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Boys today were gon na, be looking at cold stock, a decentralized cloud aggregator, the first to market decentralized, storage, aggregator for web 3.0 boys without further ado lets, get right into it all right boys now here is cold stock, as we can see um decentralized cloud. I could get it first of all. I can decide. Storage agree for web 3.0, as i mentioned, they are connecting all of the decentralized clouds such as file coin, crushed airweave and um, some other major ones, to the largest data storage network on the planet, with over 3 000 petabytes um. Now they do aim to aggregate all of these just decentralized cloud ecosystems in order to create the most affordable, friendly and easy to use data storage ever um. Now it is available both on each as well as bsc unit cake and pancake swap they do have a cross chain bridge. Now they are going to have some top tier cx next week, which were going to be looking at and they are based on the substrate. As well as they will go into polka dot pair chain and q1 2022 again were going to be looking at that they are going super fast. So for that for the blue boys, here we are everything you do need in one place. Let our ai find the best decentralized cloud for each of your files, um, as you can see what is called slack the simplest fastest and most affordable way to unleash the power of decentralized clouds, four projects, with the crypto space and beyond voice and beyond to the Moon and beyond uh cloud, aggregators, simple and seamless integration with the all in one platform, as well as the unified api for easy data storage, as well as retrieval anytime anywhere.

No data migration is needed to switch between decentralized clouds, um and theres nft support with a built in option to tokenize any uploaded file where there is uer c721 or erc 1115 with the nft standard. Now the universal digital starter, digital asset storage, for any any nft marketplace, is also on uh on cloud stock and class stock is designed for d5 with a transparent immutable as well as cryptographically, verifiable um with large hybrid datasets, such as payoff schedules and token bond curves. With the web3, based all in one experience for unified data management, boys um, they do also have cold storage, which is best suited for cold data such as amazon, glacier or google cold line, which, once some of you might be familiar with, and cold data is rarely Used but must be stored for a long time or even forever um. Now it is 100 times cheaper and relatively slower than usual storages such as amazon clouds now lets look. How does it work? Boys, ai based pipeline does find the most suitable decentralized cloud for every file, and it has the billing node file, nodes and gateway nodes. With these three nodes were gon na be looking at in a sec. The main purpose of the cluster system is to store and retrieve a users data in a stack of clouds via unified exchange apis which are 100 compatible with the amazon s3 apis. Now that does allow any project to use aws library or sdk in order to start to use their system without any significant integration efforts.

Um theyre going to publish an open source library with aws s3 compatible apis to the most of the decentralized storages boys. Now, users of cold stock storage system will save up to 80 percent storage system. Um storage cost for the storage system with the ai based pipeline now quotes like ecosystem does have the three nodes, as i just mentioned, file node, is what provides the file upload. Slash download services gateway, node just works these directly with the decentralized clouds and the billing node actually calculates the storage cost and charges the user because called the billing node um simple, but due to the ethereum uh high transaction price as well as latency, they do have. They do use polka dot pair chain for their transaction buildings um for each data storage. They do have the retrieval operation as well. Now, with a lot of data storage in the crypto space that we might be seeing why cold stock? Why is coolstack one of the best for this affordable, easy and secure? Those are the three main uh priorities that they do have and kosak does really really specialize in now. Affordable the best price guaranteed their ai based technology does allow them to keep the dull lowest data. Storage uh cost, as well as download fees in the industry, and it is easy to use amazon has to compatible than any decentralized cloud store, does mention and secure 100 security and privacy with a blockchain based cloud architecture.

Boys, all the users are anonymous and the data is all encrypted. Now we do have their use cases. I was kind of just summarizes what we looked at the web 3 infrastructure projects with the d5 services, as well as the blockchain based games and nft marketplaces. Web 3 is basically for providing clients and unified data management um empowering the apps with the all. In one experience, cool stack is for the storage and retrieval of large hybrid datasets for defined services such as pay schedules and token bonding curves and blockchain based games is what cool stacks helps game developers with cheap and reliable storage for archive that about the players, activities And then nft marketplaces cost like does serve and those affordable, digit assets for any nft workplace. As we looked at now, we do have their team over here as well. The alexander shisho uh max la bazaar, nov and justin silver, sorry for the for the butch of the names but thats the ceo blockchain, architect and head of communications. Now they do have a lot of experience, as you can see within youtube as a part leader for alexander maxwells house, seven years experience as a software engineer and justin has five years experience of planning coordination with effective communication strategies, including social media, publication and media, and Pr they have their advisory board right there as well the investment partnership chief marketing officer and who they are backed by. As you can see, they have some sort of packaging adventures, anchor solidity ventures, alpha chain, white palm ventures, gen block capital, jrr, uh dfg – were familiar.

Some of these uh kinetic drop ventures again familiar with some of these and um. They do also have their socials all down, below which we will also include in the description boys um. They do have their telegram right here. It is an uber for clouds, aggregate of decentralized stories, thats a file coin, and it is a community, so you are able to join and chat with other people about coin stock. Maybe you have any questions. You have any um comments. You guys want to leave for them, go ahead and join the telegram. They do also have a very active twitter boys, with over 33 000 members uber for class. The first to market aggregate decision like that story, says falcon again same thing. They are very active on twitter, so go ahead and check that out. Boys um, give it a follow. Give it a post notification see when these guys are posting um again they are very active, and something i really want to mention is what a great day for crosstalk with this tweet um. They are going to be promoted on mexi, with voting to be listed and shared with 20 000 um. An estimated trading will be 12 oclock on january, the 10th, with the period again january, the 10th um, so yeah cold stock will have a featured product on mexi global. Very, very big news for these boys um im very excited to see what what they have but um, but yeah boys with that.

That is all the time that we have for today. If you guys enjoyed the video, please leave a like leave. A sub co star, cold stock post, like very interesting project, im, excited to see what the future does hold for these guys. They are very hard working and they have worked so hard to get to where they are today. Um. But again you guys go ahead and check that out. All their links will be in the description and again, if you like, the video leave.

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