Huawei, Mobile phone, Smartphone P50 Pro & P50 Pocket First Impressions : Legend Reborn

We already had some initial thoughts of the p50 pro um that video will be coming out very soon, but for now, can you please explain to us a bit about the 50 pocket, of course, of course, so now huawei if 50 pocket it comes with two types Of color, okay, it comes with a special edition: gold, color right and also white question: oh okay, okay! So this premium edition it will comes with 12 gb ram and 512 gb rom. Okay for the white color: oh yeah, okay, it comes with standard ram and romla 8gb and 256. right. Okay, so whats exciting feature about this p50 pocket. Is the cargo screen now? Okay, so about this cover screen, we can set our own themes. We can set our own widget inside it, and this cover screen can be function as to pick up your calls to see your notification to play your music to see the weather and also to use the map right. Okay, to use the map, and now i want to show you: how do we use this uh screen cover to selfie? Take a selfie okay. So basically we go to the camera. Okay. Now we have two angles here. Now is hi victory, you look so handsome. Can i take a selfie with you sure we take the wide angle, just double tap on to the screen huh and then one more time, one two, three okay cool, so whats whats cool about this uh p50 pocket is that okay, if you use the uh front Camera to take a selfie, you can take with 10.

7 megapixel, but if you use the back camera to take a selfie, you can take 40 megapixels of a picture. Okay. Okay, since since we already have the screen opened up um. What was this the initial size of this entire screen? This one comes with six point: nine, oh six, point: nine, okay, and also we have dont worry about the screen protector, all those things because we have the nano optic film. What is this another optic film? Is it cant act as a screen protector, of course, to prevent your screen from damage or even or and all of the screen, choosera right, okay and then before this we come. Our pcs comes with 90 hertz refresh rate. You know what is refresh rate right, yes, but now it comes with hundred and twenty culture frustrating. We need to say you can enjoy more with your netflix, your video games and also with the works out. It works efficiently, more faster, like if you do your work. So um, in terms of like the cameras, um ive, tested out the camera on on the p50 pro um, it has a periscope telephoto and you can just talk about the cameras on this phone. Like i you just mentioned, it has a 40 okay with megapixel uh, p50 pocket. It comes with 13 megapixel wide angle, okay, ultra spectrum and also 14 megapixel main camera wow uh. True chroma display means, are you color accuracy, so uh the technology of um? The image processing from the p50 is im sure its about the same thing: okay, yeah.

We have the uh xd optics and xd fusion pro. This is our technology, camera technology, which okay, one of the thing is you can capture detailed image, okay and then you can get the color accuracy, okay and higher clarity, yeah, so thats the function of this technology, so im im im assuming all of these photos taken Here today is its all from its all from the food, oh from our p50 pro right. So as someone representing huawei, which cameras are better the p50 pocket or the pvp pro okay, if you want to go for photography, okay, if you are very obsessed with photography and all those quality, of course, i will recommend you to the p50 pro. But if you want to get the style – okay, okay and also you want to get something, unique and also good quality of photography, not a higher the highest quality but good quality. I would recommend you to go for p50 pocket right, yeah, okay, so we just gotten a price and an official retail price of the p50 pro, which is starting at 4199 ringgit and for the p50 pocket is a starting price of 5999 ringgit for the white edition And also a premium edition costing 7299 ringgit, obviously theres theres a big disparity being between the two in terms of like the camera performance, but you still get the same processes as a as a p50 pro and the p50 pocket, consisting of a snapdragon 888.

Eight gigs of ram – and i think, theres also an option of a 12 gig ram. But yes, these are very camera focused build, especially in the p50 pro we will be getting into making a full review on this uh camera on this phone and yeah its by far one of the one of the nicest phones weve had on this channel and in Terms of camera performance itself is one of the nicest for video aspect as well. You get 4k 60 frames per second, but yeah.

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