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So i made a list of things here. We can look forward to or not look forward to, and i figured i would just go down it and tell you guys what im excited for so starting out with lets talk about games, because the ps5 seems like its finally gon na start, hitting its stride with Having big releases every few months were starting out the year in february, with horizon forbidden west, the long awaited sequel to horizon zero dawn, which came out way back in 2017.. The only reason i remember that is because it came out right before my birthday and my birthday that year was the same day that the switch came out. It was a pretty good year for video games, im pretty stoked for horizon. It seems like more horizon to me with just a few new gameplay tweaks, and that sounds good because horizon as far as open world games go, did a really good job of having awesome, combat and a cool world to explore. Now i know the story. A lot of people think its incredible. I just think its okay, i found it very predictable, like i knew everything that was going to happen in it because ive seen a sci fi movie before, but the acting really saved it for me because all the different side characters that popped in and out of The game to help alloy figure out what her bluetooth headset was for were really cool, and then you had lance reddick being a dick to you, the entire game, so it was overall pretty good.

I think the story was good, not incredible. I think they learned a lot on it and horizon forbidden west is where they can finally go nuts with it, unfortunately, im mad that this ones coming to the ps4, because i feel like thats going to hold it back just a little bit. But then i got to think about how it started development on ps4 and was supposed to be out already, so i guess its a wash either way pretty excited for that game. I got to give a huge shout out to todays sponsor bespoke post bespoke post is a monthly subscription club featuring top shelf goods from under the radar brands and its free to join. Ninety percent of the products youll get are bought from small businesses in the us, which is pretty cool, and every box has around seventy dollars of value, but youll only pay forty five dollars now bespoke post has a ton of cool stuff. So when you sign up youll, be able to take a quiz that allows them to recommend stuff youll, actually like so each month when bespoke post offers you a box youll have the option to keep it, swap it out with another one on offer, or you can Just flat out skip that month entirely for no charge and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The first item i picked is this weekender bag. It is awesome now that i have it in hand its made of thick cotton canvas.

It has leather straps. It has metal on it like its absolutely crazy. I guess it was made for miners to carry their tools back in the day, but now im gon na use it to transport. My t, shirts, back and forth from michigan when i go see my parents for christmas. Another item i picked is this flip knife, its damascus, steel. I dont know what that is, but it looks very cool. It has this swirly texture on the metal and it has a really cool blue handle and it comes with a little leather carrying pouch and a sharpener which is awesome and then theres, the hibernate box, which has these comfy looking slippers that i wish i had for My trip home to michigan because its going to be really cold and then finally theres the dwell collection which comes with this comfy, looking alcove blanket now. If none of these boxes catch your eye, bespoke post offers so much more in outdoor gear bar wear home and kitchen goods clothing, the box lineups change each month, so theres always something new to discover to get 20 off. Your first box click the link in the description and enter the code psready20 at checkout, or go to psready20.. After that we have god of war ragnarok, which im a lot more excited for. I really liked, god of war. 2018. The story again, i thought, was a little overrated. It was cool how you played the entire game in one take.

I thought that was actually more interesting than the actual story that was being told, but where that game got me was with its awesome, combat. It was like a sweet mix between dark souls and god of war like the original god of war games, and it just felt really visceral and cool, and when you died, it felt like it was always your fault. My favorite part of that game was going through. The gauntlet that is, the valkyries and taking all of their helmets back to that circle of chairs and then finally getting to fight the valkyrie queen. That was one of the hardest fights in any video game ive ever experienced, and it was so awesome when i finally beat her. I hope they have more hard combat moments like that in the new god of war and im glad that god wore the original in 2018. The original remake is coming to pc, because i really want to play that game again. Another game we have in the beginning of the year is obviously eldon ring. Now i know thats a third party exclusive, but ive played pretty much every single souls game on the playstation and bloodborne is one of my favorite games of all time. So i feel like alden ring playing it anywhere else would be stupid. I know people are super hyped for that game. Open world dark souls sounds really good to me. Another game that i think people are really excited for that.

I probably wont pick up is gran turismo 7. im more of like an arcade racer guy. When i was growing up, i was playing stuff like need for speed or burnout instead of something like gran turismo, but we havent had a full numbered gran, turismo sequel in a while. This one looks like its really going to be taking advantage of the ps5 and, unlike horizon forbidden west, it looks like this started as a ps5 game that got turned into a ps4 game, and i liked that scenario a lot better than what happened with horizon. Another game were supposedly getting next year is hogwarts legacy. This one was delayed earlier this year. It was actually supposed to be out by this point, but the reason they delayed. It is because i think they saw how much actual hype there is for this game and they want to get it right. Im a 90s kid i love harry potter. I read all the books, i saw all the movies i watched them. Every christmas im just excited to finally see like what a game thats outside the harry potter story will actually play like those those movies theyre doing right now, the fantastic beasts ones not great. I think theyre cool i like being back in that world. I think this video game will probably end up being a whole lot better, because if you look at the trajectory of warner brothers, thats usually how things seem to go.

Another third party game that im super hyped for is dying light 2.. I feel like this is another game thats been delayed and delayed and delayed, but hopefully, by this point, theyve gotten the game right. The trailer they released at the game awards looked really cool. I remember way back like at e3, 2018 or 2019. I saw a playable slice of this game and it looked pretty sweet, so im excited to finally get my hands on it. The original dying light has been updated since it came out and its one of the first games on the ps4, where i really just like, dug into it from an open world perspective thats one of the only games ever where, when i finished the last side quest It was like congratulations, you completed every quest and i was like thats it. I want more dynamites awesome. If you havent played it, you should check it out and thatll probably get you excited for dying, light too and then in january 28th were getting the uncharted legacy of thieves collection. Now, a lot of the games, ive already talked about, are coming out around that time. So i might wait a little while to play it, but in the ps4 generation uncharted 4 easily. One of my favorite games thats one of my favorite series of all time ever period and it came out right after i moved out here to la. So i was just kind of like hanging out at home because it didnt have a ton of money and i discovered this game store by my old apartment that would break street dates.

So i got to play uncharted 4 early on my ps4, when i was a little bummed out, because i moved away from home. It was a great game and a great time im excited to revisit it this january. So those are the games that are actually coming out next year, but theres a lot of rumored playstation games. That im excited to hear more about the first one being a ground up remake of metal gear, solid 3 snake eater. If you look at the entire metal gear series, the two games i want to be remade, the most are the first metal gear, salad, which has already gotten a remake and then metal gear, solid 3, because its just such an awesome game. It has the most understandable story of the series i really like the whole conflict between boss and snake. At that point, hes, not big boss. I keep almost calling him that you get a really cool version of revolver ocelot theres, some really cool motorcycle action. My favorite thing about that game is the boss fights because theres always a cool way to knock them out instead of killing them, and you usually get a really cool item for doing it. The sleep moza nanget, mozan agent negan, i dont, know how to say the gun. The sleep sniper you get from waiting for the end to die or figuring out where hes going to be and then popping up behind him and then shooting him in the back of the head with the sleep tranquilizer gun.

Those are moments that ill, never forget and doing it all over again in a ps5 version of that game sounds excellent, were also supposedly going to see some new silent hill stuff guillermo del toro. Had that really weird, like head nod moment during the game awards that makes me think were going to see something related to that game sooner rather than later. The resident evil 4 remake is an act of development. It seems like that game is closer to being finished than a lot of people. Think it is so if we see that next year ill be super stoked, i mean capcom really wants to make sure they have a new resident evil game coming out every year. So i feel like were either going to get resident, evil village dlc next year, or maybe even that resident evil. 4 remake im just super excited for that. In addition to a new baseball game, san diego studio is apparently working on a new uncharted game. Im excited to see whatever that could be im a little nervous that naughty dog apparently isnt, working on it, but a new uncharted is a new, uncharted and again its sony, so it probably wont be too bad. Then, of course, i got ta know whats going on with this remake of the first last of us now. Apparently, this all started as an internal game inside naughty dog from like a support studio they had in there and then it got switched over to the full studio proper speaking of the last of us.

We also apparently have the factions multiplayer mode, coming as a full on big multiplayer game id really like to hear more about that, because its been a while, since the last of us part two came out. I would also love to see a directors cut of the last of us part, two, like a new upgrade for the game that has a new chapter or something like that and ps5 upgrades theres, a lot of stuff thats, just floating around out there that i feel, Like sony has to start talking about, and then if were really lucky, we might even get a trailer for ghost of tsushima too so that basically covers the games that are coming out in 2022, but something that i think could be a lot closer than we think Is the psvr ii now sony is being really cagey about what this device actually is, but we have seen the controllers for it and they look awesome theyre. Basically, a mix between the oculus touch controllers and the knuckle controllers you get with the valve index, and that seems like a good way to go for sony weve also seen them show off 8k visor lenses and screens for vr. I dont think that will end up in the actual finished product, but if theyre working that far ahead, it seems like theyve got this vr thing figured out. It would be awesome if they could figure out how to have it not require a ps5 like if you plug it into your ps5 itll sort of work like the oculus length thing where it makes the games play and look a lot better.

But if you could also store the games on the actual headset and have it be a real competitor to the oculus quest 2, which i think is basically the best vr headset you can buy, that would be awesome. Id love to be able to take resident evil. 7 off the ps4 put it on this headset and finally play that game in high resolution, because when i talked about it in another video where i was like yeah, i got sick and threw up from resident evil. 7. A lot of other people in the comments said the same thing, and you know if the psvr 2 does come out next year. That would be a great time for capcom to update resident evil village to have a full on vr mode. Now again, we dont really know a whole lot about the psvr2 headset, but i can personally guarantee you, itll, probably be black and white in terms of when it comes out. I feel like next christmas season is a great time to release something like this. We all know theyre, not gon na, have a ps5, slim or ps5 pro ready for the end of next year. So having a psvr ii ready to go would probably be smart in terms of price. This is something they really need to figure out, because if this is a headset that requires itself to be plugged into the ps5 to use, they cannot charge more than the oculus quest too, because at the end of the day, thats a headset you can take wherever You want and that things around three or four hundred dollars, depending on which one you get so it has to be around that price, but if they make it like an oculus quest 2, where you can actually like save playstation games to the headset, i feel like Thats, where they can get in the territory of charging a little bit more for it, because youve got screens, youve got storage, space and youve got portability and speaking of portability.

While we do know that sony is not working on a new vita because theyre stupid, they are working on like a dualshock 4 cut in half that you can use like as a joy. Con type deal on your phone im, assuming that would be for like playstation. Now or remote play from your ps5, but if they could figure out a way to make a new vita. That would make me personally very happy. One thing that i do not think is going to get better next year is availability of the ps5. So we had a bunch of news stories about sony, saying yep. We think things are gon na get better next year. Chip making is getting a lot better, but then we had stories very recently where sony cut down the amount of ps5s. They think theyre going to be able to make just because of all these shortages, so while its still extremely hard to get a ps5 a whole year later. I think its going to stay hard to get one going into next year and unfortunately, this isnt the situation thats like the wii, where nintendo intentionally held back a ton of wiis to drive up the like demand of it. So whenever it showed up in stores, they would sell out instantly. This is like sony cant make enough ps5s to meet demand, and eventually they will get to that point. I just unfortunately, dont think its going to be next year.

Something else i dont really think were going to see next year is a full on special edition console. I think xbox kind of screwed up by putting out that xbox halo edition series x, because the xbox series x is also extremely hard to get. While the xbox series s, you can just walk into a store and buy whenever you want. So splitting the difference that much by having a whole different skew of the console, just didnt, really seem like a smart move to me, even though that console is really cool and the fact that sony cant make enough bass ps5 as it is on their own, it Seems like splitting it up that way to have a custom collectors edition of the ps5 to go along with, like horizon forbidden, west or god of war ragnarok. I just dont see that exactly happen. What i do see happening, though, is collectors edition plates that come out alongside these games. So when horizon forbidden west comes out, youve got horizon plates, you can go, spend 60 bucks on when the last of us part, twos, multiplayer mode comes out. We finally get the last of us part: two directors cut plates to go alongside with it. You know it seems like a really easy way to split the difference between collectors, editions which are extremely expensive and difficult to produce and giving people a really cool way to customize their console to make it look like the games that theyre actively playing, i mean hell.

They could also come out with new controllers to go along with this, and then you dont have to buy a whole new console every time you want a special edition. Look on your machine, something we do get to look forward to, though, is a competitor to game. Pass we heard this big leak recently about a service called playstation spartacus and it does sound a lot cooler in my opinion, in terms of the games were going to get so, instead of getting full on ps5 games released day, one on this service were just going To be getting a tiered subscription service that allows us to play ps3, ps2 and ps1 games and then eventually theyll start adding ps4 and ps5 games to it. As time goes on now, the reason i think, thats better than what you get on game pass, which is day one aaa exclusives, is the fact that were already seeing these games that end up on game pass change to accommodate how much money theyre losing like halo, Infinite, for example, the way the battle pass and the multiplayer work in that game is a complete joke and even when youre in the main single player campaign and youre, finding these like spartan lockers that give you cosmetics. When you open them up – and it says youre getting new armor cosmetics right, but then you go into the multiplayer and its new, like paint for your visor or something like that. You never really get armor cores, which are like the thing that actually changes.

How your armor actually looks, and also the fact that, when they have events like this tenri event, its basically split up over five full weeks, its a 35 tier separate battle pass and the only way to compete. It is to play all five of those weeks. Thats. The stuff i really dont like that were seeing as a consequence of game pass this sony. Spartacus thing is a cool way to compete with it, give you an ability to play upscaled old games, but not really break the bank for sony in terms of dumbing down. Their games to make them viable on a streaming service type deal like if theyre gon na put older stuff like demon, souls and maternal on there. I think thats, just fine but yeah putting day one stuff like horizon on there just seems crazy. They dont need to do that. People are spending seventy dollars for their games. The next thing i think we might see by the end of this year, but well definitely see it in 2022, is vrr support. You guys have heard me explain what variable refresh rate is a million times here on this channel, but basically it stops screen tearing and not having it is making me wish. I had it right its something you never feel like you need until you dont have it thats. What vrr is and another thing they have to support, hopefully by the end of this year, but definitely next year is 1440p, its the best resolution, a lot of their games run in 1440p, but if you plug your ps5 into a 1440p monitor itll output 1080p.

What is that? Why did you release the console that way and why havent you fixed it yet sony? Thankfully, weve heard a ton of leaks from insiders and tv manufacturers that say: yep sonys got this ready, theyre just waiting to see how many tvs are going to support it next year and then theyll decide when theyre going to release it and while theyre at it. I really think they should figure out a way to start, including themes on the ps5. I think the way the ui is laid out at this point with all the updates, its gotten looks really good. They just got to figure out a way to make it more customizable im really sick. Of the first thing i see when i turn on my ps5 being a bunch of ads for fortnite, they got to figure out how to just make it. My personal theme that i want to have on the console – and the last thing that i dont think were going to see but id love to be wrong on is an official competitor to the xbox elite controller weve. Seen sony step into this like little pool a couple times now. At this point we got that back panel attachment for the dualshock 4, like a month before the ps5 came out id love to see sony release that for the ps5. You know that you can use on your dual sense to have some extra buttons on the back of it and id also love to see again a full on pro ultimate controller made by sony.

We have options like the scuff controller. Weve got the hex controller. A friend of the channel cody makes his own custom led controllers, but having an official one from sony, i feel like thats just something that they can make make a ton of money on and make people really happy feels like theyre leaving money on the table. With that and id love to see it happen, so thats everything thats going to happen in 2022, with the ps5 and a few things that i want to happen with it is there anything i missed make sure you. Let me know down in the comments below and remember, to subscribe and set your notifications to all if you havent already, as always guys.

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