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So what is the trick for mirroring your app on your mi band 4? So it is very easy to mirror your app on your mi band 4. Just watch this video till the end without skipping any of the part, so you will get to know all the tricks and methods i am going to use for mirroring the app you have seen many videos on youtube that they show how to mirror apps on your Mi band 4, but some of them are not working properly. So in this video i am going to show you how to mirror apps on your mi band 4 properly. So without skipping the video watch, this video till the end and many complaints were there on the comment box that your video is not so good and then your video quality is not good. Your voice and the video are not matching and then app is not opening. So i have make the another part of the video, and in this part i am going to clear all your doubts so without failing anymore, further time, let’s start the video and but before starting the video. I want to tell you that if you are new to my channel or if you are not subscribed my channel yet then please subscribe my channel and press on the bell icon for hitting all the notifications. And if you like, this video, then press on the like button and please share this video as far as possible, so everyone can see that how to mirror apps on your mi band 4, so without wasting.

Furthermore, time let’s start a video after subscribing preo logic press on the bell icon for getting all the notifications. So, as you can see over here, we are on our device, and some people do. Is that see the link on the description box and simply click here? As me fit app and install their tab and also click here as notify and fitness tracker for me band and just install that app, but it is wrong. You have to uninstall your notifying fitness tracker for me band 4. If you have that app and if you have me fit app already installed, then it is good, but if you don’t have, then you have to install that app and after installing that app simply, you have to pair your app so how to pair your app simply Go on your profile section over here and then you can get an option, such as add device, so click over there, click on band and agree, and but remember one thing that you have to on your location and bluetooth bluetooth. So it will easily access your me band 4 and allow it to pair, so it is searching for the band it is taking a while, but it will pair your band successfully so till then i am pausing the video so over you can see band hasn’t received A pair uh request, but my band has received so pair the band. You will see the option on your me band for then simply click on that option and follow my next steps and watch this video till the end.

Guys, please i’m telling you again and again so you can easily mirror your apps on your me band 4. So it is restoring band settings. Then you can simply click here as china, and you can see over here that your me band 4 is easily filled. Then next step is that go on your chrome browser or any browser. I am preferring chrome and right there as, and simply you have to click over here as download now option, and you have seen that ac market is downloading. But my app is not downloading because, as you can see over here, file name already exist means. I have already downloaded the app so as you can see over here after downloading your app simply open your ac market app and after opening that app, you can see over here ac market, so click over here and search there as notify just click over there as Notify and search the option, such as notify and fitness for me band or anything like me band and notify, and fitness tracker like that and click over here as download option. So click over here free download by watching video, sometimes video displays and sometimes video does not display, so it is taking a while to download but wait for a while. Your download will be started very soon see this message will become that you are using mobile data. If your mobile data is on and it will not display any message, if i you are using your wi fi so after installing the app you can simply press over here as install, i have already installed this app and i don’t want to update or reinstall this App so i am simply pressing over here as cancel, you can simply install your app and after installing your app simply, you can open your notify and fitness tracker for me band.

So i am opening this app. It says that if your me band is already paired, please choose one uh, otherwise ignore it and keep searching for band, but no, my mi band 4 is been by this app. So i am simply pressing over here as paid and oh you can here, you can see that me fit is not installed. Then it will ask you for an auth key that you may, or you may not have then simply press over here as me. Fit install over here, you can see that this option is there or this icon. Is there of me fit app and simply press over here as next, and what do you want to on and what you want to off? You can go and over here and change your settings and press next and over here you can set your profile. I am not setting my profile now and simply you can press over here as complete and now here you can click over here as got it, and simply your me fit me. Band 4 is paired with notify and fitness tracker for me band then simply over here. At the top right corner, you can see this up icon simply press over here, and then you can get the option as tools so simply press over here on tools. So you can do over here. Some settings as picture upload frequency i am setting this on 10 means every 10 seconds. It will get see, signs and use the stock watch face instead of a custom picked from a gallery.

I am pressing over here as on and over here. You can see as high quality slow upload. I am clicking over here, high quality, slow upload. I am not clicking over slow quality fast upload, then back and save changes and simply over here you can click as start and stop and then start Music.

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