Dodge Charger (1966), V8 engine BARN FINDS| A SECRET Stash of Muscle Cars. Part 2

; oh no, the 72! Oh that was it wasnt. It two wow, oh flash at the door that the horse killers for sale theyre. All my know: Music man, wow Music. This thing is gorgeous automatic column shift card man. This is so clean. This would be so nice. Next to that ta wow. I just realized theres a little red express sitting over there over here drooling over this. I just realized the little red truck sitting there, hes just starting to come into their own, also Music, wow and then a 57 bel air just sitting here. What whats the story on this bel air was just like you were restoring at one point: oh four speed. Naturally, what uh whats going on with the bel air? What whats going on with the bel air? Was it a restoration project that stalled or what oh yeah, but they call it red? They dont call it orange in 57., thats a color. I wanted it. Oh, you painted it red and pissed me off. I said: no, i dont want it yet i want it orange wow. Do you have an engine in it? Oh yeah whats in it i see theres a four spoon you put. Oh, you put a four speed behind it. They did. I bought it from vine spokane that was in it wow. This is cool. How long? How long have you been mad for all the brand new? No, i said: how long are you going to be mad for? Well, hes supposed to paint again he was going to this year started this year, but oh didnt do it.

You know all the bumpers, the brand new chrome, the field, everythings brand new wow, thats, nice things, all the windshield tracks and everything yeah everythings in there frames enough to my other shop wow and then what okay, so whats. The story on this would look so cool. Next, to that ta yeah, the only 346 fat cars made you are in the are these uh. Are those repro tires or those originals, no repulse really but theyre, biased Applause wow? So how long have you had this one uh? I bought this for sixth grade. What did it look like this when you bought it? You restored it like this or thats how it looked. Oh okay, it was what oh, like primer, gray or painted gray gosh yeah, but it had the had the original numbers, though oh yeah, they all bow right here, yeah all of them. He told thats why i got my ta, not the hood latches in he says thats what poses because it holds the pressure down. So i thats why i got my pins out of the one up there and also people cranking down on them when they shut them. Pulling it down instead of pushing it down to the hill into his hands and then bring it down. Well, the good thing on these. The hinges are real weak, really yeah. They made them like that yeah for the fiberglass yep wow. This is a cool, its usually up here with my other ones, but it was outside during the fourth im trying to get my daughter to come, get her goddamn 69zrs.

I want it out there, so i can put this in there thats a good problem to have honey come get this out, so i can put my teeth my ar in there yeah ill get to it ill, be on my way, ill, be on my way. Dude for a year, Music wow did somebody key this cutlass or something i dont know Music. Oh, let me guess 20 something years ago. No, this ones actually about four years ago, wow, okay, so were going to the other place now im so overwhelmed. My phones are overwhelmed im uh, going back and forth between phones trying to keep the footage because uh, im dirty and stuff, my phones get too hot and they just shut off. I got ta switch, the other phone get too hot shut up. I literally got my phone for my acv right now. My phone is cooling off in the ac event. There we go now its back on so good to go. All right lets go to the other side, all right: secret, whoa, 70 torino convertible 70 torino, convertible 67 chevelle looks like yep wow. This thing is beautiful: oh man, 69 chevelle, Music, yeah, 67, chevelle thatd be a big block. Car, of course, thats like a 60 yeah 500.. What is it 68 or not? In skyline yeah, i, like that theres, my console sitting over there yeah. This is my grill sitting over. There was this: a rhythm, no no 70s, no 80s yeah inserts 71 cuda grill wow.

Now these are cool with the um is the reverse light in the middle. I have no idea really id assume so wait. Nope, reverse lights! Right here and right there, so this is another brake light. Wow, have you ever driven this one yeah? I drove back from spokane when i bought it 20 something years ago. Okay, im going to stop asking everything is 20 years 500, though auto castle car, they love. Those little tiny go kart steering wheels yeah back in the day. The big thing back in the day i remember yeah, which is stupid. You cant hardly steer them because you know the big ones its just yep, especially on power steering yeah yeah were wrestling in. I want to end up in a ditch for the dash Music wow see another cuda 70. I assume is that a 70.. Is there a light in here 70 el camino, and it was 70 70 uh berkuda, 71 71 yeah, 71 thats, the grill fort. Oh, is there light in here? No, the lights are burned out, so we must left them on how about this door. This open, yeah, okay, lets get some lighting here. Wow heres, my other shaker hood, is that uh uh burnt orange was a k5 burnt orange. Originally, it looks like yellow orange and yellow. Oh, i see it on the corner right there and is this? What kind of what was in this car 318 great team car wow? Look at how long its been sitting.

Look at that tire drive almighty theres. This must be extras yeah. This is an extra dash or a dash to something anyway other bucket seats, taillights and everything around the back. You were just on a buying speed 25 years ago. Well, just they were cheap, yeah ballers. You know, christ wow thats, it thats. It and he said 70 el camino, thats thats, a 90s car for sure yeah id expect id expect no less wow. You know that too too much good stuff, like i said when i bought them, just brought them home. You know yeah thats old pro street el camino ss, and then this is oh. Is that a 71 just like the other one wow, all right? Oh really yeah, okay, so that that wraps it up well be back again were going to figure out what were going to get because theres, so much yeah theres. So much so shout out to my boy chuck put this all together, getting us out here and um! Well, be back so check out his channel ill. Put it right right there, so uh, you wan na, say anything. How are you feeling right now overwhelmed overwhelmingly enjoyed overjoyed statement a great day, yeah once again chuck for bringing us out here? I think its awesome yeah. It was amazing, its cool that place like this still exists. Yes, you know and then its also cool that hes willing to let go of a couple things hes got to think about it, though thats the first step to it thats.

The first step. You know admitting you got a problem and we all share so, like i said you know, he started at 17, grand on that 67 charger and hes down to 10., its all about becoming willing to will and deal and not go. Oh 17 im out of here. Okay, lets go back inside, you know, lets go. I got cash, its all its all about its all about. You know, willing and dealing yeah. Well, we and he wants to see the passion he wants. You know youre a car guy and not oh two. On my ball and im, not a flipper, i keep im right yeah, just like oh so much i dont know i got to be focused im trying to figure some other cards. I might sell my other cars and get something from here so and i like the hellcat too hes, always in the trading too, so oh yeah, okay, well, were out. We got a long answer thanks for having me. Thank you batman, not a problem. Thanks for coming over, we out wow grand coulee, damn thats, pretty cool Music. All right, we out ill, get your ponder on Music, okay, confusion, Music, finally, home its 12 50.. We left out at 6 00 a.m, its 12 50 a.m and we went 785.

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