Thank you. Yesterday for welcoming everybody into um uh everybody for welcoming welcoming messi into the club. We appreciate it guys. Thank you for all the kind words there, but uh. First of all, we’re gon na go over to our good friends over at foot, watches twitter and they have posted a lot of code last night. I didn’t get it uploaded out for you guys last night, but we have the bass icon pack, which is now in the code um for fifa. 21 ultimate team guarantees a mid icon pack as well. We’Ve got a mid icon pack and uh we’ve also got a team of league player, uh team, buick, 281 plus and 381 plus pack also 283 plus packs. So a lot of a lot of packs and a lot of codes that we saw last year and these spcs uh usually come around the black friday period. This is what usually happens last year. I think we got the base icon repeatable, maybe before black friday. Even i want to say um, so that was something that we got last year and usually what happens for these types of sbcs is that you do see the spc uh players with the lowest the cheapest rated for the uh, the 84s that the 91’s usually going Up a lot in value um, but it’s, a weird one man, you know ea for the content. Today they didn’t actually drop uh the base icon pack and i didn’t think it was gon na be for that either.

What i’ve been noticing this year is that i feel, like ea, almost wants to make these higher tier cards less accessible, they’re slowing the progression system down, which i don’t actually mind, but they’re, making people kind of slowly upgrade their teams instead of having insane icon teams Early on so i i think, it’s a weird one. I think this could be a pack for the icon swaps, which is coming in december right because they could put a base icon pack and a mid icon pack in the icon swaps, uh that you could kind of put the chance on and risk. I could totally see that that these are both utilized in that, and then it makes that pack a little bit more tempting to take from the swaps which probably will be through friendly, is because you actually didn’t have the chance to do a base icon repeatable. Now a base icon pack is going to kill the market. If that comes out, it will kill the market and it’s. Why today we saw some panic on the market uh before 1 pm, because people know that if that comes out, the market is just gon na. Go down man there’s no way around it. The market’s going the other way, it’s impossible for the market to rise outside of this kind of gold, gold, cheapest fodder ratings to go up. The meta market’s gon na get killed because what people will do is they will sell their teams to do icon, packs and risk the lottery and that’s kind of how people do things.

So these icon packs last year were usually about four to six hundred k somewhere in there and that’s for one pack so think about it. Bro people always want to risk three to five and at this stage of fifa it can really set back the inflation and the coins on this market. So that’s something to talk about and we’ll talk about that in another video. When do i think it’s gon na come, i don’t think it’s gon na come this week. I really don’t man, i don’t see ea dropping it. I think it’s a part of swaps and i think what ea may do with black friday and hear me out so right now, some of the cheapest raideds have risen a little bit uh for some of the sbcs in the last couple of days. What i think ea could do – and this is this – is not really like a crazy prediction. What i’m thinking is that ea might want to kill the prices of all these fodders during black friday now there’s two sides to that story. If they kill these prices, packs are going to yield a cheaper value if they hire these prices before black friday. If people see 88s at 50k, they’re going to want to open packs and ea will make more money, but what i think they may do is make these guys super supplied in the game right via the lightning runs on black friday, which is this friday.

They might make it super supplied with these cards and then boom saturday. They drop a base icon upgrade and all these prices rise up. I can totally see that happening that’s, something that i can definitely see happening uh and can feel that from a mile away that that’s something that ea would be willing to do. But again we will have to see we’ll have to see what they come out with. But also today we got a bellerin card in the objectives and uh this might crash right back to the premier league. You might see a dip in price of walker, some meadow because look first of all this card is obtainable i’ve, seen mixed opinions. Some people like this a lot some people hate it. I understand both sides uh. The first thing that i get. If you guys don’t know, he has high low work rates, which is not super ideal and he’s got a two star weekly, and i also think the biggest thing with me is. I wish that ea would have done this in the left back position with mendy or with luca dean. I think the left back is a little bit more necessary in that league. I think we’ve already got a couple right backs. However. However, okay win 15 matches is what you got to do. It gives you something to do from monday to wednesday i’m a big fan of these cards. I think this should be a little bit better, but i still like the grind kind of concept of it.

I’M. A big fan of that i always have been, i think, that’s something that’s doing really well this year with friendlies and i’m praying that ea puts the icon swaps and the icon stuff um in friendly i’m praying man i’m praying they don’t put that over in division. Rivals because the second they put that on rivals i’m gon na be upset i’m gon na be very upset. It’S gon na be very saddening for me, and i’m gon na be very upset so getting onto the market standpoint of things. This is where we look right now, guys we don’t have much on our translucent and then we obviously have a team. We’Ve got a team right now that we’re playing weekly with which we are 14 1. We just took our first loss today, didn’t play too well in that game that i just lost. It was on me. I should have lost it. Didn’T play good enough to win um, but let’s. Take a look at the market right and let’s kind of go on flipping and see what are we looking like with prices, so the icon index before one was 102.8 it’s now 102.2, so we are seeing a bit of a sell off happening right now. That is currently going on. It will be very interesting to see if the market bounces back later today, because people still have games to play that’s going to be very interesting to see i’m, not too sure what to make of it.

I almost feel like these icons are going to get sold off, probably for a while until we get to black friday, and then i think after this black friday period, they’re gon na go, i think they’re gon na go to the moon. The one thing that could counter the rise of the icons long term is this base icon upgrade that we have talked about. That is something that could really counter this, and that is something that we’ll just continue to monitor. We’Ll see what happens. Something really interesting right now is that parte has flown on the market. Uh he’s flown he’s gone up so much. He just went up like 50k because it links to bellerin. So this will be interesting because what’s gon na happen is this. Guy’S gon na go up right now: okay, all the investors, traders trying to make money on it, they’re all gon na start undercutting okay and then he’s gon na reach a low point later today, and i think that low point is gon na be a buy time Because i think this card will be very similar to the open mcconnell with mookie ellie. I think people are gon na really look to get this bellerin and link them in a team and really bellerin. You really have to use all. I guess really. You have to use all premier league team to link them. You can use thiago on liverpool to get a strong link or you can use parte there’s, probably another option that i’m missing, but there’s, not too many options so that’s.

Why? I do think that there is going to be a little bit of a rebound. I don’t know if the link is going to be as strong in terms of uber mcconnell going up like 80k for mukieli, because that was really one of the only links there’s a lot more links here – and this is just a premier league kind of player. So there could be, you know a little bit less of a rise, but we’ll we’ll again, we’ll have to see uh we’ll have to see what happens now. Take a look at flipping and popping stuff like 20k, and bob is one three four daymar neymar is officially under one million. This is big he’s. Now, under a million coins, this means the market is going in the downwards direction. He has been not going under a mill all year, so we may see a time where that neymar and bobby ronaldo these guys are cheapest. You know, sometime today or tomorrow, talk about 152. um. So so we are seeing a bit of a drop. But what is interesting is that werner 1′ martial 83 we’re not really seeing a sell off with these golds we’re, not we’re, not seeing much of a sell off. These guys are the same prices they were yesterday. They haven’t really dropped much so soco 780. Current team of the week let’s take a look at currency of the week, always good to see what these guys are.

Selling at right mar is still 170. gretzky, 225 money, 700 kante 693. I feel like this team will be super rare, but i think it’s been. I think it’s going to be some point cheapest later today, tomorrow, last couple days, i think we’re going to see a rise on this team of the week this week, it’s a very rare team of the week so also just speaking from investment purposes. I really like this team of the week i think it’s super rare. I think it’s going to go up a lot now road to the finals. These are already doing very well out of packs, babe beebo who’s up 10k port 2’s up 15. draxler’s up five akanji’s up 20 from their low points. Kesley’S up 20. they’re all doing very well out of packs, and then we take the first team. A look at the first team there’s a little bit more rare of a team muriel’s up a bit right, he’s up a nice chunk, he’s up like 15 20k. These guys are now holding prices really nicely is what i’m seeing a very nice price hold is what’s going on, so we’ll continue to monitor it. I think these roads to the finals can be really good to trade with, i think, they’re going to be super rare and i think their their buy back factor is always really strong, because there’s always kind of more of an end objective with these roads to the Finals right people are always betting on them, uh again for for the road to the final concept and for the the betting aspect, i’m, actually going to take a look at that obamaying right there.

That was on the 850 bid. I wonder i wonder if that’s actually profitable, it was 896 yesterday and uh 900 might be profitable. We’Ll. Take a look at this, but uh yeah yeah. I took a little bit of a little bit of a break from trading guys, not a ton of a break. Um, but a little bit of a break yesterday, we didn’t do too much but uh. I wanted to see you guys, man. I am really interested in this team of the week. I i think this team of the week is very profitable. I was looking at it last night to trade with, and it is very rare you guys can see by the supply like mars has not too many pages. I mean this is at the peak hour of listings right now, guys uh and we don’t even have that much supply with this riad, mars, so i’m liking the looks of this team of the week man, i think, it’s super rare. I think it’s gon na do really well out of packs, and i think something that’s really interesting to me that i liked is that i’ve seen such a rebound with so many of these cards so many times we’ve had so many scenarios we’re in signie mares money. These guys have dropped and then boom they shot right back up again and that’s always really good to see. That means there’s a lot of demand with the current team of the week from what i can see so that’s something i’m gon na continue to monitor and watch.

I think that’s something we should all monitor and watch um and so yeah i mean that’s. I don’t really have much else to say today, boys i mean this market today. If it dies, it’s it’s purely out of black friday, sell off there’s nothing to really make it die anymore. There’S, no crazy content. Today, there’s no supply there’s, nothing! Two nuts on the market today for this market to just kind of go down down down so let’s kind of see how it goes. Uh let’s continue to monitor and watch and see what this market does. Today. We’Ll probably have another video tonight looking into it a little bit more talking about a little bit more um but yeah. So you guys who are watching the videos all the best thanks for watching. I appreciate you guys and i’ll see you guys in a video soon.

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