Philips Hue, ystation 5 – UNBOXING (MASSIVE)

Here i have tried to order this thing, probably on five separate times, failed every single time miserably. Then i sat in front of my computer for about three and a half hours on november 12th, watching everyone unbox their ps5s in total jealousy, but i somehow managed to get my own. The shopping cart told me it wasn’t even in there, but i continued just trying the payment method and it somehow worked, and here we are on november 15th. I got something in this box to show you. This box is absolutely huge. This is the biggest box i’ve ever seen with a console i’ve seen in everyone’s reviews that this thing is huge but wow. This box is just massive. Oh boy, i see a playstation logo. Oh boy, let’s spin it around to the camera. It’S beautiful, really grab. It flip it upside down. There you go, that is a big box box is falling apart a little bit. It almost looks like a pizza box. Okay, so first thing here, so we get the power cable, so that just goes right into the back of the ps5. Next is the dual sense controller. Now i’ve heard great things about this and i’m super excited to use it. That is gorgeous. That is a work of art. Oh my god, it feels great, damn damn okay, this is super. Nice can’t wait to play some miles morales. With this thing later then there’s two start guides here, one in english and one that isn’t what else we got in here? Okay, so this is the stand here.

If you guys didn’t know, you can actually put the ps5 standing upright or sideways with this guy right here. So what you’re going to do is just clip it on and then the ps5 just lays on here. I’Ll toss up a picture just so you guys know what it looks like, but this feels pretty premium as well. It’S, not like cheap plastic by any means. Then you’ve got your hdmi cord here now, i’m, really happy that they actually include this in the box and i don’t have to buy it separately now for the console itself. This thing is pretty heavy. Oh my god let’s work on getting this thing out. Oh boy let’s see what’s in here. Oh my goodness, this thing is huge: oh my god it’s beautiful jeez. So, as you guys can see, i got the disc version. Of course, i think getting the digital is a big money waster, but i’ve made a video on that. If you do want to watch it, this thing is nice. We got a usbc port, usb a power and disc eject. Then, of course, the disc slot right here. This thing is huge, though, like i’m looking at this compared to my other consoles – and this is definitely the biggest one that i’ve ever owned – i actually really like the white it’s, a nice change up from previous consoles and i’m sure they’ll make like a ps5 pro Down the line that will probably be black on the back you’ve got your power, hdmi, ethernet, cable and usb a times two.

The other side is pretty plain: nothing really going on for it, no playstation logo or anything. Then a really cool detail that most people, probably won’t even notice, is that on the inside of the plates here, it’s actually got the playstation button logos which even just eyeballing it i can barely tell but i’ve seen a few youtubers have like really really expensive cameras. They can zoom in and you can actually see, which is obviously a really cool detail that sony put into the console other than that. This thing is absolutely gorgeous, especially with the dual sense controller. This thing is super premium and it looks really really nice so guys that is pretty much it for my ps5 unboxing. Now i will be doing a full review once i’ve used it for a little bit for right. Now, though, i am going to play miles morales because i’ve had the game for the last couple of days, so i’m pretty excited to game for the rest of the day, because i haven’t had a ps4 for maybe like three or four months now, because i sold My ps4 pro so i’ve had some withdrawals from gaming, of course, so i’m excited to actually get to play thanks for watching the unboxing guys. Let me know in the comments down below if you were lucky enough to get your hands onto the console and if you did, what games are you going to play first? That is it for the video guys.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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