As always, it is nick here back through daily crypto news and analysis, and today we are going to be talking about hedera and or hbar, so sit back, relax and before we fully jump on into this video. I just want you guys to please leave a like on this video. It does help the channel grow immensely and i do greatly appreciate it now. Obviously, the market around bitcoin bitcoin is kind of just getting overlooked right now. Currently uh dominance is falling. Some all coins are pumping and, of course one of those are hedera, so i am watching hbar closely. I told you guys. I want us to close the gap on this massive resistance point. Let me open the chart over here real quick to show you guys um, but until we do claim this resistance level im not going to get too, you know amped up and or bullish, and you guys, you see, you know essentially h bar having a very hard Time breaking over that 34 and a half centil range almost its basically almost 35 cents, but this is extremely strong resistance, so im waiting for us to break over, i do suspect that we will eventually, just so you guys know. Excuse me um every single time that we do test a support zone or resistance zone, the more and more that we test it the weaker it gets. So i suspect that were getting closer and closer to a major breakout event.

We are seeing more volume flow in which is very good. I do want a little bit more volume because it looks like we are having a little bit of some diminished volume. We could check out the four hour span and really kind of you look at the volume so heres, where we did get a ton of volume. Today, uh we jumped out a little bit. It wasnt anything too significant. It was about like a two cent jump, but overall we are seeing a lot of volume flow in. We also see some volume flowing out as well, but i do want a lot more volume to flow in uh to actually get us over this massive resistance zone. Uh, i just want to mind you guys the last time that we did break out of this resistance zone. You could pretty much see what happened right, so we went to the all time high of about almost 58 cents exact, and i do suspect that we are in store for another major breakout event similar to that, and i do believe that this year is going to Be extremely bullish for hbar, especially considering the fact that we have a lot in store for us waiting on the roadmap, so with all of that in mind, uh lets actually just real quick. I do want to check out the uh bitcoin price chart for hedera and really kind of give you guys that insight too. So this is extremely bullish.

Uh. We are seeing actually a lot more volume here. Uh, the rsi is nearing a little bit of an overbought area and also a rejection point that we did reject off of going back to the 19th of december, but this looks extremely strong if we can continue the volume like i said, and we can continue the Momentum we will easily flip into this nice parabolic point where we will see the usd pair really start to move and go a little bit parabolic. So with all that in mind, lets move on and lets talk about some other exciting things. So i know right now: everybodys waiting for you know, hbar to really jump out and go crazy. I get that we are all waiting, but i just want everybody to understand what is actually happening. We do see here. Many enterprise, apps launching on hedera wont be brand new use cases requiring slow scaling over time. These will be apps with already existing huge transaction volumes, which will move on to hedera to increase trust efficiency and security. Step function is coming, and i do want to say right now when were talking about a lot of these major, you know apps that are coming to hedera. A lot of them are already built out. A lot of them are already. You know transacting on a day to day basis, doing you know millions to billions to even trillions of transactions a year. Okay – and i know, if were talking about daily, i know theres other use cases for an example service.

Now that probably is going to provide billions of transactions a day, and i just want you guys to understand at scale once a lot of this kicks in. You know its going to be too late to accumulate h bar uh at these cheap levels, but also i just want you guys to understand that there is a lot of you know: companies building out on hedera that are very legitimate and very large. You know we talked about dla piper a lot, and i i hate to kind of go back in time and talk to you guys about this, but i want to show you guys how big you know dla piper actually is so obviously you guys are probably all Aware by now, but dla piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout the americas, europe, the middle east, africa and asia. Pacific positioning us to help clients with their legal needs around the world, and i want you guys to understand that we do see down here. Our clients range from multinational global 1000 and fortune 500 enterprises to emerging companies, developing industry leading technologies. They include more than half of the fortune 250 and nearly half of the fts e350 or their subsidiaries, who also advise governments and public sector bodies. Okay, so reading that all right, its whatever a little bit bullish, nothing too crazy, but then you see what they want to do with you know: hedera hashgraph and its just like this is absolutely ridiculous.

They want to launch this new toco security tokenization platform. This goes back to november 2020, so over a year now, and when were talking about toco, so toco, just recently, you know started to launch. They started to. You know really do this its getting really exciting, especially concerning how much volume this will be, and we do see toco issues – you know digital private debt, on hedera public network. Now, why is this significant? Why do i bring this back up? Well, because we do see tokenization leading the race in terms of crypto adoption nfts, in my opinion, start at the major boom for retail individuals to get into crypto to start to learn what crypto is, and i do believe that tokenization is really going to start to Move more and more into everyday life. When were talking about everything that is happening, we look at what this is all focused on. This tokenization is intended to cover the full value chain of a fixed income, token from issuance and distribution to token over the counter, transfers and ongoing asset servicing concepts such as custody and coupon distribution until debt maturity and token redemption, toco structured the tokens as fixed income Instruments, while daily dla piper sorry assist it with the legal documentation embed it in the smart contract, the tokens have a unique international token identification number in compliance with the international token standardization associated or association standard for increased operational transparency and safety. The reason why i bring this up is because were going to see a ton of tokenization trans transactions flowing over hedera from this.

This is fully standardized in terms of what we want to see. This is going to bleed into pretty much massive amounts of volume. Massive amounts of value – and i just want you guys to understand tokenization of private debt – say that five times as fast as you can and understand how incredible that is, that is so huge in terms of its value. Now, for many of you and trust me, this is not disrespectful or anything, but for many of you that dont know what the heck private debt is and dont know how big this is actually going to be well lets actually talk about it, so you know in 2020, okay weve seen private debt growing tenfold in the past decade, with assets under management of funds, primarily involved in direct lending surging to 412 billion dollars. Okay, this is fairly large. I mean in terms of a major market. This is huge and we do see a few of the risk, transparency and illiquidity, but guess what nfts we do see liquid nfts becoming a thing, but also understand what theyre trying to do here. They are trying to build out overall this massive tokenization of these assets, but theyre also trying to fix the issues as well. I think that this is going to get very, very inc. I think that the volume from this is actually going to be very interesting to watch unfold um, because you know we know that this has been in the making for a very long time, and the reason why i bring this back up is because this is focused On exactly what needs to be focused on the benefits of private blockchain, alongside with transparency of a public network like hedera, because this is going to deliver those massive benefits that we already see from hedera, sidepoint and guess whats funny about this – is that its the most Secure its going to be extremely transparent and its going to be settled in such a quick time, so its going to be fully operational.

Its going to be massive for a lot of these major players that are trying to get into this, and also in terms of private debt, its going to continue to grow and grow and grow – i mean 412 billion dollars to some people might not seem like a Lot you know, especially when were talking about you know, markets being worth trillions and trillions of dollars, but look at the syndicated debt versus private debt. Here you could see the amount of individuals and how much money there is. You could see you know pretty much everything you know from the start to the finish line, but the best part about this is that i believe that were going to allow for this to actually surge a lot more yeah sure you know, in terms of you know: 412 billion dollars. I think that that is going to grow astronomically. You know, especially with something like hedera that could allow for this. To actually be, you know, scaled a lot faster and, of course, in terms of toco right. You know. I think that this is a very large use case that i think that a lot of people kind of just looked over and said yep. Well, this is cool, but in terms of tokenization, nfts are continuing to grow. Okay, first off you know when were talking about the nft market, i dont think that it hasnt even i mean i think that this is still in its infancy stage.

I dont even think it began to really crawl yet because when were talking about a lot of these nft, you know assets in this market. You know theres, really not a lot of them. That are, very, you know, known uh. Of course, you know in terms of mana and stuff, like that yeah, like thats cool, like a lot of its centered around gaming and just like the metaverse, but when we get into tokenization of private debt and even just debt in general, that is going to be So huge and then, of course, in terms of nfts, if we want to talk about the legitimacy factors behind, you know nfts for an example: heres uh hedera gallery. So i talked to you guys a little bit about hedera gallery. I think that this is going to be a very extremely you know, useful uh, nft platform thats being built. I think thats going to be great for a lot of artists, would, you say, were excited to show you our new website they launched their new website looks incredible, got to give them some props for this, because it looks very good. Uh looks very clean as well and heres their vision. You know, starting from the limitation of physical reality. Virtual worlds will support the evolution of humanity and enrich the life of individuals. By creating new experiences mission, we bring creators together, so you could discover at a glance the nfts that really matter objective.

We will start with 50 exhibits art galleries which will expand as needed. Subsequently, we will develop themed rooms with various products: digital art, utility tokens, community tokens, cashback tokens, securities, etc. So this is focused on a lot of things: okay theyre all – and they want to do this with you know it will be metaverse agnostic, so help. You know integrate into multiple metaverses so that users can actually teleport between metaverses thats going to be huge, and this is within their you know. Building this is pretty much a little bit of a you know, sort of a sneak peek at what to expect. I think that this is going to be incredible: okay and theyre, very new theyre theyre, extremely new, still uh. None of this stuff is really kind of working. Just yet i mean you could visit the gallery. This is pretty much it theres, a lot of things that will be. You know pretty much uploaded and released into this. You know gallery im very excited for this, because, when youre looking at a lot of these nft use cases, this is something thats disruptive to me. I think you know physical art galleries are going to be a thing that a lot of individuals want to see. I think that this is an incredible concept. I really do and i i really think that nfts dont get shown as much love as they should. I think that a lot of people just kind of look at them as jpegs, but this is digital art.

This is collectible art and when were talking about, you know a lot of these. I i would say a lot of these projects. You know definitely need to get you know. Viewed in a very you know, i would say legitimate way. I think a lot of nfts are just kind of jokes. They get thrown. You know down into like you know, open scene, just say hey here, you know bid on this jpeg of pretty much nothing, but a lot of the stuff that im seeing on here looks incredible. I think that theres a lot of time put into this. I think that this is, you know very interesting, and i think that art galleries, physical art galleries, are going to be a thing in the future and i think that theyre going to be at a very high demand. Also we looked at sikhi right. I think sikhis incredible as well. This is an nft platform focused on you, know, music and stuff. You know sign up for a chance to be selected to upload music and have access to exclusive nft rewards multimedia multi. You know blockchain nft creation, engine and marketplace wrapped in a social ecosystem that streams, nft, music, live streams and posts. This is essentially, you know, spotify, except a decentralized. You know spotify, where its pretty much all focused around nfts, packed with cutting edge features, and this is built on hedera. Pretty much see everything about it, its incredible. This is awesome and, of course, their partners are listed there.

You guys can pretty much see it and heres their road map theyre in everything everything theyre launching their token. They already have that launch music streaming platform. Nft creation launched. You know our artist posting nft gallery launch live video streaming. Gaming live events. Seeking i mean this is gon na get incredible. I think that this is so insane. Okay to see everything that is being built on hedera and for a lot of individuals to barely recognize the value behind. Hedera just tells me how early we are, and we do see, were on a mission to build a more profitable entertainment ecosystem, profits, more ways for users to profit, more ways for engagement for fans, own royalty rights to some of your favorite songs, on seeki, more payment Options than any other platform, this is going to be very awesome. Im very excited for a lot of these major platforms, and here are the problems that seki looks to solve. You know. Listeners are undervalued, selling song royalties arent for everyone. Payment delay lack of engagement. This is going to be incredible and theres. So many things like this and i said it yesterday and i honestly i really got ta say i do believe this fully. Okay, there are things being built on hedera, 24, 7, 365 and barely anyone is noticing. Hbar is a winner and once the public realizes this, i will already have my bags packed fully ready for the moon mission. If you cant see whats being built, then i dont know what to tell you, because it is so bullish right now.

Hedera is, in my opinion, an easy top 10. You know contender. I think that we will be in the top 10 very easily very fast. I know that a lot of people have been holding for over a year and they think that its the end of the world, because they havent gone to the moon. Yet things take time. Things are going to take time when theyre being built. The way hedera is building things, look at what theyre building look at the fundamentals and understand how large this is going to be. But with that in mind, i hope that you all enjoyed this video, if you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on. If you guys want more free content, you guys are more than welcome to follow me on twitter and join the free discord down in the description below, as always update.

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