Lenovo Yoga Book, CES book 9i hands-on at CES 2023

So from the outside, this looks like any other regular laptop. You got a lid. You know you got lenovos traditional uh quad, speaker bar right here, but when you open it up youll notice. This is completely, unlike any other laptop youve seen. This is the yoga book 9i and its the worlds first full size, dual OLED laptop, and you see you have one screen up here and then you have another screen down here, and this is completely unlike anything, weve seen before and its something that Ive been personally Waiting so long to see because weve seen the evolution of smartphones going from traditional physical keyboards, like on your old blackberries and then weve moved over to touch screen, keys and really everyones gotten used to it. No one complains, but we havent really been able to make the same leap when it comes to laptops. I guess that is until now. So what youre looking at here is a dual screen laptop. You have dual 13.3 inch. 2.8K OLED displays. You have one on top and one on bottom and which really interesting. Is that just like any other laptop, you can have it in traditional clamshell mode, but because it comes with a bunch of accessories, including detachable, Bluetooth, keyboard, a pen and the stand. Suddenly I can take it right here, prop it up on the stand and then suddenly I have this really interesting dual screen display. That gives me more screen real estate to work with when Im away from home, like Im at a cafe or traveling for work or whatever.

So when its in this mode, you can simply Slide the Bluetooth keyboard down at the bottom, and you can do all your normal keyboard stuff. You can also pick it up and rotate the display. Again and now you have this taller aspect ratio, but still dual screen system, which is really great for if Im wanting to take notes, I can edit on the right side and kind of have some reference materials on the left or, if youre looking at spreadsheets. You have a lot of vertical real estate to play with, which is really really nice. Another interesting little party trick is that when its in this uh kind of tall dual display mode, I can simply touch five fingers against the screen like this and then suddenly we have this new waterfall mode, so we have the image spanning both screens. So you have this really really engaging content and once again more screen than real estate than I really know what to do with. Of course, you dont have to use it with the stand. So if you want a more traditional clamshell experience, you can get rid of the stand. You can go to the keyboard and then youre thinking, okay, hey theres, no physical keyboard. What am I supposed to do? The Bluetooth keyboard isnt attached? Well Lenovo, thought of that too. So when you want to type you can simply touch eight fingers against the bottom display and suddenly you have a full virtual keyboard, virtual Mouse buttons and a touchpad and whats.

Really interesting is that if you want a physical Keys, you can slam the Bluetooth keyboard. On top – and you can even slide it forward, so you still get a touch pad on the bottom. Of course we are not done yet. So if I take eight fingers and I slide it down, then I have an interesting little widget bar that pops up at the top of the screen. So I can see weather news things of that nature and it is a bit customizable. So hopefully we can get some more widgets for other apps and stuff in the future. Another interesting feature is that if I want to take a screenshot, I can do that really simply by taking the pen and sliding up from the bottom corner and then itll take a screenshot. I can even highlight stuff in circle and then, if I press a little button down here, I can insert it into a note, and so, if I get rid of the keyboard you can see, I can move the thing around because I you know hey check this Out – and that makes it really easy to take screenshots at a moments notice, I dont have to worry about. You know clipping it saving the image, dropping it into another file, its all in one thing and its taking advantage of both screens at the same time, which is really awesome, as for specs, were looking at a 13th gen Intel Core i7 CPU up to 16 gigs Of RAM, you also get three USB C ports that support Thunderbolt, 4 and theres, an 80 watt hour battery life, which is pretty big for a system of this size.

That said, you do need a lot of juice to power. Something with two displays like this. Lenovo is currently saying youre going to get about seven hours of use when youre, using both screens and that doubles to around 14 hours if youre, using just one screen at a time. Now to me, the yoga book 9i is a really interesting device. Its kind of the first of its kind now I know weve, seen similar Concepts before from companies like Dell in the past, with their concept duet, but Lenovo is actually going to sell this. This is not just some pipe dream and Im really interested to see how this is going to survive in the wild when it goes on sale sometime in November for around two thousand dollars.

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