Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt, PlayStation 4, Role-playing video game HUGE INFO DUMP! The Good and Bad! New Gameplay Walkthrough and Info!

They brought back their impressions of the game, we’re going to be going over everything that they witness saw and go over the most important bits as well, but check this out. You know keanu reeves is going to be in the game, but guess what you will be able to play as him as well. This is gameplay that you are seeing from keanu reeves perspective, so they went on to say that he’s basically going to be a co protagonist in this game, as opposed to a sidekick which i thought was really really cool. Now later in the video i’m gon na. Go over your top comments, but we’re also going to be talking about how this game is a very slow burn compared to even games like skyrim fallout and the like. So just be warned about that plus some insight into the combat we’ve got two different opinions going on about the combat it says here. If you try to play this like a straightforward shooter, you may be disappointed by its combat in that preview. After 16 hours of play, they go on to say that combat is actually the kind of like a weaker point of the game. Then we have previews where they really really enjoyed the combat, so we’ll check out what’s going on there as well, but hey everyone. Welcome back overworld games here hope, you’re doing good and let’s dive straight in to the video. Also yeah we’re gon na be checking out that inventory, customization skills, all sorts of cool stuff uh, but first of all let’s talk about some of what they had to say about the combat, and this comes from gamespot right here.

They go on to say this. If there’s, perhaps one thing, i want you to take away from this preview it’s how different cyberpunk 2077 feels to play than many of the games it can be compared to this is without a shadow of a doubt in rpg and despite the fps, combat full of Fancy weapons its pace is otherwise slow and deliberate, but even then it’s not like other open world rpgs like fallout 4 or the witcher 3, thanks to one extremely important difference. Combat is not an inherent part of travel. By that i mean getting from point a to point b in many open worlds is often full of enemies to fight along the way sure you can stick to the roads or try to run right by them. But you still risk getting way late way laid by bandits on the way to your real goal seems like that’s not going to be the case with cyberpunk 2077.. Like i want to say this and frankly i didn’t mind those larger chunks of quiet. They were slower, but not at all, in a way where it felt like things were dragging besides. Combat itself is probably one of cyberpunk 2077’s weaker points, it’s, certainly not bad, but if you’re playing this like a straight fps, then you’ll probably be disappointed. The most jarring thing about it is that enemies have a surprising amount of health, often acting as bullet sponges. That can take multiple point.

Blank shots to the head before going down for good. This led me to prefer sneaky takedowns, where i could manage them, but stealth on its own doesn’t, have a ton of depth beyond finding the right moment to crouch walk up behind someone, though using uh, quick hacks to scout out enemies and set up those opportunities. Was a lot of fun? They go on to further more say this right here. Combat didn’t really start impressing me until midway. Through my second day once i had unlocked a few more abilities and found a strategy i enjoyed by the end of my playtime, i had a powerful rifle that could charge up shots and shoot through walls as well as a legendary katana. I would sneak into a room use a hack to reveal an enemy position, then get behind a wall and pick them off based on their hologram out lines alone and if any ran at me, i would swap to my sword and cut off their head. The spongy health bars were still there, but this strategy felt fantastic to me and goodness, gracious does the mid fight music, push the pace to even more exciting levels. So what i gather from this is that you have to really find your play style to feel impressed by the combat that’s. What it’s going to really be about – and you know, senior product red, went on to recently say that that yes, they have actually improved the gun, play significantly uh over the past basically year that this game has been in development.

They’Ve really fine tuned it to something that they feel very comfortable with, and you know i’ve seen that there’s also sliding and also double dashing with the katana. Some um mini school moves that you can actually do and upgrade skills along the way to unlock even more potential with combat. So i thought that was really cool and it looks like overall uh that they got into the rhythm with the combat. So, honestly, for me, i’m, not really too worried again like they said. This is first and foremost an rpg and it sounds. I can go hours and hours without engaging in combat. Let me know if that’s a problem for you, but again you can also go seeking out trouble as well. Now there was another really interesting article that did describe their experience as well. It goes on to say this. I was presently surprised by the fighting here. You can see that cd product red team includes former professional counter strike players and other members with shooter experience to me. The shooter parts of cyberpunk, 2077 feel kind of like mass effect or destiny with rpg system enemies. Take significantly more damage and headshots are not really one hit kill, so we can confirm that you know enemies sound, like they’re a little bit bullet spongy again. Let me know how you feel about that. They said this. The cover system is kept relatively simple. You just crouch behind the cover and with the left trigger you come out of cover or look carefully around the corner, while sneaking a system in which you literally duck on the cover and move along it more easily or automatically switch between covers and desks are not Available in the game, so there is some sort of like i get.

I guess you would say: uh, contextual type, cover system in this game where you can actually crouch and peek out, you know, seems like the game has been built. For that in mind, let me know what you make of that one. Do you prefer sticky cover? I think it fits perfectly how it is now melee fights offer you the right, trigger light and strong attacks. This was translated by the way uh and it says which can break through cover you block with the left, trigger attack, trigger attacks and blocks consume stamina, which only recovers over time. I haven’t seen all the close combat skills in the skill trees, but i would like to see additional special attacks with a separate key combination for close combat, which would then remain more varied. So yeah sounds like you can do a lot with combat for sure. In terms of bouncing back and forth between hacking, melee and, of course, your guns or you can go all in on one or be a jack of trades for all. I think i really do want to experiment with being a jack of trades and do another play through where i go all in on one uh again. You’Re gon na have options where you can be more deliberate and slow with this, especially when it comes to hacking. So yeah just keep that in mind. Uh when you are actually playing cyberpunk 2077 looks like it’s, definitely gon na be coming out on december 10th by the way, which is really really cool.

Now this is uh a very cool detail right here. This says this. That pays off in later interactions create a bond and judy sends message to your phone to see how you’re doing and checking on some further story developments in turn, this unlocks more story with her, but it seems that if you blow her off blow her off for Text and treat her poorly those options won’t be available to you. So this right here i highlighted that from the ign preview, because it looks like how you treat people in the world of cyberpunk 2077 is going to influence further missions down the road. There was another article that i read where, if you do treat a certain fixer poorly, he may actually come after you with his own men in the future. He simply says to you watch your back, so how you treat people in this game is just as important as the rpg elements as well, as you know, like leveling up your character, skills that is going to be just as important as are you going to be A jerk to this person or you’re going to treat them right so yeah. Keep that in mind when playing the game as well. Now we’re going to talk about actually exploring the world and obtaining missions and how that actually works says here from there night city really opens up wide you’re kicked into the world with a very specific motivation. A couple leads towards it and a list of side quests.

Already so long you can spend days before you even glance at the main quest lines, though you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did so. As the story missions were some of my favorite, while quests will send you into specific buildings, you might otherwise not be able to enter in certain districts are more dangerous than others. Night city itself is seemingly unrestricted and when you enter a new neighborhood for the first time, you’ll immediately get a call from a fixer, basically a middleman for mercs and additional things to do. There will automatically start filling up your mouth. I love this so much uh that someone will automatically call you tell you about your surroundings. Tell you what’s going on that’s very similar to actually how uh celebrities travel uh in real life, especially if they’re plotting like out a trip. They may actually hire a fixer to help them. You know plot out this trip avoid dangerous areas and so on and so forth. I remember ew mcgregor did the same thing with his trips during his documentaries. Long way around so that’s actually super realistic that you would get someone uh to give you insight, and i absolutely love that all right let’s see here. It says here these can range from locations where the ncpd simply needs someone to deal with a few gang members, and this is talking about some of the side quests that you’re going to be obtaining that the fixer is going to.

Let you know about this. Has two items or data that needs retrieving to more elaborate missions that could span multiple areas and that’s in addition to your story, driven main quest lines, the more personal side, missions that break off of them and initiate uh niche activities like bare knuckle boxing fights or Finding special murals murals wow, i can’t, speak today, murals hidden around and says cyron 2077 hands you a shopping list of stuff and just says: go it’s empowering in a way only open world rpgs can really enable so a lot of stuff that will will be happening As you explore that world, and then we have some more insights into the inventory system and how some of these uh previews talk about how they were kind of problematic – and this is interesting right here – says here, unfortunately, like i said before, with the game this broad There are bound to be some rough edges and, while the quests themselves are entertaining the way they are managed is probably one of the roughest things i saw cyberpunk 2077’s quest log is a big messy list and figuring out which of your main quests to pursue. Next is a hassle for a few reasons: there’s no indication of the xp money items or street cred a quest will reward no sense of how difficult a quest will be beyond a vague danger. Descriptor like moderate, high or very high, when actual level number would have.

Let me decide if i should try to punch slightly above my weight or not and then there’s a little convenient way to tell what’s near you be on tracking a quest and then tabbing over to the incredibly busy map to see if the waypoints goes by generally. Whatever i picked was enjoyable, but if it’s going to give me this many things to do when i wish there were better tools to inform my decisions about the order to do it. So to me that sounds like something that needs to be updated throughout the game’s life. Hopefully they can get to it, but this game sounds so big. I i think it would be overwhelming designing in the first place. However, i think that perhaps they could update this down the road i’m curious to see if there’s going to be modders to help with that as well on pc side things now also there was another thing they mentioned here. Is they were kind of worried about bugs two separate previews mentioned that there were quite a bit of bugs in cyberpunk 2077 when it comes comes to visual bugs, at least you want to say this? One thing that should be noted is that seeing this game in action for myself makes me glad, so you probably read often for another delay as much as it sucks that this peak only wet my appetite for more. I played through a streaming service with the whole system, running it on a pc with rtx 3080 gpu, oh man, it says, and while it ran buttery smooth performance wise, there were a ton of bugs.

Of course, the version i played is still in development and the extra time from its latest delay was likely taken to make sure the issue i saw aren’t there at launch, but i had moments where my ui disappeared entirely important mission. Dialogue didn’t play map, waypoints, wouldn’t, work properly and plenty more cheap red is obviously aware of these issues. So here’s hoping the extra time is taken will be enough to snuff them out so yeah. I think the 21 days is also going to be used uh to solve these problems and make uh even more of a smoother experience, but we’ll see what happens cross our fingers uh that the day one patch really alleviates a lot of these bugs and issues now. Let’S go to the johnny silverham gameplay, because there’s a really cool detail about johnny silverhand here, of course, johnny silverhand, if you didn’t know, is going to be keanu, reeves character. This is the detail. It says, as if anyone else, though there’s an underlying question of trust. In these interactions, you can also experience some of johnny’s memories from his point of view, playing through a few story missions as a legendary rocker, you do do more than just gun down enemies. With this awesome overpowered revolver, though there is a lot of that too, you move through johnny’s memories as him, making choices and interacting with other characters and those moments give you a deeper look into what kind of person he was cynical mean and often narcissistic johnny claims To be out to help b, but his entire existence is uh antithetical to yours as characters in the story suggest uh that you’re being influenced by johnny in ways you can’t feel or understand.

You start to wonder: if being nice to him is just the bio chip taking over your brain choosing to help johnny reach. His goals seems like it’s, helping you and improving your relationship, but is that just hastening your in that inevitable demise uh and there were some really cool details, uh from johnny himself in one of the gameplay clips. He indicated that he could possibly take over your mind and your body he kind of threatens you in a way he’s like uh. You know what i could just take over your body and hack, you i’m paraphrasing, but uh that was kind of creepy. I don’t know if that can actually happen in the game i’m, starting to wonder if johnny can actually take over your body, and you may end up somewhere, wonder like what did i do or what did johnny just do and maybe he can cause some sort of Ripple in the story – and you have to fix things that’s me speculating but i’m extremely curious as to what’s going on with johnny silverham in this game, they again said that he’s more of a co protagonist, not a side character, so keep that one in mind all Right now, it’s time, for your top comments, remember leave a comment down below. It could end up right here in a future. Video let’s do this. First, top comment comes from alucard450 who says: i don’t know who voices female v, but damn i like her already uh yeah.

I think i reviewed that comment earlier, but, yes, she does an amazing job, voicing uh v for sure, and the next comment comes from grand hero 22, who says notice how the new footage no longer says this is work in progress. This does not represent the final product or something like that. Yeah that’s really good indication that guys they’re they’re done with the game, like i really do think it’s coming out december 10th, so get hyped warp studio says this. I think this is enough footage for launch i’m satisfied with what we have seen and i’m ready yeah. I don’t want it spoiled. I feel like they’ve done a pretty decent job, not spoiling it, but i also feel like in one uh gameplay video they released recently. They gave away too much steel. I wish i didn’t know some things going into this game. I felt like hey. I would have liked to have discovered that on my own, so but still they set up the plot in some of these videos but i’m keeping it like spoiler free guys. Just let you know there’s going to be no spoilers at all on the channel. Uh ls says this: i think people are blinded by that one scene of one of the first game plays where you can see tons of people at an intersection which seem to be pretty uh downtown uh. I think he says i’m, pretty sure cd, probably read meant to show that that’s the peak of crowdedness, because i even said the crowd depends on the time of day and the location and a lot of the gameplay.

We have seen recently wasn’t during the day time and often places that would be less crowded. I guess some people expect to be crowded almost everywhere, but that’s unrealistic, since the game also is on last gen yeah and that’s unrealistic. Anyway, it would be like shops, marketplaces and again. I think they want to keep a certain frame rate. I would prefer less density stronger frame rate that running solid, like right here. If this looks great, this is the crowd density i’m good. It doesn’t have to look like this absolutely everywhere. As long as the game is running really well and it’s running smoothly, i will be very happy. So thank you all so much for leaving a comment and i hope you enjoyed the video stay tuned for more cyberpunk 2077 and open world gaming.

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