Black Friday 10 Black Friday Shopping Secrets Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Amazon does not want you to know. Welcome back to the channel. Some of this information is going to infuriate you but i’m here to save you a lot of money. I’M. The youtube deal guy matt granted. If this is the type of content you’d like to see, please give this a thumbs up. If you share this with any fellow amazon shopper, i’m hopeful they’ll save a lot of money and if you do subscribe with your notifications turned on, i promise to be your hookup black friday, cyber monday and beyond i’m, also going to share some insight to how to Score a ps5 on amazon. What you need to know before we get to all of that. If you do have questions you’re, welcome to text me at any point: my phone number, 440, 298, 2181, 440, 298, 2181, oh and today’s. Video has a sponsor. I am so excited to announce that today’s video is sponsored by ritual vitamins. Ritual vitamins help us fill the nutritional gap in our diets. They have no fillers colorants or shady additives. They give you two easy to take capsules that provide 10 nutrients to support a strong foundation for your health. I take ritual vitamins because i don’t always get a chance to eat a perfect diet. I’M, always working crazy hours. The first thing i do every morning after i put on my shirt and tie is i take my ritual vitamins, which help me form a habit.

So i never forget my essential ferment. Vitamins contain 10 high quality nutrients like vitamin a d and omega 3 and zinc, which are difficult for a guy to get from their diet alone. These no nausea delayed release. Capsules are gentle on my stomach and there’s a mint tab in every bottle to keep your vitamins smelling. Fresh ritual vitamins are vegan free sugar, free, non gmo gluten, free and allergen free. Will. I personally take ritual essential vitamins for men. They also have a women’s multivitamin vitamins for those aged 50, plus kids, vitamins and more fill in the gaps in your diet with ritual vitamins. A small step that helps support a healthy foundation for your body ritual is offering you guys my viewers, 10 off your first three months by going to forward slash deal guy there’s, also, a link in the video description box use the code deal guy at checkout Holiday shopping secret number, one that amazon does not want you to know when it comes to the echo and some of the alexa based products, you’re, often better off, purchasing them from home depot or lowe’s. What seriously that annoying guy on youtube just told me to go to home depot or lowe’s for products that amazon makes yep, take a look at the echo dot now the deals this holiday season are going to be the same everywhere. This echo dot, which is 29.99, is going to drop to 19.99 on amazon black friday same for lowe’s and home depot.

They will all have that price, but if you look at the in stock date offering december 25th that’s not helpful for anyone that wants to give this as a christmas gift or a stocking stuffer it’s, not in stock on amazon till december 25th. The exact same price is available not only at lowe’s, which will also match the black friday prices and cyber monday prices from amazon, but i could pick it up right now. I could also get it delivered at home depot same thing. I could get it delivered as early as november 17 to the 20th. I could get it shipped to my home and it’s the exact same price being offered on amazon just home depot and lowe’s have their own stock tied to these products holiday shopping secret number: two that amazon does not want you to know they don’t have a price Match guarantee, but they do have a pre order, price guarantee sort of. So if you look at some of the ps5 games – and i am going to discuss the actual ps5 consoles more in depth in a few moments – you’ll notice that if you want to pre order this december 31st, you get a pre order, price guarantee and basically what It says is that amazon will give you the lower price if the price drops between when you buy and release day. Only if the item hasn’t shipped and it’s really important to know that, sometimes just because an item hasn’t shipped on amazon doesn’t mean it.

Hasn’T entered its shipping process. How often do we order products and they go into shipping and you can’t cancel the item. Well, this pre ordered price guarantee will not automatically work. If your item is in its shipping stage, so sometimes you have to proactively call customer service and for games this far out, like outriders not available to february 2nd next year, we we often forget, with the pre order price guarantee what our rights are and how it Works but one thing i will tell you on: like ps5 games dirt 5, one of my favorite racing games there’s actually an advantage to buying it on release day. You sometimes get an amazon exclusive edition. Amazon does have some cool insider relationships with all sorts of companies where you will get some amazon exclusive vehicles or additions. If you do buy this as a pre order, so that’s a cool thing to know holiday shopping secret number, three, try and not order on your mobile device as much as amazon loves to push their app and as much as they want you to order from your Alexa, which is really strange, you’re just ordering audibly, and you can’t, often see what you are trying to buy. You get a better experience on a desktop or a laptop things like the coupon section, seem to display a little bit better for me than they do on a mobile platform again, there’s, usually a coupon that could be 30 off that doesn’t always pop up the way You would like, if you’re on a mobile phone or you’re, trying to order quickly, we sometimes forget about the additional incentives like we get so excited the gaming headset deals have all dropped and by the way i will put these into the video description box.

I use affiliate links, which means i benefit monetarily if you’re kind have to use one of my links, but you’ll get an additional 20 when you apply this coupon here on this gaming monitor you’ll save 20 just for checking that coupon box for this product, it’s 70 Bucks in a 26.89 an additional 10 when you apply the coupon that’s great, but how often will we forget to clip the actual coupon? Sometimes it doesn’t even appear you’re in a rush. You’Re excited you’re saving 37. Already and again, these extra coupons do add up. Please make sure you clip them holiday shopping secret number. Four, for is please watch out for the resellers. I am going to talk about the ps5 console in my next insider secret, but the dual sense. Wireless controller right now is available at 69.96, but the problem is for a lot of us will actually just see the other sellers on amazon, offering their prices and they have got the prime loados, and we assume that it is in fact shipping from amazon. 90.95 is a ridiculous price for the 69.96 sense wireless controller for items that are in stock on amazon. Please make sure it’s shipped from and sold by, amazon that’s really important for you to see and if you are dealing with a third party, reseller that’s jacked up the price. Your next best bet is to ensure that they have prime and if they don’t have. Prime and if it just shows free shipping, good luck if something goes wrong, trying to get a return done with them, i realize amazon has an a to z guarantee, but customer service has not been overly helpful in many situations that i’ve experienced personally in the past.

So i’m, just letting you know, sometimes if you end up with a not so great third party merchant it’s, a problem holiday shopping secret, number, five, that amazon does not want you to know, or at least something they’re, not advertising and i’m. Of course, not speaking on behalf of the company, this is all my personal opinion. You can still score a playstation 5 easily at certain times over the course of the day on amazon, as you guys can see, the 499 dollar physical playstation 5 console is available right now, i’m. Able to add this to my cart and get this, and just because i know what certain times of the day to look for the playstation 5 digital edition ‘9.99. I could buy it now, get it this weekend and again no issue finding these products amazon’s, not heavily. Advertising the fact that they have these like walmart walmart, will tell you, come on order every three hours and we’ll be there and we got them for you and then you add the items to your card and they tell you it’s not available or best buy cancels. Your order after the fact, which is what happened to me, amazon’s, got a better approach. It seems like they don’t want to disappoint the customer, but because of that they’re, not necessarily heavily advertising that they do have availability on the ps5. If you guys are looking to score some of these deals, you’re welcome to subscribe to this channel turn your notifications on i’ll alert you whenever i can.

I also did a full video on how to score the ps5, even if it’s sold out from all of the major retailers. So i did upload that that was uh last week. You’Re welcome to check that out and now for my next saving secret amazon shopping secret number, six lightning deals just aren’t! Actually that good in my opinion and there’s another category, you should be shopping from, which is secret number seven, but let’s start with number six i’m. On the first page of the lightning deals and the lightning deals on here are not only redundant but they’ve basically been the same for the last few days and yeah summer. Prime early access deals and again, if you’re, not a prime member you’re, welcome to use my free 30 day trial in the video description box. But if you look at a lot of these deals and offerings, i can’t say that these are the most in demand items that i’ve seen the led ring lights. A lot of these lights that you can hang up around your property, the usbc hubs and some no name action. Cams – are kind of what populate these lists on a regular basis like a dvd player. Maybe you want one ‘ bucks, okay, collagen. I feel like i’ve, seen the an fm radio. I have seen the same deals for the last few weeks: they’re not changing and it’s. Almost as though amazon has moved all of their attention to a different category where the deals and the savings are much more significant and yes, folks, that’s shopping secret number seven – and this is an epic one, epic that’s.

The new designation of deals that amazon created earlier. This year and epic daily deals which have these red tabs and these designations. Not only are these some of the best deals that you’re going to see from deals on the irobot and the savings again on par with what you will see on black friday itself and cyber monday for a lot of these categories, but the sony home audio products. There are categories within categories which my opinion need a lot more attention than the lightning deals. Forty percent off select samsung sound bars, fifty dollars off a gopro hero, eight thirty, two 32 off a new samsung 75 inch, qled tv that’s, 32 off these are all epic daily deals and, in my opinion, they are far more worth your attention and a category. A lot of people are less familiar with because we’re somehow all programmed to believe that if it’s not a lightning deal, it’s not a great deal and that’s just definitely not the case holiday shopping secret number, eight that amazon does not want you to know, and don’t Worry i’m gon na get to nine, which is going to infuriate you. I hope you like shopping on amazon, because you are possibly just shopping from best buy what well. You might not think that two massive retailers that both specialize in electronics and tech would be working together and maybe it’s a little bit more obvious for an insignia tv which is best buy’s in house brand.

But although you are buying this tv advertised as a daily deal from amazon, you are in fact dealing completely with best buy ships from and sold by best buy. Amazon is just acting as the marketplace for your transaction and maybe you could say on insignia since that’s best buy’s brand that’s a little bit more obvious. But if you look at some of these toshiba deals and there will be some great toshiba deals throughout the holiday season – this 4k ultra hd fire tv. Now this is what’s really strange. Fire tv amazon’s operating system and toshiba, which my knowledge is not owned by best, buy you’re, still dealing only with best buy for this fire tv deal. So again, you think you’re buying from amazon they’re, just operating as the marketplace even on some of the outdoor security products like this one right here from yuffie ships from and sold by best buy so have a great holiday shopping season from and best buy. Now. For holiday shopping secret number, nine and bear with me because i’m going to use a calculator just to demonstrate the audacity tied to some of these so called offerings and i’m not going to hold amazon responsible for this i’m sure it’s a misprint, but i’ve seen at Least several examples of this. The bundles are often providing no savings whatsoever, despite being advertised to you as a great grab, we’re human when we see a price drop or an incentive, we’re more likely to buy something and get more excited about that.

For me that it that releases all sorts of endorphins, because i have no life and i don’t get out much and whatever. Although i do love my wife and my daughter very much, i just mean generally, i don’t leave this room. The ring people camera right now at the echo dot is 159.98 and amazon tells you that if you buy this bundle right now, you’re saving ten dollars, that’s, not true. A ring peephole cam on its own is 129.99. If you were to then go and buy the echo dot independently, it’s 29.99, what happens when you add 29.99 and 129.99, you get 159.98. How are you saving ten dollars? Explain that to me amazon, if i were to go, buy the ring people cam and then i go to a different listing and i add the echo dot to my shopping. Cart. I’M, at the exact same total, as if i buy this bundle and i’m, not saving any money at all, and if you thought that was not great and a little bit deceptive let’s. Look at this offering this echo show 8 is 117.98 and amazon is telling you you will save 37. If you buy, the echo show 8 and echo flex bundle. Trust me. I love both products. They’Re great now, let’s do the math. If i were to go right now and buy the echo show 8, which is on sale, it’s, 104.99, and if i were to go, buy the echo flex on its own it’s 12.

99. When you add 12.99 and 104.99, you get a total price of 17.98. Where do you get the 37 in savings? How you’ve not saved 23? You haven’t saved any money. I agree you saved independently on both of these products, but you can’t present. This bundle to me on my app or in my feed and tell me to get excited about that. There are no savings whatsoever tied to this bundle if you buy the two products together, weird, oh, that got me all hot and heavy. I was really fired up about that. You can tell my oversized. Nose is sweating and my giant head is collecting sweat on its forehead anyhow, moving on to shopping secret number 10, that amazon doesn’t want you to know is sometimes colors will make a world of difference in terms of your purchase, and this is not anything deceptive, but If you look at how amazon advertises its price drops, it’s, usually just tied to the most popular colors, so right now there’s a ton of pr tied to the fact that you can save 20 on beats by dre, headphones 199.95 50 off that’s great. But if you’re willing to accept the moss color, which is 151.95, you are saving substantially more than 50 dollars same thing, with the yellow, you’re saving 90 bucks instead of 50., so clicking around. Just as you would do on fashion items and sizes to see the different price fluctuations that applies to tech on amazon, these beat solo pro headphones again, a great deal 40 off 179.

95. If you choose the dark blue, if you choose the light blue again, 179.99 and if you like red you’ll, lower the price all the way to 168., so maybe it’s not that amazon doesn’t want you to know that but it’s just that the page is so overwhelming. You can actually save significantly more than just the base level offer, and that actually applies to television, specifically during black friday, this nano cell tv 696 down from 849 that’s great. But did you know you can also get a free bluetooth, speaker wait. What, although it is listed, you need to click a bunch of drop down boxes to reveal the promotion what’s very enticing, and what you should know about is, if you add this bluetooth speaker to your shopping, cart before november 22nd. The x boom, which has a value of over a hundred dollars, is completely free. Same goes with the samsung frame televisions. The promotions are completely different. Based on what model you select, let me just show you this one right here: if you buy the 55 inch frame, tv you’ll actually save 50 on the stand for this television. If you add it to your shopping, cart, that’s a savings of almost 100, but it gets even better if you go to the 65 or the 75 inch tvs which are both on sale for the samsung frame. This is again that television that doubles as art. You can score a 32 inch tv for a hundred dollars.

You just need to add them both to your cart at the time of checkout and that’s. Substantial because assuming you wanted a 32 inch frame tv, it has a price of 597 by adding that to your shopping, cart, assuming you wanted to buy the 75 inch tv you’re, not just saving 202, but you’re saving another four hundred and ninety dollars on the cost Of that television, so you’re two hundred dollars off become six hundred dollars off. Assuming you wanted to buy both televisions, and these are not things that are very carefully laid out again, not amazon’s fault on that one, but with the app you don’t see it as well and on a desktop you need to really look and click and, of course, I’M here to make sure that you guys do see it all and if you do have additional insight or incentives that you want to share things that you’ve heard about. Please leave me a comment if you subscribe and turn your notifications on, i promise to dispense this type of deal advice whenever i possibly can and more importantly, because i’m, looking for more friends, please feel free to text. Me. 440. 298. 2181. If you want to save money on anything questions, you need answered.

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