steelers defense they play as one and they play together so that’s. The challenge that uh we’re facing you’ve been complimentary of the the o line, obviously throughout the season, but just i mean what you go against. The team like the steelers are so physical with what you just said about their their front. How much confidence do you have that you know you have the guys up front now or you can go into any game like that and if it’s a dog fight, you know you guys can’t do what you need to do.

Well, i believe, in our guys, first and foremost, uh no matter who we’re facing. Obviously the challenge that the steelers defense is it brings plays that we’re going to have ups and downs throughout this game. It’S not going to be perfect, and we know that that’s. What comes with these challenging games when you play great teams so uh? We know that we just have to do our job and then, if something happens, good or bad move on to the next play and do our job again. Next one go to marvin, reiner, uh, yeah baker. When you were looking over the games, i mean in the second half: do you did you? Have you put your finger on anything about that? Do you think maybe you’re taking more chances, just as you feel more confident. Any anything there you’ve noticed, i think, uh. You know we talked about you know some of these plays that we’re setting up later on. If we get the right looks and taking these shots now, that’s, where i need to be able to take more advantage of these certain looks and complete. These plays be more efficient, uh and you know we’ll see improvement on this offense. So i put that 100 percent on me uh to improve, and i like that responsibility. Thank you. Thanks, marlo back to america, hey kevin, hey baker! I’M! Just wondering how you know. Are you guys heading into this game, knowing that you might have to kind of support miles in pittsburgh if he gets any heat from the fans and again, i know it’s, not 70, 000 fans.

But you know what is this sort of mindset of you guys as teammates in terms of what what miles might be facing based on what happened last year? Um, i mean, i think, it’s about right now and we’re always going to have our teammates backs. You know we’re worried about the right now and we’re playing the steelers um we’re, not worried about what happened last year, we’ve moved on everybody’s, you know wants to make the story of it, but we’re we’re focused on right now, and that task at hand is playing. The steelers and doing our jobs to uh the very best we possibly can and that’s the that’s, the focus. Okay. Thank you, scott, patrick, hey baker. You know you’ve played the steelers for a couple of years. Is there defense change at all, or is it the same kind of year in and year out, and then how do you think your new scheme kind of matches up with their defense they’re consistent um? You know same coordinator a lot of the same personnel now they’ll have different flavors of the week that they bring and that’s what you have to adjust and adapt to, but but they’re very good at what they do so they’re not going to change it up too Much they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, they’re going to add in certain mixes different, looks but that’s the challenge at hand for us, but offensively it’s, another another physical game.

So we have to treat it. You know trying to establish a run game and be efficient in the past game, so that doesn’t change mindset wise for us uh, but i think you know scheme wise with what we’re having right now. We’Re we’re continuing to improve and uh that’s, no matter who we’re playing thanks. Let’S, take three more jake trotter and dede, and tom jake you’re lined up hey baker. You referenced uh miles, you know being more of a vocal leader uh. Is that some? How do you think that’s impacted some of the guys defensively and then you also said that you guys have uh um. You know you away from the zoom calls had kind of been work, develop your relationship even more.

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