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I wanted to wait for the update to make sure that all this was showing concurrent it did show. Last night, the euro and gfs are in agreement whats going to happen with these next two systems, as well as the severe weather. Now the clipper is happening right now and i have all your updated impacts. Remember all the links are in the description. Help save you time, youve never been here before hello. My name is mark, make sure you subscribe. I am all year along now lets not waste any more time and get into what your impacts are make sure to hit the like button if youre liking, these updates guys and make sure to share this information. Let people know what is coming, because all this big hard hitting from this winter storm that happened in the mid atlantic and northeast they have another system coming their way. Now our power outages got so crazy. Yesterday, not everybodys in the yellow, you say: oregon had almost ten thousand a little below so its not in the yellow, but it got over eight hundred and fifty 000 homes without power. And if you just put two or three people per home, thats millions of people, now it has updated better, it cut it pretty much in half its still, not great for virginia matter of fact, old dominion. The power company said that this is one of their top. Five power outages for virginia theyre, still sitting at 284, 000 people without power, plus everybody else still hurting now the setup that were coming into now is we have this clipper system coming across the midwest and it will affect the upper ohio valley and intercoastal northeast.

Why you got is high pressure, just circling all this atmospheric river into the northwest, and it will create a lot of heavy precipitation as well. Now, i wonder what took the model so long is because all these surface lows flow in from the northwest just had the model data in a whack, but it finally upgraded – and it finally shows that we do have this – not only atmospheric river. We have this clipper coming through bringing some damage in winds and we have this noreaster that is going to pop up and go to the northeast, creating damage and winds. Heavy snowfall matter of fact, snowfall in the update, has lightened up so theres potential for blizzards, because 35 miles per hour, wind gusts or more does create these blizzards, but it will bring damage and winds once again in severe weather after that for the south and ohio Valley – and this will carry on to the northeast as well now our updated run to 60 does show the clipper coming through the upper midwest. It is already freezing temperatures, if not negative, in a lot of places, so its just going to be straight snowfall with it. While that next system from the northwest comes all the way down to the south, and it does confirm that it goes up to the northeast, bringing a lot of the warm temperatures as well, but it is bringing the snowfall you can see with the dark blue.

Who is getting the heavy snowfall, then, after that, still on the 9th? We have this high pressure thats still coming with the cold air. We have the surface low, that does get dissipated, but the high pressure in the atlantic moves to the east. So all the severe weather is going to be thunderstorms for the south in ohio valley, have better information for you, but im showing its not going to be tornadic. Now, for today you do have flash flooding for southern oregon and northern california. For tomorrow, it will switch as these next systems, trains down the west coast, southern washington, northern oregon and then, as you go on day, three, its going to be even bigger with a slight risk. A slight risk is all the way from thursday to friday. A lot of heavy precipitation coming now when we look through all the ensembles you can see. Are they all in agreement on this clipper as it passes through affecting the intercoastal northeast and maybe a little bit of the new england states as it goes by then, as this next system comes by and we get that noreaster? Almost all of the ensembles agree that it will be forming up nice and strong, but it will strengthen more as it leaves so it wont be a super strong storm when it first starts up, but for the second half mostly for the new england states, it will Be a strong system now the namm 12k, which you can see the next four days it does bring 50 and 60 miles per hour, wind gusts, all the way from the northwest.

All this bright green is all 40, so its definitely high 40s to 50 miles per hour, wind gusts as it passes by ohio valley and intercoastal northeast. You can see here with the update on the namm 3k to as you get the precipitation on the northwest that you get this clipper system that forms up brings a lot of snowfall temperatures very cold freezing line coming way down here, so all precipitation turning into snow. Then, as all this energy comes down to the deep south, it does form up to the south, bringing the surface low, bringing snow on a wrap around to a little bit of the ohio valley, and this is going to train all the way to the east. Now the euro is still showing that it will have high winds with this first clipper system. It will be 40 and 50 miles per hour, wind gusts, mostly all the way to iowa. Then it calms down for ohio valley, mostly high 40 miles per hour, wind gusts, and it gets to 50 as it goes towards the end of the ohio valley. Intercoastal northeast showed the same thing yesterday, as well as the winds showing that the system does strengthen up as it leaves and so far those are up to 101 miles per hour winds yesterday, i showed 105., but you can see here according to the euro, as the Clipper moves through is going to bring 40 and 50 miles per hour, wind gusts as it moves through the ohio valley, mostly the upper ohio valley.

Now the euro shows that the surface low forms up sooner on that noreaster about six hours sooner and it does travel bringing snow on a wraparound to the tennessee ohio valley and it does still meet up and have another upper level low out in the atlantic. And those still become one and after it becomes one, it does impact the same areas that just got snowfall and winds and a lot of power outages. But you can see it went all the way down to a 1001 then 997 to 992. So it has weakened on an update of the euro and still on that severe weather after that, coming in on the 8th to the 9th, it will bring thunderstorms all the way to the ohio valley, all the way to the south as this cold front comes down, But now its showing that it will bring a lot of freezing rain and potential ice to northeast as well, and i did check the severe weather it is not tornadic. Gfs shows it dont form up to six hours later, a little bit more over the southeast. So the snowfall on the wraparound would be a little bit less, but as it goes up towards northeast, you see it does form up and strengthen up and it does show around the same area as the euro. So same people are going to be impacted with this storm and the gfs takes it even stronger guys down to 978, which would be a lot of precipitation.

Wrapping around right here by boston, which will put heavy snowfall for yall and gfs, also confirms that these storms will go up to the ohio valley and it will also bring the freezing rain and the sleet and ice for yall. The only difference is gfs is picking up. As this cold front comes down, you could get a front induced surface low in the south and that could bring some more severe weather that could bring the rotation the vorticity and it could bring some problems now. According to the gfs, when that next system comes up, it could bring 50 miles per hour, wind gusts once again to the central us and ohio valley in the tennessee valley, thats 50 to high 50s and thats oklahoma, kansas missouri, illinois, indiana, ohio, kentucky and tennessee western Side 50 miles per hour. Wind gusts come in with that severe weather with those storms and so far for the northeast. It will bring widespread 40 miles per hour. Wind gusts will maybe get up to the 50s around boston, but all you need for a blizzard would be 35 miles per hour. Wind gusts, and you can see the wind gusts here on the eighth for those storms that do create. It goes all the way from texas all the way up to minnesota and wisconsin with 30 and 40 miles per hour. Wind gusts, it gets up to 50 on the 9th and the storms carry over to the ohio valley getting 50 miles per hour.

Wind gusts, some almost 60, so just be aware, it is going to be a strong system. Passing by there is some shear creating those storms and winds even stronger, but the shear is not in the south, creating anything tornadic with the strong dew points. It will be just thunderstorms, itll, be bad thunderstorms with a lot of winds, but not tornadic in the south, and you can see here on the euro that the dew points on saturday, race, all the way up towards arkansas and even northern mississippi and western tennessee by Noon time then, as you go to the evening, it starts going across the southeast. Now you see it does fill up the atmosphere with a lot of strong cape values, some instability as it comes down and it gets pretty strong, but i dont have the shear. It needs to create these tornadoes, so it will be thunderstorms as it passes by and you can see the lightning strikes as it starts until saturday morning, real strong lightning come in from texas. Then it goes into louisiana and arkansas spreads out by saturday afternoon across mississippi, and it goes across tennessee a little bit before it comes down, but it stays strong for arkansas and louisiana as well all sunday morning and early in the morning. Look at all these lightning strikes youre getting for louisiana and texas. As this comes down, so it will bring some severe weather with it. It will be thunderstorms, and you can see that here with your sheer as you look at your winds on your 850 millibars, you can see as you go into saturday morning.

You start getting some sheer buildup, but as these storms brew up the shear all moves to the ohio valley and starts becoming strong thunderstorms, with wind gusts for the ohio valley, nothing thats going to be tornadic in the south. Everything stays up high in the north and ohio valley, with the shear with the winds. At the same time after these storms comes through the northwest, bringing all this heavy precipitation, it will cease after a while. Now, if you look at the pacific north american pattern, you can see it starts going up on a high ridge and as we go into january, 8th through the 9th, it goes on an extreme high ridge and just relaxes a little bit. This will bring warm temperatures to canada. This will bring warmer temperatures in canada than what were going to have in the southeast. You see here in four days that the temperatures are really cold in canada, but then we started getting that high ridge in five and six days and that green right there is high 30s to 40 degree temperatures all the way to the canada. So you have a very high ridge, all the way into canada, a low trough in the southeast bringing cold weather, and this is your temperatures this morning up here in canada, you are very much negative, 10 to 20 degrees. Everybody in the south waking up to some freezing temperatures. Some cold air is around, but when we go up on that high ridge, it is going to bring high 30s all the way into canada.

Where theyre not going to be freezing no more or negative temperatures. There will be a warm up for yall while you go to the southeast its going to bring freezing temperatures even colder than now its going to bring 20s to the southeast. Its going to bring negative 10 and 15 degree temperatures to upper midwest single digits to the ohio valley and very much negative 10 to 20 degrees in the northeast as well. So as we go through today for this snowfall as the snow moves through the dakotas and minnesota and upper wisconsin all the way to eight oclock tonight – and this is going to be all snow with its precipitation as you go into midnight, its going to start rolling Over upper ohio valley and michigan all the way until tomorrow morning, you got a little bit of storms on the northeast, nothing too severe, then, as you go into wednesday, then you got this next piece of energy coming through bringing a swath of snow all across the Central us – and it will become your next storm, which will be your noreaster. You can see also it is bringing some damage and winds with it guys. This is bringing high 40 miles per hour winds with 50s once you get into later tonight, so the top half is going to have a lot of snowfall. The bottom half is going to see the winds thats. What a lot of clippers do clippers do, bring a lot of winds as you get into later tonight by 9 10 oclock.

It could bring high 50s to indiana southern illinois kentucky ohio and it will carry over to northeast being with the 40s. So it does weaken down as you go into tomorrow, but for today and tonight this will get stronger as it goes towards ohio valley, 40, then 50 miles per hour, wind gusting, maybe even the high 50s around 11 and 12 oclock, and it will bring 40 miles Per hour, wind gusts, almost 50, all the way until tomorrow morning for new york, but as you go into tomorrow, then these wind gusts will transfer over to northeast new england stage and it is bringing high 40 and 50 miles per hour, wind gusts with it. So as it comes by nine oclock wednesday morning, it starts bringing the 40s starts, bringing the 50s. Why you going to 10 and 11 oclock, but as it leaves in the afternoon, it strengthens and it starts bringing us 60 miles per hour, wind gusts, all this red is all 60s and high 60s, and by four and five oclock tomorrow, then its going by boston With the highest of the winds, the strongest of the storms, so it could bring 50 and 60 miles per hour, wind gusts to yall, as well, so far its showing 11 a.m. Tomorrow, all the way till three four oclock in the afternoon, you got 40 and 50 miles per hour, wind gusts, coming by the northeast all the way until six oclock in the evening and itll go back down to 40s, then 30s by nine oclock.

But it is bringing some strong winds, especially for the northeast, especially towards boston. Just be aware that now, nan 3k does pick up. That would be a swath of one to five inches in the next two and a half days going all the way from wyoming nebraska. Kansas missouri one to five inches. Why are you getting upper midwest one to five inches so updated run according to gfs, shows that actually the snow dont start until tennessee and kentucky when it starts going towards the mid atlantic hits a little bit of lower ohio valley. Then it goes towards the northeast, putting some rain in virginia. Why are you getting snow on the west side of virginia and, in effect in the northeast, not really a lot of the mid atlantic, its mostly going to be northeast so by 3 p.m? On thursday, the snow is going to start moving in for pennsylvania, west virginia virginia maryland, delaware, definitely by midnight and its going to be an overnight storm overnight noreaster. It looks like guys by 3 a.m. Youre getting heavy snowfall according to gfs for long island and the heavy snowfall does transfer over towards boston massachusetts towards new england states. The closest towards the coast is going to get the heaviest snowfall, but it does show it goes right up the northeast and on the way out, and it puts pretty much everybody halfway. You got half of virginia against snow, half, not half of maryland southern half of delaware, all getting rain and then, as it passes by you, might get a little snow on a wraparound as it leaves.

But it wont be a whole bunch. But it does show that new jersey, long island, new york, city, connecticut, massachusetts, rhode, island, vermont, new hampshire, maine, all getting snowfall, and it is all going to be on the coast now for the next four days. This does bring heavy precipitation to the northwest for washington. It brings up to six and seven inches of precipitation for oregon northern oregon youre gon na get more like five to seven inches. Why southern oregon gets half as much, but you can see all the snowfall is gon na, be mostly for the higher elevations guys, idaho. Getting in a lot of major snowfall northwest montana, why everybody else in montana is getting one to five, so it is some light amounts of snow for everybody thats going to feel it is one to five inches. All the higher elevations is really going to feel the impact from this one, and the full swath, through with the gfs, shows that that clipper does bring one to five inches to the upper midwest. It does bring one to five inches over the central us. Just a little bit, but it does form right back up over the tennessee ohio valley, bringing one to five inches all across the northeast, with major snowfall potential for the new england states, but its not showing as heavy as it did the other day. You see the light amounts of snow according to the gfs. All the heavy snowfall will be right along the coast anywhere from five to seven to even eight inches of snowfall, but the euro is showing a lot lighter numbers than it has before guys.

So far with the euro is bringing maybe one to four inches of snowfall, with heaviness being around kentucky and west virginia would maybe get four inches for the new england states by boston everybody else getting one to two, maybe three inches. I know i dont hope you get your local amounts, so i did put this link in the description as well. It is a zoomable link to go all the way in or check wherever you want in the country, but you have euro gfs next three days. Next, five days, the difference with your snowfall, you can see what it is with the euro and gfs brings heavier amounts. So there is a discrepancy on how much is going to drop then after that storm passes on 8th and 9th were going to get that severe weather and its bringing one to two inches of precipitation for the tennessee ohio valley, but its heavier for the deep south. Three to four, almost five inches of rainfall for the deep south euros showing this as well, but its showing that it will spread out for the deep south on the upper half, not so much isolated for just one area. Now the gfs did pick up that theres going to be some ice and some sleep for pennsylvania and new york as this system passes by and it is trending with the euro as well. But the euro shows it as a lot heavier and more widespread. So we need to pinpoint this ice is the hardest to pinpoint it has to be frozen before the precipitation comes down to freeze on contact its really a big temperature battle.

But we need to update on this ice because its going to be a lot of power. Outages so far, thats the update on the mpx. I will update you as we get closer. You know how we do here on youtube all those weather people, so we pray yall, prepare for this system, but i hope share this video guys, because a lot of those people are still without power and a lot of them may not even know that they have Another storm coming their way, so thank you so much for visiting my channel. I do pray to you have a a blessed day matter of fact lets praise our god amen every morning, every day give honor and glory to our father, who takes care of us. Psalm 138. I will praise thee with my whole heart before the gods. Will i sing praise unto thee? I will worship towards thy holy temple and praise thy name for thy love and kindness and for thy truth for thou hast, magnified thy word above all thy name and the day when i cried thou answered us me and strengthened me with strength in my soul. All the kings of the earth shall praise thee o lord, when they hear the words of thy mouth. Yes, they shall sing in the ways of the lord, for great is the glory of the lord, though the lord be high, yet hath, he respect unto the lowly, but the proud he knoweth afar.

Off though i walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt, revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies and thy right hand shall save me. The lord will perfect that which concerneth me thy mercy o lord endureth, forever forsake, not the works of thine own hands amen, have a great tuesday out there. Keep the uplift keep the positive energy, keep the good lifestyle. Guys, god bless you all all power. All glory.

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