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So all of it was a lie. Well, yeah! No way oh yeah yeah, it all was a lie: toodles, hey everyone zeddy, here again today, with a brand new video and yeah, it happened. The battle pass thing has happened, and a lot of people have been asking me about my opinion on the whole thing, and you know what i’m going to start off with talking about the fact that i made a video a couple of months ago or whatever, when The survey leaked about the battle pass that you know i stood up for blizzard about it. I’M, like every time, they’ve introduced a new award structure. Anything like that it’s been for the betterment of the player um, whether it was the end season rewards. Originally we got nothing, then they gave us some golden cards and some dust, and then they ended up giving us a bunch of packs and a bunch of cards, and that was great um. They made it so that you’re, a new player or a returning player. You got in free deck that had like multiple legendaries, so you could get going. That was great um and you know they haven’t really taken away anything. The arena awards have stayed the same um and they’ve added, like 100 gold quests into the game. They made it. So that the minimum quest, i think, is 50 gold instead of 40 gold. Everything they’ve done has been for the betterment of the player for the game, and i thought you know what this original survey these numbers don’t look great, but i’m sure they’ll tweak it it’s.

A survey they got feedback from people, they heard they got all this outrage from us, so they even went on to like an ama. I think it’s, like that ben lee guy said: oh yeah, we’re gon na be we’re gon na, be making sure you guys don’t lose anything anything like that. So you know i’m, like all right. I feel, like i’ve, been a little bit vindicated and then we had frozen and like a dev on like the release, trailer for the new expansion like and the clip we showed at the beginning. You know yeah yep, uh, you’re gon na be getting as much gold. If not more great great and then exar went on to read it answer, like i’ve, been like number crunching and on hours on my excel spreadsheet, all this stuff, you’re gon na, be getting as much gold. If not more awesome. I was vindicated you know, and these guys, like hearthstone, mathematics and jay alexander. You know that were really up and about about it they were being unfair, overly critical and cynical towards blizzard – and this is coming from me – the guy who’s, so negative about everything. Even though we’re just constructively critical, but whatever we’re the villain anyways, i stood up for it and now i look like an idiot because, yes, the battle pass has been out. The numbers have been crunched by. I don’t know how many people on reddit i’ve read. So many different threads i’ve looked at so many different stats and all them all them lead to the same thing you get less gold than before you do you get some other stuff.

You get some legendaries, you get some packs, you get some skins and if you do the paid route, you get even more skins and you get a coin and all this stuff. Yes, you do, but you get less gold than before and a significant amount it’s in the thousands, and that means that they lied. They lied to us blizzard, their their reps. I mean i’ll, give frodan uh a pass that he was asking a question on a trailer. I don’t think froden’s going out of his way to lie, but the dev development team, the people at blizzard, lied and knowingly lied because they know the numbers they they’re, not dumb. People trust me. They know the numbers and they know what they were doing. Oh, how exactly is this well, the way the system works is there’s 50 levels of which you gain xp. You work your way through the reward track, and then you can get to level 50 and then you can earn more levels after that to get gold bonuses. The issue with this is that the xp required to level up is extremely significant and there’s very little ways of gaining xp there’s a couple of achievements you can do, which are there’s not very many and there’s a couple of front loaded. Quests you get when it loaded up, but now you’re only gon na get like one quest a day which gives xp and playing the game. You get almost nothing exar for some reason: the lead card designer said you get 400 xp on average, an hour which is i’d like today, i played on stream um all day on legend ladder, even hitting rank one legend little brag, whatever just how to put it.

In there anyways and yeah, i know how much i earned in like six hours like around six to seven hundred xp from playing games that’s it i didn’t even gain a level. I didn’t gain a single level and i played the whole day like. Basically, if you look at the math the way to get to the max level after to get the maximum gold, you have to play like 12 hours a day or something ridiculous. Like hearthstone is your life that’s all you play and then you can make a lot of gold, maybe get as much gold as you used to with the whole three wins per 10 gold thing, it’s, it’s, crazy, and by the way i i paid for the the Pipe paid track with my whole, like grindy thing i’m paying for it. I have the xp boost, it’s still really slow, so i can’t even think about how slow it’s going to be for the people that haven’t paid for it. This is all while they’re adding a mid expansion to the game, so they’re, making the game even more expensive, there’s gon na be more packs to buy um in a couple of months. There’S gon na be that mid expansion release you can’t even get the paid tavern pass through the pre order, which i don’t understand. Why that’s not included in the 80 pre order and you can’t get it with gold. You have to spend 20 dollars on it.

So hearthstone the devs there believe that you should spend eighty dollars on a pre order. Forty dollars on another pre order, 20 on a tavern pass and that doesn’t even cover remotely the entire expansion, because that’s i’ve done all of this i’m still missing a good amount of legendaries and epics. And do this three times a year i’m supposed to pay like two premium aaa games worth of money for a third of an ex or two thirds of an expansion, that’s reasonable that’s, reasonable that’s, making the game better for the players that that’s insane that’s? Actually insane. It’S getting out of control before i continue, i do want to list. There are positives with all of this. By the way there are positives the achievement system, i think it’s cool, i like it uh you can even get xp i’ll show like a highlight. One here has a chest: you can get like an xp bonus towards the battle pass, that’s neat and i like the get like the the random achievements. Like i don’t, i know the points don’t do anything but that’s fine, like my xbox gamer score. Didn’T do anything and that was still fun. You know it’s something to go for. I like it that you could show it off to your friends or they could look through your achievements, but whatever maybe i’ll come at a future date. You know the technology will get there um the profile page. I like that you can look at your total wins and all that stuff.

It looks really nice and they’re going to add to that so that’s great and the rewards path itself feels pretty cool working through it and all that um it’s, just the problem is the wards path is full of garbage, like it’s, just not filled with enough. Like look at this, look at this in like the last five levels or so look at what one of your rewards is it’s a year of the dragon pack by the time you were you earned this pack, okay, by the time you earn it right near the End of the expansion cycle right because it’s right near the end it’s a real grind it’s been made that way when you open that pack in between 300 golds by the way that could buy three packs, but instead you get this year of the dragon pack. That expansion will rotate in like a week, that’s your the dragon, it all rotates, it’s gon na be full of cards. You don’t even need, instead of 300 gold or something useful, it’s it’s a slap in the face, it’s just ridiculous. So what should be done? How do you fix this situation? Well, it’s really easy, and this has been and it’s really easy by design, because this is intentional. Is you just give us more xp, you give us more rewards, and you know you don’t make it so hard to level to the max level you make it more achievable. Maybe if you play six hours a day or four hours a day, you can easily get to the max level, which should be the case.

It shouldn’t need to be more than that that’s crazy. I don’t think adding in just getting the 10 gold for three wins. I don’t think that’s a good fix for that. I think that’s our cake, and that was already garbage. They should just give us more xp for playing more xp for the quests or better rewards. So you know we’re getting like they told us that we’re gon na get as much gold, if not more than before, like they promised us. So what will happen? They’Ll, probably adjust it. They’Ll probably put out this tweet saying you know they care about us. They care about us. The player they’ve heard our concerns, they’ve seen the feedback, so you know what they’re gon na reward us with better rewards in less xp and thank you guys and we look forward to your participation in buying the next expansion. Sorry, we couldn’t slip that fast one by you because that’s what it is, they lied, they lied and hoped we wouldn’t notice and it would be fine and now that they, it has been noticed, they’re gon na do the old. You know pr move it’s gon na happen and your favorite content creators are gon na quote that they’re gon na quote that on twitter and be like thanks blizzard for listening to us and and doing all this except none of those content. Creators are doing a damn thing, they’re all spineless, all of them. They all get gifted these bundles from blizzard.

They all get gifted subs on twitch from blizzard, but they won’t stand up for you. They won’t be critical of this whole thing. They just praise everything, because you know why they want their free perks from blizzard, because, if you’re like me – and you call them out for being doing what they’re doing, which is pretty blatant and pretty obvious, they get cut off they’re like me, they don’t get gifted Bundles ever it doesn’t matter, they get blocked in twitter by their community manager because i’m negative, because i will actually tell you the truth and have constructive criticism, which this is by the way. Yes, i’m calling them liars because they’re lying it’s literally on text and on video we put it at the beginning of the video it’s a lie and yeah that’s. It you’re not going to hear your favorite content. Creator stand up for you on this at all, even if you bug them about it, they’ll say you know it could be better that’s all you’ll get out of them and i’m sad that our community is this way, but at least there are some of us that Will stand up and fight for all of us because you know what we as hearthstone players deserve better we have treated. We have played this game for years. I’Ve spent so much money on this game and i feel, like i shouldn’t, be punished for that by taking away my gold taking away our resources and expected to spend even more for the privilege of playing their game, you have the privilege of the millions of people That love your game that want to play that play that game treat us with a bit of decency a bit of respect and actually give what you say: you’re going to give and don’t lie about it and then try and save face later because i’m sure you’re Going to do it, anyways that’s, my rant, sorry about that.

I know it’s negative, but it’s garbage what they’ve done and nobody else is ever gon na speak up about it. So i got ta be that guy. If you enjoy the video, please like and subscribe, have a great day and stay salty.

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