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It is called beyond the whale, and i want to watch it together with you. So i haven’t seen it yet and i’m. Very excited about it, so what you’re watching is uh well pretty much my reaction to it and basically uh, if there’s anything to break apart i’d like to uh to yeah break it apart and just take a look at together with you and give some comments on It so here we go beyond the vein. Lies the shadow man that’s actually beautiful, like i love how they they basically took out the intro scene, uh from what i believe is bastion uh, like, in my honest opinion, if they wan na put any of the regions in an interest scene, it has to be Bastion uh, because it just gives you this like glorious feeling when you watch it, it would be kind of strange in my personal opinion, if they went with, i don’t know, maltraxis or venti or even with knight fade, which is a bit darkish. I guess when you want to make a cinematic like this, you just take the brightest region and uh, and you make a movie out of it where every soul has its Music place Music. This uh, i don’t, know like this particular scene and these first few seconds they really give me this olympus kind of feeling and instead of a a bastion soldier. What i see in my head is is pretty much uh pegasus.

The hercules is horus, basically like spreading its wings and just like flying away for some reason it just it just gives me that hercules feelings i don’t know about you guys, but that’s, just uh that’s, just how it seems to me: Music, okay, that’s, really beautiful. I’M. I mean i, i know they didn’t say that, like night, fate is like druid zone or druid region uh, but it’s kind of the similar uh. It gives the similar feeling to. I guess the players as balshara, which is uh, i don’t, know another like druidic, themed, region and wow and of course, there’s got ta, be a tree uh that historically night elves and everyone involved are not very good at taking care of uh. But hopefully this one survives Music Music, i don’t know. Is it just me, or they put like particular races of world of warcraft into particular zones like i have a feeling that most night elves just end up being er in arden wheeled, while, like most of orcs end up in maltraxis like for some reason, they’re divided In such a way – and i know that being of a certain particular race carries with it a little bit of like racial traits that can potentially just put you in a certain. You know, group of beings that belongs to a particular region in shadowlands or whatever. But you know it’s kind of stereotypical but it’s okay, i’m gon na roll with it.

Oh i love this. This uh, this sort of like reminds you of when you enter orgrimmar and have these like little chains across the rooms – and i i know it’s, not horde themed, but they took some elements that we already know from the gameplay and they put it in which i Think is awesome and i think they put a lot of effort into actually building all these castles and i’m really excited about it. Music Applause beyond the veil lies darkness, where every soul has its place Music, i don’t know. I think i think this is overall a really really exciting trailer. We all know, while most of us know, uh like which things have already been explained: lore wise and gameplay wise, like which ones are important, but even if you don’t know that’s totally fine, because i have a feeling that whatever you saw in this cinematic. Most of these things are gon na, have some sort of significance when it comes to the gameplay, and i just love how they put it in a really. You know good story, really good introduction that really just gets you excited for shadowlands and uh. Speaking of shadow lens it’s six days to to go until we get to play it and i’m super hyped for it and that’s. Why i kind of decided to to make this video – and you know, just you know, say hi in general and share my hype for it.

I am super super super hyped about it. I haven’t had a lot of time lately to to actually uh. You know play the game apart from leveling and a little bit of gearing in um in the the i was about to say the new zones, but i guess ice cream is not really a new zone. It’S it’s, an old zone with a different theme to it. Uh so that’s pretty cool and yeah. I i’m planning on actually releasing a few like more guys until shadowlands hits so yeah. If you’re new to my channel and if you still haven’t subscribed uh feel free to do that. There is actually a few uh free shadow lens guides already on the channel you’re more welcome to check those out uh anyway, that’s gon na be it for today.

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