Philips Hue, 10 CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR MEN (early holiday gift guide)

This will be a follow up to last year’s, video of the top 20 gifts for men. If you haven’t seen that i highly recommend it – and i got the link down below in my description and a card up here, if you haven’t seen that yet and because y’all like that, so much i’m actually making two this time around. So one now for the early birds and another one at the top of december in the main shopping season, so yeah let’s get into it coming in at number one. We have a lifestyle subscription service. In the same way, you can sign up for groceries or home cleaning supplies, monthly or weekly. A lifestyle subscription service is very specific to the person you’re buying it, for you have ones like bespoke post that are like really cool manly home goods, and this is perfect for that guy, who still hasn’t decorated his apartment or his room and needs a little bit Of manly flavor to add to it or the carnivore club for a guy who’s, really a meat lover and really wants to try a different variety of sausages prosciutto. Maybe he likes to grill, and the list goes on and on we’re talking outdoor gear, things for coffee enthusiasts, avid readers, creative types, guys that are really into music. So if you want to check these out for yourself, i have several links down in my description. To get you started on the right foot coming in at number two, we have big kid stuff when guys grow from boys to men, we don’t stop playing with toys the toys just get bigger or more sophisticated and depending on the guy, this can take the form Of a graphic novel or an adult fantasy book to where, if he grew up as a fan of harry potter, there’s much more mature books out there now with plots and stories that appeal to an adult over something more interactive, there are puzzles out there card games Board games, and not only is this very pandemic friendly, where a lot of us are at home right now, but they’re also challenging on the level that adults think or it also can take the form of a sophisticated figurine aka, a grown up action figure and as An anime nerd myself, i have a couple dragon ball: z, figurines in my office – that because of their color, come off more so as sophisticated decor, rather than a blatant action figure.

So i get to maintain my aesthetic but still express my nerdiness. So if you want to find something special for one of the big kids in your life, i got a few links down below in the description to get you started next up on this list is color changing smart light bulbs. I first got this three pack from best buy about two years ago and i was so impressed by them that i installed them across my entire living space. It really just enhances the vibe of my space, especially since my wife and i both work from home. It really helps break up the monotony of the day, so now we can go from a very productive work environment to a romantic movie night in an instant. So if you know a guy that can use some enhancement to his face, you can find these on best. Buy – and i got a link down below in the description coming in at number – four – is a teeth, whitening kit now this definitely isn’t for every guy, a lot of dudes don’t care, but for the guy, who has everything and that’s super hard to shop, for it Might be the perfect choice? These are fairly inexpensive, very easy to use and super effective. So if this sounds like something for someone you know i got links down below in the description for you number five on this list is a premium sweatsuit, and by premium i don’t necessarily mean expensive.

If you know this channel you’ve probably seen my video on the best sweatpants, where i tried on several different pair to try to see who had the best fit and also the best price as well since we’re spending so much more time at home these days. This is the perfect gift, especially since most guys aren’t going to replace those old basketball, shorts or whatever you see them wearing around the house every single day. So if you know a guy who needs to spruce up his loungewear, i got links down below in the description for me. Coming in at number six, we have an oculus quest two Music. Now let me keep it real with you. I slept on vr gaming for a long time, but my cousin got one of these last year for christmas and since i was crashing at his house for the holidays, i was able to play this like every single day and the fact that you not only get To immerse yourself in this new world, but you also can put it on the tv. It really becomes like a family experience that can be a fun activity that everybody can take turns doing and personally between my job as a creator making stuff for y’all and my nine to five. I don’t have much time to game, but the few hours i do get a week to wind down. This is definitely one of the things i’ll be using, and even if the guy that you’re gift hunting for isn’t a gamer, the oculus quest, has productivity and creative tools on there as well.

The one that i just downloaded recently is called gravity sketch, where you can design architecture, cars or my personal favorite sneakers. You can take the ideas you sketch and then actualize that in 3d, in real time, with no limits to your creativity. So if you know a guy who will love this gift, you can find it at best buy and i got a link down for you in the description coming in at number. Seven are blue light glasses. Now these are the type of lenses that are clear. You can get them in prescription or not, but they have a film over them or a coating that protects our eyes from the overuse of screens again we’re, all home we’re, all watching a bunch of tv constantly on our phones and that puts a strain on our Eyes so this is the perfect stocking stuffer, especially if the guy you want to buy it for has a job where he’s on a computer the entire day. So if you want to take a closer look at some simple and stylish options that i’ve found, you know exactly where to find the links next on this list is a home cleaning service. Now, whether or not the guy you’re shopping for is a neat freak, everybody can use a deep clean to their home, and this is definitely one of those thoughtful gifts that nobody would ever expect. But that just takes one more thing off your plate and can be a major relief for anyone now for this one, i don’t have any links for you.

You want to google some local ones to whoever you’re shopping for and make sure they’re using all the safety precautions possible. This could be the perfect gift, especially for a guy who works all the time coming in at number nine we have a fitness or wellness app, and i know what you’re thinking devin anybody can download an app for free but, as you all know, who’ve tried this Out or actually are into the wellness or fitness space, the best features on these apps are pay to play, but a lot of guys during quarantine, myself included, have gained some weight from being home all day and not eating like we should not exercising like we should So free access to a virtual workout coach just might be the nudge they need me personally. I don’t have access to my gym right now. It’S closed because of the pandemic, so my favorite app to use is called free. Linux, it’s all body weight workouts. So you don’t need any type of equipment and they have different difficulty levels in there, depending on your level of fitness and beyond physical fitness. You also have mental wellness apps out there too, like headspace, so whether the guy, you know can be stronger in body or stronger in mind, and you feel like this would motivate him. This might be the perfect gift now, last but not least, on this list coming in at number 10 is a bose home speaker now, yet again we have another vibe enhancer mood setter, that’s, very instrumental in setting the tone.

For my day, to day again, i work from home. A lot of us are, and on top of that, sound quality, you would expect from bose as bluetooth. Compatible connects to your wi. Fi is voice control with alexa or google voice and as a bonus, well necessity. For me, it is aesthetically pleasing to look at and when it comes to a lifestyle. Tech item like this one, you want to make sure it goes with the vibe of your room or the house that you keep it in, but you also don’t have to keep it anywhere. The handle on top allows you to take it anywhere. You want to go it’s a beautiful thing, in my opinion, i’ve been enjoying it so far and if you want to check it out, you know you can find it at best. Buy it comes in black or white, and i got a link down for you in the description now before i get out of here. Drop a comment right now on your favorite gift idea from this list and if you want to see part 2 to this, video it’s dropping in about three to four weeks so make sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon. So you don’t miss it and if you made it this far make sure to leave a thumbs up on the video.

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