Philips Hue, Why you can’t sleep at night

That easy, at least not well for some of you who have that problem well and what’s going on there. So the one thing about the one good thing about third eye opening is that your actually melatonin inside of your brain will be released at night. Let’S say i think during 12 o’clock well for me, it’s, like 12 o’clock and then immediately. You fall asleep, because your melatonin and serotonin is actually uh getting released by the third eye, which is actually called the pineal gland. So the pineal gland is something that releases. This melatonin and the melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for your for your sleep also, but there’s also some other things that it’s responsible for, but mainly it’s, for your sleep so and the reason why so that’s a really good thing about after that. Well, maybe you’re wondering well what’s, not so good about the third eye, opening well because you’re open your third eye, so you actually see the energy of people you it’s. Sometimes you know overwhelming overwhelming and sometimes uh. You know it’s hard like because you are starting to see all of your shadows. You start to see all of your programs, and you start to see like you know, well, it’s good, because you start to wake up and you experience this awakening and you start to see your programs and you see your fears and you see everything that’s wrong with You and so on so uh, so the reason why you cannot fall asleep um it’s, because during the day you experience a a little bit or more it doesn’t matter stress and during that stress that you have experienced this fears how i’m going to manage this.

Is this going to be okay and so on? Uh, because this stress during the day is happening, but you are not acknowledging it because you’re suppressing it, then it’s like okay, i’ll wait. The stress goes: okay, oh wait. You suppressed me but i’m still there and then, when you go to sleep, it goes ah. Finally, i have time to talk to you. So then the stress appears and then it says then it tells you like. Okay, are you now willing to speak to me? Are you not willing to hear me well, i’m, here i’m stressed out and then you’re starting to just you know, uh when you need to sleep, you actually start to think about things. How will you manage this? How will i do this wow? This is so big. I mean it feels so big, because all of your other functions during the day are actually on a pause and you are not um in a position to sorry just second you’re, not in a position to uh, actually like um um, to take care of those things. Then you are like calm and then comes this side of you. This stress that has been suppressed and it comes to you and says: will you now listen to me and that comes from this um what’s, the name? Sorry, my english is not my first language i’m. Actually, from bosnia uh from this um well, you’re used to it something that you’re used to uh.

So it comes from that, like um fact that you are used to suppress your stress, suppress your fears and not really like uh getting to face the fears right in the eye to look them in the eye. So that is why they appear at the night. So well, what? What can you do? Well, the stress management is the best thing, and the stress management is something that i also do, and i also teach and stuff but uh. Well the thing that you can do when this happens. First of all, the first, what you should not be doing is uh force yourself to sleep, so don’t force yourself to sleep. Don’T don’t tell yourself you have to because then you have this other side. Fighting this stress side. So here’s the stress side and it goes now you can listen to me now. Listen to me. I want to tell you that i’m. So, like anxious about these things, and then you have this other side of you that you created, then you go like. I must sleep don’t, you know i must and then there’s a war going on so then it’s even harder to fall asleep. So the one thing that you can do is acknowledge the stress just you know let him have his five minutes and then just realize you don’t have to say it. You just have to feel it, and you just have to acknowledge that you will do absolutely everything that you can to prevent uh anything bad.

That can happen, that is in your own power and in a nice world. In nice words, you just tell yourself and tell that part of you. I understand you. I know that you’re stressed out, but i promise you. I will do everything that i can uh to prevent anything bad from happening, and then the next thing is that you should uh just take perhaps take your phone or just play with it, because this a part of you that is anxious. It wants to be acknowledged. It does not want to be ignored. This is the best thing i could tell you. It does not want to be ignored because, because it is there because it is ignored, you ignore it. During the day you say no that’s, not a big deal, that’s, not a big deal, that’s, not a big deal, and you constantly do that because you’re afraid to face your fears and your responsibilities. Well, maybe you have a good reason. Maybe you’re. You know. You know some, you know, like bad thing happens to you and you feel depressed and that’s also like you know, but the thing is that this appears, because you have ignored it, you have been ignoring it and then you have to just acknowledge it. You have to just go with it, you have to just tell it you’re right. I have been ignoring you. This is my responsibility. I have to take responsibility, i understand you and so on.

So you have to create this kind of energy so that you can um this stress. That is there that you can like pull it down a little bit, and you know like comfort it a little bit and then, when you just play along don’t force yourself to sleep just say: okay, i i see it you’re right and so on. You will just take your, for example, phone and you will say: okay, i will not sleep that’s. Okay, i will not. I will now uh wake up and go take a glass of water and then i’ll start again go back again and you just stop pushing against it, and once you do that i’m sure you will be falling asleep because uh, you know just don’t push against it. Just play along, acknowledge it say: that’s! Okay, if you don’t want me to sleep, i will not. I will take my phone and i will just be awake and then what else you can tell yourself, you can tell yourself maybe you’re thinking. Oh my god. I need to like wake up at seven o’clock. I will not be getting enough sleep well that will not help, and that is not true. You don’t actually need that much sleep. You will be just fine, even if you sleep for one hour, if you believe so. If you tell your brain that it is going to be fine, then the stress inside of your brain will bring, will go down and the power of uh of conquering the situation will come up.

You will have the power, even with the one hour sleep, to deal with all the things that you can do during the day or you that you must do so that’s your power, that you must just tell yourself. It is okay, if i even don’t sleep, because you know the letting the power isn’t letting go not fighting against. So i hope i have helped you so if you really cannot manage that and then i will not advise you to take some pills that are for anxiety or stuff, you should, if you only have problems with your sleeping, you should just go to your medical store. Uh and just ask for uh uh for melatonin that’s, just the hormone it’s, not that you cannot look and get it without prescriptions, because it’s kind of a natural thing and you could just drink that for three or five days. Uh have an a half hour before you want to sleep, and then your sleep rhythm will be like managed. So i hope i have helped.

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