AMD Radeon RX Series, NVIDIA, Video card, Ray tracing 6800 with Ray Tracing ON / OFF Benchmarks

Now this is the radeon rx 6800. I guess you know by now, because you should have seen my review and my other video about smart access memory. But if you haven’t, as in your first time here well now, you know and i’ll put the links up above and in the comments section. As always. So ray tracing now this term has been around for a while started with actually it’s been around for really long time, it’s just that it got more hyped up after the rtx series from nvidia. So now amd’s graphics card, like this 6000 series, supports ray tracing as well. But if you notice amd didn’t talk much about this ray tracing thing during their presentation, even in our reviewers guide, they’re retracing part is very little and that of course, it’s understandable, that’s it’s. Not the strong point of this card, or should i say this architecture with rdna, two and all but um it’s just to even in this video it’s, just to highlight the possibilities and that well, as you know, amd now does have ray tracing and there are games That support it and i will cover these games so without further ado, let me show you the three games that i’m using the shadow of the tomb raider, the reef, breaker and godfall. These are the three titles i have and i have observed the differences and i’m going to just share to you. My findings. Let’S go starting from this scene.

You’Ll see that the shadow of the card behind her is distinctly different and on this same scene, you see that the ray traced, shadows actually looks better, observe how the ray trace shadow is more pleasant and consistent, and it paints a more realistic feel to the dark. Scenery next up, we have the jungle scene same for this scene, the shadows on the ground look more realistic. The shadows are softened as opposed to the harsh ones without ray tracing. Next we have the game the wrist breaker. I don’t need to speak much as you can see, the difference is distinct and the one with ray tracing looks really beautiful. Lastly, we have got fall, of which i barely notice, any difference, save for the better reflections on the floor and the hair. That seems darker. All the way in these three titles i set the ray trace settings to maximum and the impact on the performance is significant. With shadow of the tomb raider taking a 47 performance hit, the reef breaker took a whopping 68 performance hit, but going from 352 average to 112 isn’t. All that bad considering the output quality is distinctly different, with the ray trace output being glorious god, 4. On the other hand, took 25 performance hit. This game has no benchmark tools, so i had to use msi afterburner with me running around at the first scene for about three minutes. Alright, so with that done, as you can see, the ray tracing technology is well at least it’s in the rdna 2 architecture.

You can use it on your amd, rx, 6000 series graphics card and whether you should enable it. You saw from my benchmarks and my recording the if it looks great like the reef breaker, the performance impact is huge, but i guess it’s worth it and the frame rate is still above 100 fps, but games like shadow of the tomb raider. It took me so much time to look for the difference. Um there’s other games like metro exodus, which i do not cover here and there’s golf all where everything is so shining. I can’t even tell which one is the ray tracing thing, even just now, the one that i showed you really. I am not sure whether that is the ray tracing effect seriously, simply because it does not have a benchmark, uh utility running so moving around the path. It’S, just i might miss some some stuff there so do. Let me know so yeah good to have good progress. It’S um, not something that to shout about just yet, but hey um, yes, i’m! Happy for amd’s improvement and um, enabling this feature so all right, that’s. It for this video, a simple one about amd’s retracing – i hope you like it and if you like this kind of content, do check out the the rest of my content as well, and if you can help me by subscribing to this channel, it’ll mean a lot To this tiny channel, one man show all right: that’s it for now.

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