Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt, PlayStation 4, Role-playing video game : We Played 16 Hours

Alongside tom marks tom, you have the lucky privilege of having just spent two full work days: totaling 16 hours of time playing cyberpunk 2077 there’s. Obviously a million things. I could ask you coming out of 16 hours top level, give it to me quickly like what is what is your big takeaway and we’ll? Just talk about a few things here after 16 hours with this highly anticipated game um i really enjoyed it is the is the major takeaway and i want to play more uh it’s. I think my biggest kind of surprise is it’s, a probably a much slower paced rpg than maybe a lot of people are expecting and it’s a slower paced rpg than maybe the uh kind of adrenaline pumping first person shooter combat would lead you to believe right, but I don’t say slow paced as in it’s too slow it’s. Just this is very much an rpg, not an action game and uh that’s. Probably gon na be great news to a lot of people, it’s just yeah that that caught me off guard. It took me six full hours of gameplay to reach the title card of the game, um and – and that was again, those six hours were really fun but yeah. This is this is a slow burn of the game, and it it wants to be that yeah. When i so i got to play it for the first preview. Back in june, i played the first four hours uh, starting with prologue and and uh i kind of came away.

I had a similar experience where uh i barely got any combat at all in that, like not until the end of the like basically hour three and a half of the four hour time i had, and i think you you, you had a similar thing right, there’s, Just a lot of either downtime here, if you want there to be – or you can choose to, to throw your your fists and guns right into the thick of things too right anywhere between four and probably seven hours is how long it’ll take you to get through That prologue and then once that’s over the game really just says: go ahead. Here’S a laundry list of side, quests here’s the main sort of things you should be doing do whatever you want. There’S, no restrictions on the city have fun and that’s really really kind of you know invigorating and exciting um, but one of the major differences between cyberpunk 2077 and a game like the witcher, 3 or fallout 4. These other kind of open world rpgs that people are going to be comparing it to, i think, very rightly, in its structure – is that, unlike those games, combat and movement like travel, are not interes intrinsically linked right in in the witcher or fallout. If you wanted to get from point a to point b, you’re, probably gon na, have to fight some things on the way there, whereas this takes place in a city and yeah it’s, a lawless city but it’s still just a city and it’s more like gta.

In that feeling, where it’s like, if you want to get from point a to point b, you just kind of have to go from point a to point b, which means since it’s an rpg. You can go hours and hours if you, if you want, without ever pulling a gun right like you, can just play the whole game. Excuse me having conversations with people going through the more story, side of things playing stealthily and not doing an action game. If you want that or if you want it, you can seek out fights and they’re, basically around every corner, there’s tons of little markers on the minimap for oh there’s, this gang that needs to be dealt with or oh, you need to sneak into this little thing And there’s lots of little fights to have, but you need to go looking for a fight if you want a fight in this game, now, i’m curious your opinion here, i’m glad you brought the witcher 3 up because that’s. Obviously, a lot of people are huge fans of that game, it’s one of the best role playing games, certainly of the past generation. For me, the first time i saw cyberpunk 2077 – i guess two e3s ago or however many really threes ago. It was i can’t keep track of time anymore. It gave me a a really heavy deus ex vibe and i’m talking, the original deus ex war inspector from the year 2000, uh and and the things you’re saying, are kind of uh reinforcing that and that the time i spent playing it feels the same way too.

It is it it’s. I think, it’s important to note that this isn’t really a first person shooter is it. It is a role playing game through and through. Frankly, it can it’s up to you outside of combat it’s, a role playing game through and through. It feels like an rpg right, but in combat you can make it a first person shooter. If you want – and one thing i will say is i think that the first person shooting the action part of it was probably – and i say this generously, like probably the weaker parts of what i played right – it didn’t the combat didn’t really blow me away in The way that, like just driving around night city, did driving around night city in the world and the stories it was telling were really stunning to me, whereas the combat was just like fun right, it wasn’t bad by any means it was just like it was good, But to what you’re saying yeah, it doesn’t have to be a first person shooter, if you don’t want it to be. I did an entire story mission where i took out. You know descending through four levels of this facility full of bad guys, and i didn’t draw my gun a single time. I did the entire thing stealthily through hacking through you know, pinging cameras and finding out where everybody is and then distracting them, and it was an entirely a stealth game um.

But somebody else could just go through that with a shotgun and go loud and do that entire. That way, instead right, like there’s, there’s, a massive massive amount of choice, and even if you do decide to go loud, you know there’s there’s, a bunch of choice in well. Do you use the weapons that are just auto aim: weapons, the smart weapons or you do? What i ended up doing a lot of the time, which is, i would sneak in ping an enemy so that i could see all the other enemies that were near them through the walls and then pull out this rifle. That could charge up and shoot through walls. So i was just aiming at dudes like holograms through walls, and i basically never came in contact with them. While i was trying to clear them out and so there’s a massive amount of choice in how you want to play it. And i think if you do just go into it, playing it as a first person, shooter you’ll probably be less thrilled with it than if you go into it with some of these more creative, weird solutions. Yeah so open your mind is the uh. Is the big takeaway all right before we wrap this up the big question tom now this i mean this is one of the most hyped games, not just of 2020, but probably of the last few years after 16 hours, that’s, a pretty good taste.

Is it living up to the hype for you so far? Obviously, there’s a lot more to see. You know we’re not reviewing the game yet it’s, not quite done, but what is your your consensus thus far? Uh, yes, and no, i think, is the answer so far. In that it it, it is a really really cool game i’m really enjoying it. That said, i i would temper hype in just a little bit of a way and that people, i think, maybe are building this up to be. You know an incredible perfect game. It still has rough edges when the witcher 3, an incredible game, launched it had a lot of rough edges with like ui stuff, and things like that. This game still has that. That doesn’t mean it’s not incredible and living up to my excitement of it. It absolutely absolutely is, but also it doesn’t mean that, like the quest log in cyberpunk is not a mess right, and so i think that’s a yes and no situation for me. It is living up to the hype and how much i’m enjoying it, but also there are parts of this game that you know you got to remember. It is still a video game made by human beings and there’s going to be rough edges there that you got to live with well, be sure to go, read tom’s final preview, which will be much more in depth than this. What seven eight minute conversation was check that out on ign.

com and stay tuned for our review of cyberpunk 2077 coming up in the not too distant future. Finally, on ign.

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Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt, PlayStation 4, Role-playing video game : We Played 16 Hours