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I will link to my christian video in the description i dont think any of the information has been disproven or anything, but lets summarize in case people have been living under a rock, and i do apologize in advance because living under a rock is probably better than Knowing this chris is currently in jail for having certain relations with her mother, who is perceived by many as having dementia and yes, she looks very out of it in videos. We have been getting some letters from chris and i wont be making a video about each letter or anything, but were going to read selected, quotes from these letters and discuss it a bit so lets just get into it with chris chans letters from jail. First and foremost, chris has decided that she is the reincarnation of jesus christ, i think, were still using female pronouns. Although a trans woman asking you to photoshop, a beard onto her face is really strange behavior. This is the new cross by the way, if youre, a christian, you should be switching over to the sonichu cross. It just adds a stupid, looking heart and some stupid looking lightning bolts mostly. So if you follow chris chan, youre, probably aware that she can have a bit of an ego well, its gotten a little worse, i think ill use the text instead of showing the letter its kind of hard to read, hey kenneth. This is the body of you and my soul, partner, jesus, christine weston, chandler, sonichu speaking to you on her blessed behalf.

I know everything though christine knows more from her experiences since our extended separation since september 16 2021. She shall return for me for the apex of our second coming for those remaining who do not yet know between christine and i combined and divided. We are the real player, one, the one avatar, i, the body, am the one god body and she – and i are literally the full reincarnation of none other than jesus christ of nazareth himself. The conclusion of the dimension merges completion, including the completion of the collective shift for the majority that are good and those recoverable from earth 1218 to earth whatever and the second coming of christine. And i, together again as your fully reawakened lord messiah, savior god and judge over the minority who are the toxic darkest sinners, haters fakers and darkest demonics, who shall be left behind on 1218 earth to burn. We are now on malachi, 3 and 4 of the old testament in any bible and chris. What the are you talking about? God doesnt have to read the bible: im, not religious, but i was raised catholic and i feel like this might be kind of sacrilegious a day in this jail is constantly written in the daily goddess log christine, and i we mediate deep connected with this earth. The cosmos and universes and dimensions of this timeline, as well as the entire multiverse energy conservation and continued workings well above anyones heads on this 1218 earth write daily logs with insight and wisdoms, and then some i have a temporary soul partner, a holy flame type.

You may remember on a repentance tour keeping me safe, well, not abused and good, alongside many good angels, spirits and op allies in and around this jail of veil. We presently have a genuine turkish prayer rug and a deck of playing cards from the commissary, along with very much appreciated sports bra socks with no holes earplugs and a few other goodies foods, mostly good and well not perfect. Meatballs banquet dinners have better meatballs and chicken is often dry. Okay, i think the idea is that chris chan is astral, projecting to do all this god stuff, while meditating on a prayer rug. I look like an idiot for saying chris wasnt delusional some years ago. Okay, this is where things get a little concerning and at present we are asking all peoples to send money to the sonichu temple at 14 branchland court in rutgersville virginia to pay off the mortgage and remaining debts. Food for barbara is also appreciated, and visitors who personally offer genuine kindness and good intentions, are all encouraged to visit the temple, prayers, 2 and 4 christine and i are appreciated and shall be answered. All prayers to jesus have all been going to christine for nearly 40 years now and absolutely nothing is to be taken from within the temple or its property yard or defaced. All who do this shall be struck down by my allies, the gods and heavens armies yeah. So chris is asking people to visit the victim of this crime if thats legal, it probably shouldnt, be also, apparently, all prayers to jesus have been going to chris since 1982.

. Give me back those prayers from when i was a kid. I dont want to support a predator god. Chris also asked for money on her inmate account. I think weens have been doing this, probably hoping to get letters like this or something and lastly, but importantly, contact the local virginia governor of rutgersville and charlottesville virginia as well as president biden and get me christines body as well as christine herself, obviously a full pardon To get me out of this jail and mess, please ive got ta wonder if chris has gotten to the part of the bible where you find out what happened to jesus. I personally saw what happened to the last jesus jim caviezel and it wasnt pretty. They definitely didnt pardon him. What had happened was literally a divine mission commissioned to christine and i by emmanuel god above gods herself to heal and cleanse barbaras health and soul and being and clear her of remaining sins and regrets through cuddling talking and supportive soul, bonding to mainly extend her life. Personally, by divine intervention, as christine had told the few others via mail and posted onto kiwi farms, all of you were being and are now being divinely tested with the divinely purposed leak of this information too many of you have epically failed by responding and giving into The drama, instead of ignoring this, with greater considerations of the context and knowing better of christine the past situations and leaving it as a lost rumor instead allah over 2000 years ago in israel on history report alongside judas and null christine, was massively betrayed like she was In hers, in my past life there, this letter was from october, but im still amazed at how the reality of the situation hasnt sank in for christine.

Yet she wont be going back to the sonichu temple and surely wont be seeing barbie chan ive got ta feel like the state. Never should have put a vulnerable person under the care of chris chan. In the first place she cant even keep a cat alive. R.I.P sorbet postscript, have you ever sat on a prayer rug and with a deck of playing cards play solitaire. It is genuinely a humbling experience. I highly recommend it. I shall suddenly come to my temple. That just sounds like a threat too. I think its actually illegal to not report what chris was doing. If you know about it, if thats not a sign that it was wrong, i dont know what else could be. Weve got some more letters, so lets read some more. Thank you for the kindness and respect in your letter, yours outside of my attorney and barbara. As the first letter i had received from a follower lives in virginia well overall and in short, the staff treat me well enough at start, the genuine positive vibrations really and spiritual energy really sold this place. Well then, ive experienced the attitude and bad habits from some of the real jerk ops and really noisy neighbors after my body was relocated from medical to booking, but the food is mostly good. The commissary is good items on offer and ive enjoyed the rec room. A few times this facility is 2 out of 5 stars. Ive, hardly made friends here, but more like kind allies with a more positive staff, and i have continued to work in my goddess responsibilities and duties out of body.

I am the full reincarnation of jesus christ. Complete with all of the memories from year, zero to physical ascension to heaven changed my appearance and walked the earth more. In my immortal, life living many different books of identities and lives up till 1389 when the universe was divided, and i was fully transported forward and backward throughout time, space and dimensions to fly through the chaotic rainbows apex in 2003 and then be reborn on february. 24Th. 1982. ill spare you any more crap about the merge but check out how this letter ends blank thou art among the neutral good and shall transcend with everyone. So thou have nothing to fear, especially as thou continues to be as good as possible, as thou hath done. So go forth in peace and clarity by my power glory and authority, as god, blank be safe and well. Mrs jesus christine weston chandler sonichu, the goddess blue heart and lord savior messiah and god of all you know, i think chriss ego is going to collapse in on itself and create a black hole. If this gets any worse. Apparently nobody tried to pay for barbs mortgage. Go figure so chris got a little more serious about the begging, hey kenneth. This letter i wish for thou to post on onion and see about posting it on kiwi as well, for this is of utmost importance. I have heard confirmations from barbara that she has not received many visitors or donations to the sonichu temple, as i had decreed and requested of the all.

I feel mild disappointment, but it is not too late. I shall offer direct instructions in regards to all monetary donations to be utilized to pay off the temples mortgage less than 90 thousand dollars at present. There is no online options at all in doing this, even with my paypal, since it is not confirmable to barbara or i at present to check its balance unless were talking about old fashioned, money orders mainly cashiers checks and cash in amounts of no less than 10 Per person, but go for sending more than a hundred dollars if able can be directly sent and made out to none other than barbara weston chandler at 14 branchland court, yeah yeah, absolutely no gift cards are to be sent to her or the address of the sonichu Temple at all this setting a minimum amount for donations is something christine has been criticized for a lot in the past, so i guess were not getting any good character development here. This next part is like the ten commandments of barb or something as for food. This is best offered unto barbara in person. Barbara has been fully vaccinated of covet 19, so all are safe to be near her as long as thou, art, kindest and positive vibrations in intentions and aura, with no ulterior motives at all yeah. I think chris has the ulterior motives covered already. Food delivery services that have been paid in full for and sent to. Barbara is okay, she is not picky, nor does she have any allergies fresh fruit in low quantities, especially bananas is okay.

No pizza allowed during my jail presence, orange juice, tropicana canned vegetables and soups packaged tuna; no cans in small amounts; quantity, oatmeal, cream, pies, the cookie cans of pedigree, chicken, slash beef, dog food and ulroid dog biscuits for clover, friskys seafood in cans, cat food and meow Mix original dry food for the cats, these items are choice with barbara in person, social interactions and genuine kind, good vibration and good intention. People are what is best for her as well. She is intellectual and spiritual as long as the topics are not too personal and safe for work. I encourage thou to visit, talk with her and listen to her stories. She is likely reluctant to be interviewed so no recording devices, while in her presence, ask her first. If she is okay to be in a selfie photo with thou, thou may ask her to be interviewed on site only at the sonichu temple and outside, especially if clover is still barking at the in thy presence. The gazebo in the backyard is a good and safe spot for an interview with her allow barbara to make the choices. In this instance, i understand all of thy great interests in her backstories and history as well. Also, thou may continue to donate to my inmate account online through the central virginia regional jails website. But again it is not mandatory and i would rather, the large sums of monies be used to pay off the sonichu temples mortgage as quickly as possible, as well as the remaining debts.

Please an update here. I have all of the clothes i require during the remaining time in jail, as well as an am fm radio, bible and quran. If anything at most, i only would require about fifty dollars per week to keep good stock and good foods, including the instant soups mac and cheese jalapeno cheese, squeezers, soda tea with lemon powder mix, pens, paper, envelopes, stamps toothpaste, deodorant triple antibiotic ointment, soap, bars and batteries. For the radio, how does chris just casually ask people to donate amounts higher than a hundred dollars? I dont think ive ever gotten a 100 donation, its a fair bit of money to just hand someone. So it looks like, despite how unlikely it would seem, the financial crisis continues on at least in chriss head. I wouldnt imagine barbara is going to keep her house or anything. Oh sorry, temple anyway. I think im going to wrap this up. For today i wasnt going to cover the subject again, but theres a lot more of it than i thought, so i guess ill be back with more. If people actually want it. I know the chris chan, centric channels have already covered every bit of content. There is, but this is me reading it. So if you liked the video, please give it a like, if you have something to say, make sure you, let me hear it in the comments. I always like to hear opinions on chris chen if youre new here and want more of the same, consider subscribing.

That number is supposed to be important or something now its time to shout out my generous patrons, who help me buy four lokos to get through reading. Like this jimmo ella tuna, dan enui, blue lavonne, maxo 11x, chris sturman mdb 3000 bumbus mcdunga, amanda gillies big mike shirley cho daniel de lepena, deborah douglas dr a finn, yee horatio t justin, godsey, kitty, sparkles, clipper, oroboros, rob sop sammy welcome and thank you sandy man, Spoonie, the rogue v stands for william ashe jacob k, camper supreme megan breese psychic kumquat, alex anakin alan fang, knit one code, two little spoon, ms mayhem, staples aka, jerry heat ben esperova, francois, tremblay, myopa game, nick lucarelli and petulant panda thanks again for all the support Ill, try to increase my output here ill, be back very soon with some reddit relationship stories, or maybe am i the and ill probably cover this again at some point.

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