Lenovo Yoga Book, CES made a dual-screen laptop that's actually good — Yoga Book 9i

This is a dual screen: foldable laptop. There is a 13.3 inch screen on the top and a 13.3 inch screen on the bottom. They are both OLED 2.8 K, screens and then theres also a keyboard and a kickstand and a stylus, and they all come included so its not like Microsoft or you have to buy them separately. So the yoga book 9i is shipping in April hitting shelves in June. Its going to start around the two thousand dollar Mark and the really cool thing about it, is that there are a ton of gestures that you can use to really optimize the two screens for whatever work that youre trying to use it for in terms of specs. There are going to be three USB ports. You can get up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and theres a 5 megapixel main camera for video conferencing. What you can do, if youre scrolling through a website such as, is you can put your finger on it and flick it and throw it down there and if you want it back up, there flick flick flick now, if you want it to just to be Really long and just scroll endlessly, you can do a five finger tap and this is called waterfall mode. Look at that scroll, thats fun! Now you can also detach this. You can take it off the stand and you can fold it into just being a regular 13 inch laptop. So this would be good if youre, you know at a cafe or on a plane, and you need just like a smaller device now youre going to use.

Eight fingers down here – and that makes a keyboard up here and below that theres, a little fake touch pad that you can use to navigate and the coolest thing is there are these two buttons here and these actually click like Im clicking, and it really feels like Im clicking an actual button Im really impressed with the haptic feedback on these. They really. It really feels like a real touchpad. Now the touchpad is not delineated, but the buttons do make it pretty clear where the touchpad is so Im, not worried about not knowing where Im going to click or clicking in the wrong place, which is sometimes an issue you can have with non delineated touch pads, Especially if youre clicking with your non dominant hand, now if I want to type, I can type up here – theres haptic feedback on this keyboard, which is very cool. It is a little weird to type on a totally flat surface. But I think this is something you get used to over time and if you dont like that keyboard, you can pop the magnetic keyboard right onto there. Touchpad remains oh and you can just type as normal. Now, if you want to keep the keyboard here, but you also want to do some navigation on the bottom half, you can use eight fingers to drag it down and then theres some cool stuff up here that pops up. So we have a weather app here.

You can check the weather, and here there are a bunch of things so theres one window where you can see your CPU and GPU and RAM usage, and that can be particularly useful if youre playing a game or, if youre, doing some really intensive tests. And you want to keep an eye on how much strain youre putting on your Hardware, if you scroll through here theres news, theres, a calculator theres Outlook schedule. So this is just neat if you dont, think youre gon na be using a touchpad a ton, because here you dont have touchpad access, but you want to get rid of that. Eight fingers get rid of that. If you get rid of this keyboard and put this back up here, you can also navigate with the stylus, so the stylus lives in this little pocket back here. Its very secured Im not worried about it falling out or anything, but if I tug it out, I can use this scroll and thats pretty smooth its very comfortable. So here we have Smart notes. You can write with this draw with it three smooth comfortable stroke and the coolest thing is, if you want to use it this way, but you dont want to use a stylus. You want to use a touch pad. They have this software here called The Yoga book. 9 user Center – and here they have all those different dual screen stuff where you can play with the virtual keyboard, the widget bar – and this is my favorite part, virtual touchpad.

If you set that up, if I tap with three fingers here, I have touch pad. I can use this to navigate. I can click and drag these buttons here have haptic feedback and they do feel scarily like real buns, its very cool, and I can put this touchpad anywhere. I want to put up there. I can put it over here. I can put it down here and if I want to use it this way, I can use it flat down here. So this is running Windows 11, but its actually not a special version of Windows, 11 thats made for dual screen devices or anything of that sort. Its just regular Windows 11, but Lenovo has built all these shortcuts in to make it easier to use the two screens together so thats the yoga book 9i. Thank you guys so much for watching. Let me know in the comments: if youre excited for this device, do you think there are even more shortcuts that you would like to see added? How do you think you would use this Im really excited to do? A full review for more news coming out of CES 2023, keep an eye on our YouTube channel and check out theverge.

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