Dodge Charger (1966), V8 engine 2022 Dodge Charger RedEye Widebody vs Mercedes E63S AMG Wagon, real life drag and roll race test.

This is the most insane station wagon in the world. It is so quick and ive had it for a week, and i absolutely love this car, but today were gon na. Do something amazing. On my left side, we have the uh charger red eye. That is a beast of a machine over 650 horsepower or so and were gon na test it out against the wagon now heres one thing we did a few tests and unfortunately this is an unprepped area, so we can do technically from a dig. We might be able to do one, but the first one are going to be our rolls, because that way it gives a fair competition to that car as well, because this is an all wheel drive. So this will just launch like insane, but that is a rear wheel drive so its spinning a little bit its spending quite a lot actually because its a lot of horsepower in order to launch that car you got to have a prepped area. If you want to do from a dig so were going to do rolls, maybe well do one as a launch control im ready on this side. Okay, alex um im going to put mine in sport plus which it is the top driving mode in terms of performance. What kind of driving mode do you have on yours im in custom right now, uh, so its got street traction suspension, sport, steering and then track transmission.

The traction is on correct. Music, im ready, uh so 40 to 50, just remain beside each other until the second cone yeah correct. Shall we roll lets roll Music, damn yeah lets, go yeah, youre, good, just windows up and ill. Tell you when to roll make sure you have it in drive? Not in reverse ive done the mistake before that would be a tragedy but im in drive. Okay, sir lets uh roll Music. So, okay, i launched just a bit earlier than you thats. Why? Okay, all good lets try one more time were going to do a roll again because it seemed very inconsistent, like you wont, want i won once its like back and forth. I understand you lost traction on the last one i its hard with rear wheel drives, and i think its like 800 horsepower, so its insane. Okay lets roll Music come on mercedes. Okay, alex um its settled on a roll. You are faster and, like i can tell like the difference, lets do the last one from a dig the way we we tried the first time and lets see. Maybe there is a difference Music, so race active. I walked on him like theres, not oh man, Music, uh, okay, um. We got the message from a roll youre faster from uh from a dig im faster. It makes sense all wheel drive if we had a prepped area. Your car would do a lot better. That car needs a nice craft area where you can grip nicely.

Otherwise there is no power on that. Exactly the uh, the stock tires thats. The other thing too, you dont, have like proper drag strip tires, so they hooks not if that car hooks it will be as fast as on a roll. That is very like a hundred percent. Nonetheless, thanks for joining us today with this video man, i appreciate that Music that car that red eye charger is absolutely ridiculous. I got to drive it myself too, and the problem with it is that you need a prepped area where you can actually launch from thats what we did mostly rolls. We just did one from a dig just to show you guys, but that thing cant hook theres too much power and its a rear wheel drive this. On the other hand, the active the launch control turned on, and it just went nonetheless was a lot of fun. Special thanks goes to alex for joining us today. I love this and i love that its a hard one, but i like the fact that this is a wagon, its a family day to day car, and you got tons of horsepower and its the last v8 for mercedes yeah.

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