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They are out of milk completely out of help. None in the back lets see what this says here. Music good afternoon today were at kroger were at the smaller kroger on the west side of cincinnati on ferguson road were going to check out the new sails for the things they have on sale are the karakara oranges 2.99 for a three pound bag of them. Thats not a bad deal. Also, they got the adorables 449 for three pound mandarins. Do have. Mushrooms of this kroger too seems like weve, been able to find mushrooms pretty much at every grocery store weve been to. I know its been really hard for a lot of people across the country. I try to point things out that you guys ask about. They do have these on sale boy. They look kind of kind of brown gon na be focusing mostly on the sales that they have for new years, but i will point out some of the things that you guys have asked about some of the sales that they have right out here in the middle Aisle they do have the jiffy 59 cents on sale, doesnt say what the regular price is. I know this has gone up regularly. We did see they had it for 52 cents at aldi. They do have two for seven of the kroger vegetable and canola oil 1.69. For the apple juice, this has gone up because this used to be a dollar forty, nine.

Now its a dollar sixty nine uh. They do have the cremet elbow macaroni for 99 cents and they still have the del monte vegetables, fresh, cut vegetables for a dollar a can. Wow sales been going on for a while. Weve got a ton. Weve got corn bees, green beans, you name it weve got cans and cans and cans on them. They do have the kroger peanut butter, the smaller jar here, the 16 ounce two for three dollars, its not a bad deal. This kroger does seem to have plenty of heinz ketchup and they have the big one for 369.. I know a lot of people are having trouble finding heights. Ketchup seems to be everybodys favorite, you know and theyre bringing them out here by the box and leaving them in the box thats how fast theyre selling them. Some of you guys have told me that youve been having trouble finding stove top. Now we havent had much trouble finding it uh. It is on sale too for four dollars. We can see its going to go up to 259.. I feel like thats gone up in regular price too. I think it used to be 2′. Remember in my target video. I was talking about the uh 20 cents being the magic number uh. We have heard that a lot of foods are going to be going up five percent, so we need to keep an eye out for that. A lot of these pasta ronis have gone up, see these used to be.

These were a dollar a piece for a long time and theyve gone up an extra quarter in just the last week or two. I know that because i buy the stir fry like its going out of style, there was a time when you couldnt find the stir fry, so when they had it id buy up a few boxes. Just to know we have we make stir fry with a lot of stuff. They do have the creamy original cheddar, deluxe, uh, kraft, macaroni and cheese on sale this week. Is this gon na be the regular price? Oh that aint good? I know its been 299. Was the regular price now thats on sale now part of the sale this week too, and well try and keep an eye out ill get as much as i can see as much as we can. But if you buy five or more then it brings this down to two dollars, so it can be anything over five items. So if you give five items that are the participating items of this, then you get it for that price, its a good deal. If you can buy at least five items that are on the participating sticker, so if you can find five items, even if you just buy five macaroni and cheeses, stick them in the cupboard you still save a dollar on each one of them. Its pretty good deal. Well, bad news: they couldnt wait till after the new year, campbells cans, single cans are back up to 1.

89, a piece 1.89, a piece you can get the four cans. They got the four cans 4.99 there um. It says chicken, noodle and tomato. Here it says: 4.99. They rip the sticker off so im, not really too sure. Krogers can be finding with that. Sometimes another thing that couldnt wait for the new year is the swanson chicken broth that i know everybody loves. It is back up to 269.. It was two for four dollars. This week well, last week i dont know krogers kind of weird: they start the sale on wednesday and it goes through tuesday right after christmas. I kind of expect the spices to be pretty low. They are low, but they do have some. We saw a few weeks ago, not this kroger, but the kroger a little further north here they were wiped out of spices. Whenever i come in here on wednesdays, i try to get the sales right away, but i find myself looking at things that are missing that havent been missing. I try to do so. Much in here were just gon na walk around and see what we see because a couple of things i was looking for that were on sale. They dont even have some of you guys were concerned about sugar. Well, this particular kroger has sugar havent had any real problems: finding sugar anywhere uh sugar or flour theyve got sunflower down here again. This is a smaller kroger, so its not going to be, as you know, massive as the marketplace or anything like that.

I was hoping to just come into this one and be able to find the deals right away. I know its different all over the country, but i do like to continue to point out the things that are going to be trouble getting in, because we know things are. You know im seeing a trend, especially with the prices going up things that have been hard to get in new things that are going to be hard to get in. We just got to keep our eye out. You know thats, why im doing this so that i can show you guys firsthand everything thats going on and what we can do to save or if a certain ingredient isnt coming in, maybe change up our recipes a little bit thats. What me and jess are doing were having to change a couple things not only to save money, but because we cant find a lot of so some of you guys were asking about pancake mixes um. There is an inconvenience sticker here. I do love that krogers. Does this at least they let you know that theres a possibility that they may not get it in for a while um, and this is something we havent seen in a while is the kroger brand of pancake mix, and i wanted to point out that they also The kodiak cakes truck must have come through cincinnati because we havent seen this in a long time and theyre finally starting to get them back in as im walking around im.

Trying to find more of these deals where you buy five, say five, because thats pretty good deal so far. The only thing that i would have bought with, that is the macaroni and cheese were already loaded down on macaroni and cheese. I dont like to buy that stuff too far in advance im, not even gon na bother walking down the cereal aisle its low okay, so one sale that kind of stuck out to me on tide here, 19.99 for the big. The big tide bottle: 154 loads, 100 loads. Sorry, it says, earn a 25 e gift card when you spend 100 on participating items with digital coupon and card. So if its a participating item with this and you spend over a hundred dollars, you get a 25 e gift card. Thats a pretty good deal depending on what the participating items are. Im not spending 100 on thai doesnt. Look like theres any sales, anything different that weve seen on the hamburger, its still crazy expensive. They do have the which this is even more now even on the sale that its on, because we got the 80 22 three pound tube for nine dollars now its 13.49. For the same thing, they have the shoulder steak, boneless beef chuck for 6.99, a pound. I remember when you could get one of these for, like i dont, know three or four dollars thats not that long ago also, i dont know if this price is fixed up or not.

This says beef chuck, underblade steak boneless, but might be the same thing. I dont really know i feel like i always have to check this stuff at the register before i pay for it. Also, this is 8.99 a pound. Not 6.99 got a t bone here for 12 bucks Music, a couple good, looking ones hey, guaranteed fresh. We do have the boneless pork loin dollar 69, a pound thats, not too bad the stew meat here it says 6.99 there but 7.99 on that. Maybe itll come off at the register. I dont know, but i hate taking chances like that, because by the time i get up there ill completely forget about it and ill, spend that extra dollar and then ill get home and ill be upset. They have the bone in assorted, pork chops for 2.99, a pound uh. We saw this 1.99 a pound not too long ago, but really these look pretty good for all these pork chops for 13 dont seem like too bad of a deal. Also. They have the pork shoulder butt roast if youre planning that all day event on new years, eve. 16. 18 42 – for this huge pork, butt pork shoulder butt that looks pretty good, wanted to check out the cat food situation at this kroger looks like the friskys truck. Has been making the rounds because we are seeing more friskies everywhere we go. However, most of you guys get fancy feast for your cats and its just, you know, hit or miss all over the place um, but they do have some here.

You know and thats good im, having trouble finding really anything on sale. Thats why i went over the meat i wasnt, even gon na show the meats, but they did have a couple good sales with the uh butt, the pork shoulder butt and the pork chops and stuff. But for the most part i dont know im not really seeing anything that sticks out to me other than me. So i guess 32 dollars uh the snow crab busters are still on sale, uh, aint, much of a sale but 34 is still lower than what the regular price was of 37 uh. You would think that if you bought more, you would get a little bit of a price break nope 32 for these 64 for the four pounds. This is the best deal that ive seen since ive been in here. They have a 60 count cocktail shrimp. You could be the star at the new years party with this says normally that theyre 16.99. I thought that would be a lot higher than that. So really a couple dollar deal, though, still good deal. Bob evans, mashed, potato sale, is over a lot of you. Guys have talked about some of these smaller pack, hams, which i understand you cant eat a big old ham. You just want to get a piece man ill. Tell you what i mean for a small piece of ham: thats, pretty expensive, um yeah, you guys are saying they were out of a lot of these.

Well, i can see that, because we got inconvenience, stickers everywhere looks like theyre getting them in, though so jessica loves. The better, with cheddar bratz from johnsonville im, going to go ahead and buy a pack of these because theyre on sale, two for seven. As you can see, the regular price is now 429 used to be 3.99. So theyve gone up too, but while theyre 350 im going to go ahead and buy it back, why would they even say sale 288 regularly, 2.99? That just is kind of weird sausage: the kroger sausage breakfast lengths, the maple ones, theyre pretty good its just funny that they put that i mean they needed a space. To put this, i guess they got our tennessee pride sausage on sale, two for seven dollars. This was 349 a couple months ago, all the time, so thats gone up 50 cents, so they do have the black label hormel bacon, still on sale for 5.99. I have some but im gon na go ahead and buy an extra one. This is my favorite. This is delicious okay, well, this aint good. They are out of milk completely out of milk. None in the back lets see what this says here. We are out of gallons and half gallons of milk until our milk truck comes sorry for the inconvenience. Oh Music, thats, not good, getting hit on a lot of the juices that i, like. I love the simply made they dont have the fruit punch or the blueberry lemonade.

So eggs have taken a pretty big hit. They do have the regular grade a egg so that we get um no price. So we need them, though oh here it is this. Is it 30 count? No, that aint it 219 for 30 eggs, all the medium eggs and we need the large eggs do seem to be missing a lot of butter. However, they do have some theyve got the kroger stick butter. If we have to use that which we do, if were making like a dish or something well get the cheapest butter, we can kroger is about as cheap as you can get its actually a digital coupon right now for 1.97, i had to backtrack a second. I saw this and i was like 319 for kroger butter. Are you kidding? Is that what its gon na be 299 on sale? This was a dollar ninety nine uh this cant be that long ago. Maybe i didnt notice, i dont know but dollar 97. They make that like. Oh here, you go use a digital coupon, do all this and everything and you can get it for the price it was two weeks ago. Actually, it might have been longer – i dont know, but this was 1.99 forever and it had even gone up when i noticed that because it was a dollar 79 – and i remember that wasnt that long ago, maybe over the summer at what point are people just not Going to buy this stuff and then they get rid of it again.

Theyll have to get rid of it. Try and replace it with something else. I dont know how its going to work, but were just going to have to move on theyre, really condensing their cheese down here, not very much gouda. I dont know if ive ever seen sliced gouda kroger brand before thats, pretty cool. Actually, four for six still, you know what im gon na try that that dont look too bad. So, with this sale of this cheese of this product, did i say that right, you do have to get four of them to get the final cost down to six mix and match four more of the participating items with this card. So its got to be the purple sticker here they do have mix and match all 12 packs this week for three for 13, which thats weve seen better deals than that, but three for 13 thats, the pop sale soda sale, whatever you call it soda pop one Thing is for sure they are loaded on pasta. Theyve got a lot of it. You know i mean, relatively speaking, they have a lot of it got the cream, and i know a lot of you guys. This is on sale. The deco deco, a lot of you guys, raved about the spaghetti here. Uh were gon na. Try that here at some point i wouldnt say a ton, but they do have plenty of pasta sauce. They even have the kroger pasta, sauce wow.

I havent seen this one in a while. We dont use it, but i try to keep an eye out for a lot of the things you guys. You guys have mentioned the kroger pasta sauce good to see they got that back in plenty of prego ragu. So i cant believe it i just noticed they got my uh bread back in here. The private selection, 12 green good stuff right here and its on sale for 2.50, so thats gon na do it with our trip to kroger today, um, not as many sales as i thought there would be. As a matter of fact, a lot of the stuff has gone back up in price, really surprised. We got to keep an eye out on some of this stuff me and jess may be going shopping to the kroger marketplace at some point, maybe be able to find some better deals there, not too sure. Usually, the prices at the krogers here in cincinnati are always the same, but thank you so much for joining me today.

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