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The hot rod has less than 8 000 miles with a price tag of almost 69 000.. It is an expensive, hot rod, and that was for a used vehicle too. As everyone knows, the supply of new vehicles is pretty tight right now, so we got a lot of used vehicles on the lot. The thieves broke out a back window and climbed in and then youll see his buddy handsome, some type of a box or a device. If you dont want your car stolen, it may be time to get the heck out of dodge what is going on youtube. Welcome back to the channel were back at it with another video. Today you guys im starting to think twice about owning a hellcat. As you guys know, hellcat has a bad reputation. Everybody knows that hellcat are the most talked about cars reason why hellcats are the most talked about cars is because the type of publicity that you know the hellcat has you know their their reputation. The reason why rappers talk about it, they have these cards on their videos on their music videos um, as you guys know, uh. If you you know, you im pretty sure a whole lot of people know and saw this video the video we paid by little baby. They have hellcats on that video. I have seen other rappers with hellcat scat packs on their video. These cars are the most talked about cars because of the negativity that it has on the internet.

You know people taking police officers on high speed chase Music people are stealing these cars trio of car thieves are accused of waiting two hours for a dealership. To close, so they could steal a dodge hellcat right off the lot. This is surveillance, video from the helfman dodge dealership in west houston. On tuesday, the dealership said three thieves and a mercedes drove into the service department and waited for the showroom to close, and then they took off with the car. The dealerships president thinks that the mercedes was also stolen. They took the front license plate off, they put one of those little paper plates on the back of it, and then they go commit a crime. I mean you got to get some license: plate readers or something youve got to stop some of this stuff. The crooks did leave possible. Crucial evidence behind authorities say that someone got cut while breaking out the window of another vehicle and right now, hpd is checking to see if the blood matches anyone in their database, some thieves uh, you know putting air attack like you know, devices this small. This is not air attack. This is my. You know the gate beeper to the complex that i stay in. They are placing air attack, which is a device about this big on your scat pack on your hellcat to try to track you to wherever youre going to steal your car. Maybe to you know, grab you on gunpoint and you know.

Take your car from you. Um guys these dont care these days, and things are out here really trying to you – know – steal these cars. I have witnessed a whole lot when it comes to these cars and i had witnessed how thieves will take it to their stream trying to get their hands on a hellcat or a scat pack. I remember about a month ago i went to the dealership um to go. Look at a hellcat when i get to the dealership a lady is there as well uh. She tells me that you know that the window of the uh of the dealership is busted. Glass shatter, you know, youve got glass on the ground, i can see a big old hole um on the window and i guess you know from thieves trying to you know, get into the dealership and you know take keys to steal the uh hellcat. They didnt steal. The hellcat they didnt steal anything from the dealership, but these are out of control out here trying to get their hands on these cars guys. The reputation that you know, uh dodge hellcat has is really bad, sick and tired of going into the internet and, finding you know, videos of you know dodge hellcat, being stolen, dodge hellcat, um being stripped down. Oh, hey so much negativity around these cars man and you know, im kind of you know im kind of disappointed, sad that you cannot enjoy your vehicle, its sad that you, you know something that you work so hard for.

You cannot enjoy it. You cant park it there. You know without having you know that thought that you know coming back 10 minutes later, your car might be missing or it might be gone and you might, you know, find your car somewhere. You know in a dish or somewhere. You know in some in the bushes stripped down naked from the bumper to the steering wheel to your wheels to you know just strip down completely. I have witnessed how thieves you know. You know this car this car, this window right here, was busted. Now i dont think thieves was trying to steal this car, because this is a v6 you cant get away from no cop car or v6. You just cant man cops. Are they drive v8s and i posted a video. They got cops out here with ‘2 srt a whole srt whole ass, car bro. I dont know if you guys watch cali muscle, thats another youtuber kelly muscle stole all his healthcare owning a hellcat. You know its a lot of negativity man, you got to worry about cops, you got to worry about thieves, and then you got to worry about yourself me because a lot of people dont know how to how to own a healthcare. A lot of people dont know how to own a hellcat, a lot of people they be reckless. You know ive seen a whole lot of people crash. They car freaking weeks later after purchasing the hellcat.

You know, people out here are reckless guys. People out here are losing their life. People out here are taking police on a high speed chase. People are out here. Acting up. You know theyre acting a fool out here with these cars and thats, why these cars are the most talked about negativity, sales, guys, negativity, sales and theres, nothing bad with bad publicity. Bad publicity is good. Publicity period is good. Only the dodge hellcat is a lot of negativity and people like negativity guys. You know people like seeing these cars getting stolen from their people like seeing these scars. You know stripped down, they dont like seeing this, but they like they get surprised and they click on it and they be like wow. You know these cars. Are you know why why things won these cars, so bad bro mustangs? They have powerful engine camaro, they have powerful engines corvettes, they have powerful engine. Why dodge are the most talked about cars? Why dodge are the most targeted cars? Why? Why why? Why can dodge owners? You know, drive their cars in peace? Why can dash owners? You know own their cars in peace without having to worry of thieves without having to worry of cops harassing you, because they see the freaking cat batch on your car, and they can hear you know the exhaust, because you know you know a hellcat when you see It guys a police officer, they know a hellcat when they see it its a bad, its a bad energy around it, man owning one of these cars is its a lot of negativity, its a lot of negativity, a lot of hate um and i im im really Sick and tired of it man that every time i turn around, i see one of these cars getting stolen.

Now, im gon na read this to you guys and im going to play this video for you guys this happened a couple days ago. A study by the highway loss data institute include that americas most theft prone cars was the dodge charger dodge charger police. In sterling height michigan warned, owners of their vehicle were being targeted by thieves after their officers were involved in full high speed chase im gon na play this other video, and now this make a lot of sense. I to me it seems like dodge is sick and tired of having this issue is it. This is one of the reason why dodge is going electric. There are three types of vehicle theft claims, theft of contents, from vehicle theft of vehicle parts and whole vehicle theft. Whole vehicle theft claim occurs when the cost of the claim exceeds the value of the vehicle. The two vehicles that top the list for whole vehicle theft are two very powerful vehicles: the hemi powered dodge charger and the hellcat version of the dodge challenger. The whole vehicle theft claim rates for these vehicles are more than five times the all vehicle average. One notable thing about the list of least stolen vehicles is that there are two tesla vehicles on the list. Tesla vehicles are electric powered, weve done a study looking at electric vehicles and what we found is that electric vehicles are much less likely to be stolen than gasoline powered vehicles.

Another interesting thing about the list of least stolen vehicles is that theres a number of general motors vehicles on the list and thats interesting, because in the past the cadillac escalade has appeared at or near the top of our most stolen list. This is a strong indication that the technologies that general motors has added to their vehicles to prevent theft are working if your vehicle is at the top of the list, youre likely going to pay more for insurance. If your vehicle is at the bottom of the list, youll likely pay less. If this is why dodge you know are going to kill the v8 now these waited hours for the dealership to close, so they can go in there and steal a dodge charger. Now i dont think that was a hellcat to me. It looked like it was a ‘2. on tuesday, the dealership said three thieves and a mercedes drove into the service department and waited for the showroom to close, and then they took off with the car. The dealerships president thinks that the mercedes was also stolen, but they wait an hour for the dealership to close to go in there and steal a dodge charger waited hours. You waited hours for the dealership. To close, so you can steal a car. These thieves out here are out of control with these cars its not that serious man its not that serious to me its not like. I know you guys, making money and im pretty sure things watch these videos.

I know youre making money out of it by stealing. These cars, but really its stupid as hell man, you you you to be honest man if youre watching this video, whoever is watching this video youre a broke ass man, stealing somebodys car to strip it down to sell the parts you just you use a disgrace to Society you just come back, i would never. I would never never. In my life man ive been in prison ill. Never in my life would take the time on my day to go, steal a car, so i could strip it down, make and make money out of it im, not that type of person. I know that scumbags out here. I know this type of people that are that low. You know, but its kind of sad that you work so hard for a car or you work so hard for something and for a scumbag like a thief um, you know, come and steal your you know. Leave it you know somewhere in the alley strip down. You know with no steering wheel, no hood, no bumper no wheels! No none of that youre. Looking at your car completely stripped down, you know after you, didnt work so hard for two or three years trying to pay this car off and somebody come and take your its sad man. It kind of its kind of crazy, because the reason why a hellcat insurance is so high its because these insurance companies know that these cars are the most targeted vehicles, and you know, of course, theyre gon na raise your insurance, because you know theyre gon na.

You know it sure isnt some too, but you know its crazy man how your car insurance is going to be so high because of whats going on in the world with these vehicles. These are stealing them. People are taking them. You know on high speed chase with police officer. People are crashing them 30 days, two months later after person in the car and on top of that man, people are they out here. Abusing these cars people dont care about these cars, man, people people they get a hellcat just to get it like. I was watching this this guy hes hes literally hanging out his sunroof trying to pull a stun and then minutes later he crashes. Hellcat come on man for what bro i know you. Maybe you got the money to buy another hellcat yeah, you flexing. On top of your your hellcat yeah, you, you flexing on top of it. Yeah, like you know, like you, got the money to buy another one. Like you dont care that you crash the car, but for what bro for white, you know what im saying: why why? Why do all the extra man, but you know, hey that thats what sale these days thats? What people want to see and its kind of scary man? You know that im gon na have to keep this car in the garage. Like i keep my scat pad, you know keep this car in the garage. Keep this like.

I cant go to sleep with this car in my driveway. You know because im looking at a house, we are trying to get a house right now. I cant keep this car now in the driveway. You know theyre gon na steal it so im gon na have to keep my car in the garage period when you have a hellcat guys. The reputation that the healthcare has and a scapa has is not the same when you own a hellcat, its a whole other level, its a whole other level of you know, negativity because is it true, its a whole other level of you being targeted by thieves, because Now they see that you got a hellcat when you own a hellcat guys. You know you got to worry about more. Not just you know worry about your maintenance. How expensive its going to be not just worry about how expensive your insurance is. Gon na be youre. Gon na have to worry about thief when owning a hellcat. Youre gon na have to worry about police officers when owning the hellcat and youre gon na have to worry about your emotions when youre behind this steering wheel. You know when youre behind this, the stairwell right here a hellcat can can push you to a limit to do things that youve never done in your life. You know like that, guy that was hanging over you know outside of his sunroof, trying to pull a stun and minutes later crash.

His car, i mean you cant, prevent your car from being stolen. You cant, no matter how much you know, theres! No, you know look. They stealing them from the freaking dealership theres.

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