You know there’s nothing worse than going to the washroom or going to eat, going to get some water coming back a few minutes later and all of a sudden, your game is disconnected, and it tells you you have to reconnect. You know it says due to inactivity. You got to reconnect, you know what i just don’t want to. So i found a solution very easy solution. I’Ll show you quickly, so we can just get over it, get over the fact that it’s a solution and we’ll move on okay. So the solution, guys you want to go to your google play, store open her up, go over here type in keep screen on all right. Once you go to keep screen on, you want to open it up. This is keep screen on okay, we’re, actually gon na go here and give them a five star review all because it’s, a good app, so i’ve left them a five star review. They keep me from going insane because i don’t want to keep reconnecting my vpn and, having to you, know, unhook everything, blah blah do everything. I have everything hooked up to my stream. So this is just an easy way and all you guys do is you go here? You go right over here, mine’s already on, but you know all you do is just press the light bulb boom it’s on so now. Every time that you go to your game from now on, your light bulb is just going to keep your game always on always connected you’re, never going to disconnect unless your internet actually disconnects.

If your internet disconnects that’s your fault, okay, i went to sleep woke up. My game was still like this today: it’s just how it is that’s how it works now, that’s that’s, one tip guys another tip. Okay, if you guys are having problems and you guys are needing a better connection for free. I advise you to download you booster, because they’ve actually fixed it as of lately. Okay, it costs you 1.99, so for 1.99, you can get a great connection to the servers and now that there’s actually new news today in which the open betas are now launching to the new regions. Let me look this up wild rift. Okay, so the new regions are as follows: vietnam, oceana and taiwan are going to be on december 7th and on december 10th is going to be europe, turkey and russia, as well as the middle east and north africa. So what we can expect here is a lot of people to be using this or other vpn services. However, this one is almost free. It might be free for seven days or something for you guys. I’M, not too sure i know it’s 1.99 cents that’s what it cost me so i’m just going to go with that price with the uh, it cost. 1.99 final answer you can see here i have a mobile membership. If i click here, you can see how much it actually costs 1.99 cents for 30 days and that’s. What i got you can do you can do this one’s cheapest 15, but that’s, just the one i use and yeah that’s really how to keep your screen on it’s a super easy way on how to handle it.

It’S also how to get better connection in wild rift, any other tips and tricks i can give in here Music. You see my internet just disconnected because i was in. I was in the uu booster. All you do here, just disconnect it click on it, click it again, load now, we’re back in that’s. All you do guys. Super super easy super super, simple stuff and that’s. How that you know that’s how just to keep your screen on all time and give you another tip on how to get better ping right now, i’m sitting gold, one i’m in my uh i’m in my series, it’s been going pretty good. You know, zero wins! Two losses can’t complain. Well, i can but i’m gon na keep it in oh there’s. One more thing. I want to tell you guys so when you guys enter the game for the first time ever, you guys are going to want to go here and you guys are going to want to go to the tutorial okay you’re going to want to do all these tutorials Because when you do them, you actually complete it and you get a champion of your choice. So when you guys are doing the tutorials, it actually gives you a recommendation to put on your your targeting priority, set the portrait lock right here, you’re going to want to have portrait lock on. I don’t you can move your portraits if you want it. However, these portraits are very, very helpful when it comes to locking on the targets tower diving doing all that fun stuff, because a lot of the time you actually lose your target when you’re going and like doing like a tumble, invisible and you come out of tumble And your target’s a different target now so when you’re target locking it’s a very, very, very helpful tip, and i recommend everybody learning how to use the portrait target lock, because it is super helpful, like when you’re in a team, fight and need.

And you need to target one character, but the tank is in front and he has lowest health you’re going to want to use portrait lock, because if you can end up taking out that carry or that person that you need to take out that’s your job, you Will hopefully win the game or you at least have a better chance at winning the game, and that is what you want right. So yeah that’s, just gon na, be my my three tips on how to uh keep league of legends wild rift always open how to get a really good ping for super cheap and also the portrait lock, which i think is the number one tip for the game And targeting and stuff see, i hope that you find these guys. I hope you find this uh interesting it’s, a six minute video. I know it’s a little bit longer. However, you know i just wanted to get a little bit information up for you guys if you did enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up subscribe and i hope to see you guys in the next video. I have a twisted fate. Video made – and i don’t know, if i’m going to release it just yet i’ve been working on some gameplay for twisted fate and i’d like to be really really good, so i might just hold off on it, but i have a few uh gameplays ready to go.

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