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A new study by oxford university has determined that video games are beneficial to our mental health, or at least some games. Are that really didn’t come as a surprise? To me and i’m sure it won’t shock any of you either, but it’s always good to see actual academic research done on the matter. I’Ve had to gloss over a lot of what this research said, but please read it for yourself: there’s, a link in the description below the study only focused on two games, which is very limiting but found people who played more games tended to report greater well being The games in question were animal crossing new horizons and plants, vs zombies battle for naberville, looking at just these two titles, is far from conclusive evidence of games being good for your mental health but it’s a really great start, and this study actually used real play data. Previous studies have relied on self reporting from gamers, but now the researchers were able to see for themselves and combine the data with psychological questionnaires, psychologist andrew prizbilski, the guy who does every good bit of video game research in the uk and says that loot boxes sure Look like gambling had this to say this is about bringing games into the fold of psychology research that’s, not a dumpster fire. This lets us explain and understand games as a leisure activity. It was a quest to figure out. Is data collected by gaming companies vaguely useful for academic and health policy research? He said he was surprised at how little data game companies have on their players and how little such data has been used in actual research into the harms or benefits of gaming.

Przilski’S research shows that if you play four hours a day of animal crossing, you’re a much happier human being but that’s only interesting, because all of the other research before this is done so badly. As i said before, this study is just the start and isn’t a definitive answer to whether video games are good for your mental health but they’re, certainly good for mine personally and i’m. Sure many of you will agree. The study points out distinctions between intrinsic enjoyment of a game playing it because it’s fun versus extrinsic enjoyment, you’re playing because you feel bullied into it by the game itself or other players. How many games are there out there these days that make you feel bad for? Not playing and logging in to get all of their different daily challenges. The two games in the study are both very wholesome family friendly games that are rated for all ages. But when you compare that to brutally violent and depressing games, like the last of us, 2 or uncomfortable horror, games like resident evil, the results could well be quite different or they could show the same thing. The concept of gaming being harmful or addictive is often disputed by researchers like przebilski, who say that there isn’t enough evidence to support those claims. You have really respected important bodies like the world health organization and the nhs allocating attention and resources to something that there’s literally. No good data on and it’s shocking to me, the reputational risk that everyone’s taking given mistakes for them to turn around and be like hey this thing that 95 of teenagers do yeah that’s addictive.

No, we don’t have any data that makes no sense. You’Ve got to love the amount of sass coming from this he’s, an actual academic researcher, from the university of oxford and he’s. Being this sake, i feel like me, and this chap might get along in the past. We’Ve covered gaming, addiction and przvilsky’s stance on it. So check out that video, if you want to know more but long story, short games, aren’t inherently addictive and the obsession comes from external factors. Even his starts on loot boxes is based in data, as he says, though, loot boxes look like gambling, we won’t know what their effects are until these companies start sharing their data with independent scientists, there isn’t good evidence. It is gambling, but the very fact we don’t have hard data should be a concern as with most research, nothing here is totally conclusive and more study and data analysis is always necessary. We’Re going to need a whole lot more research on gaming’s impact on mental health. Before we can definitively make claims like this, but at the very least it looks like animal crossing specifically makes you a happier person, and it looks like a lot of people have been made happy by the game as it sold incredibly well selling more than 22 million Units as of august and the game is still in the charts, even now more on that later and next up another day, another avengers story. Great last week i reported that the game calls square enix to lose between 40 and 60 million dollars, but it continues to get worse as players continue to abandon the game.

Despite being an incredibly successful brand that has dominated pop culture for the past decade, square enix’s avengers game is failing fast, i’m, even wearing a marvel t shirt today. While writing this so just know, i really wanted to like the game, but it’s just not good. Over the weekend, the game had just 1190 players online on pc, which is 96 of what it had at launch. The game actually had a pretty impressive launch with 2.2 million units sold, but that number quickly dwindled and people who did buy it stopped playing at the time of writing. According to steam charts, the game has had a peak of 600 players over the past 24 hours. On pc, the console player bases will likely be slightly higher, but i wouldn’t expect a significant increase. If you want a more comprehensive list of all the game’s flaws, you can watch my review, but it basically shares all the same issues with scene with games as a service time and time again countless bugs severe matchmaking issues, lack of content, poor loot, repetitive gameplay, the List goes on and on and it’s the same we’ve all seen before additional content was meant to come last month, but it was delayed into next year based on how things are going now. We may never actually see all the dlc come to fruition. Recently, the new playable characters supposedly leaked and not for the first time but i’m very skeptical that we’ll actually see any of them, even if they do actually release and become playable.

I don’t have high hopes for them being really unique or saving the game from its fundamental problems. The list was leaked by twitter user miller, who’s been covering a lot of avengers content, and it includes kate, bishop and clint barton hawkeye, both of which are confirmed and due to join the roster. Next year, king t’challa black panther, who was confirmed following the tragic passing of chadwick boseman jennifer walters, she hulk bucky barnes, the winter soldier carol. Danvers captain marvel peter parker’s spider man, who’s confirmed as a sony exclusive and james rhodes war machine. This is meant to be the order in which these characters will join the game, but the winter soldier and she hulk may be swapped and the same goes for spider man and captain marvel according to miller. This is all unconfirmed and unverified, but these characters have been mentioned in past leaks and miller, references looking at concept, art abilities and emotes. This is a reasonable selection of characters, though it is disappointing not to see any x men, but will any of them be able to save the game like they save the world? Can these newcomers recover the 96 of players? Who left can they even recover 50? Getting eight new characters on top of the original six is all well and good, but until the fundamental issues are fixed, you’ll just be playing through the same crap with a different skin. Hopefully the reason crystal dynamics has been pretty quiet over the past few months.

Is that they’re hard at work fixing the broken game? It is possible for games as a service to recover from awful launches. I mean just look at no man’s sky or battlefront 2., but i’ve said it before i’m, hoping for the best, though i’m expecting the worst and finally, as i touched on earlier, animal crossing is still in the uk physical game sales charts and will go down as One of the most successful games of the year, but this week’s top spot is taken by assassin’s creed. Valhalla, the game doubled its physical launch sales of its predecessor, assassin’s creed, odyssey 40 of sales went to ps4 and 18 for ps5, while the xbox percentage included all xbox platforms, including xbox one and totaled 40. I published my review of valhalla yesterday so check that out. If you want to know any more assassin’s creed also forced call of duty cold war to take the number two spot, making it the first time in 13 years that the franchise hasn’t topped the charts when it launched cod sales were primarily on current gen with ‘. For ps4 34 on xbox, one 17 on ps5 and 9 across both xbox series models. Physical sales are also well down for cold war selling 64 lower than last year’s cod modern warfare. Nonetheless, it was still a record breaking launch for activision blizzard, which said cold war set a new record as the fastest first day, digital sales worldwide in franchise history.

Assassin’S creed may be number one on the uk physical charts, but it’s unclear which game actually sold more in total, because we don’t have any numbers for digital sales, which have been higher than ever this year due to foster’s fever i’d also expect cod to linger much Longer in the charts for the weeks to come, while valhalla will have a faster drop off, sony took a couple of spots in the charts with spider man, mars morales snagging. The number three spot, which saw 71 percent of its sales on ps5 and just 29 on ps4 those sales are 56 lower than 2018 spider man on ps4, as this is more of an expansion rather than a full release. Demon soul’s remake sits at number six, while other sony exclusives like sac boy and godfall, take 13 and 16 respectively. Fifa 21 dropped from first to fourth and watchdogs. Legion, sank from fourth all the way down to 10th. Finally, though, nintendo continues its chart dominance with four titles in the top 10. animal crossing moved from second to fifth super mario, all stars 3d shifted from 6th to 7th mario kart 8 dropped from 3rd to 8th and minecraft on switch fell from 5th to 9th and That’S it for today, if you enjoyed this, no format go ahead and give the video a like to give it a boost, hit subscribe and the bell, if you want to stay up to date on all future installments toss a coin to your youtuber over at patreon.

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