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One releases well kind of go over there here in just a bit, but now today they also announced another collection of games, and this is just an incredible start for xbox game pass in 2022. I mean these are huge games very high quality games, so we will go over all of that here in just a bit now speaking of xbox game pass. We will also be talking about that playstation game pass competitor later in this video because they might have an announcement coming rather soon, so well, go over that one as well to get things started off today, though, were actually talking about yet another hidden gem that just Got announced with the nintendo switch being oceans heart, as you can very clearly see right away from the trailer here. This game is heavily heavily inspired by the classic zelda franchise, the more isometric style of zelda games, and actually this does look like a pretty solid clone here. I did go over to steam to check this game out to see what people were saying about it because it has been available on steam for about a year now and 85 percent of all of the people that reviewed that game over on steam did recommend it. Oceans, heart also has a 79 overall scoring metacritic, which again thats a pretty solid score. So if you do like these more old school classic, zelda like experiences, oceans, heart might be worth a try and truthfully its not like nintendos made a new zelda game like this.

In quite some time, so so this game could be perfect to kind of scratch the edge for these more old school zelda. Like experiences and heres, the cool part, this game will be releasing on the nintendo switch next month on february 10th. So, oceans, heart, is right. Around the corner, and if this is a game that interests you go put it on your wish list, maybe check it out next month, when it releases again on february 10th, next up quantic dreams. The studio behind hit games such as detroit become human and heavy rain. Might be working on a second tripway project here recently they did announce star wars, eclipse which seems to be a big change for quantic dreams in the past. Theyve typically worked on more of your cinematic point and click adventure style of games, but reportedly from what were hearing star wars, eclipse is actually an action adventure style game, so this is definitely different for the studio, well kind of see how it plays out. I do hope it turns out to be good, especially for you star wars, fans out there. At the very least, the trailer looks absolutely phenomenal, but now were actually hearing that quantic dreams might have a second tripway project in development. This is coming from account in gt, which actually leaked screenshots for star wars eclipse days before it was officially revealed at the game awards, which is why this one has been gaining some traction as well.

It does seem like this. Twitter user has some kind of source when it comes to quantum dreams, and, according to this account, they are working on a second triple a project over at their core team in paris. Interestingly enough, though, this is apparently a game that weve actually seen in the past. Being the dark sourcer now this is a blast from the past because i remember when they first showed this way back in 2013 for the playstation 4., more or less. This was supposed to be a tech demo kind of showing the power of the playstation 4, and it actually was really impressive for its time. You can see the facial animations in this demo looks absolutely excellent, and it also was quite interesting on top of that. It was this humorous little story where these actors were kind of doing a scene for some kind of fantasy like movie or something it was quite funny and interesting, and the thing is, as fans did seem to react to it very well. I remember a lot of people kind of wishing that it was a game and well it looks like those people will get their wish after all, according to this leak here, it does sound like that they will be reviving dark sorcerer as a cross generation game that Will also be coming to pc according to this leak here, its also being noted that its based on narrative, interactivity and the story is written by david cage.

So, unlike star wars, eclipse this game will be a little bit more similar to what were used to seeing when it comes from quantic dreams. Next up lets go and talk about xbox, as we do have a few different topics to go over here, one being about the xbox one. Now yesterday we kind of talked about how the playstation 4 will continue production throughout 2022.. This was being reported by bloomberg that they will produce 1 million playstation 4s in the year of 2022 to kind of offset the chip shortages that were seeing with the playstation 5. more or less. The playstation 4 is an easier console to manufacture and its also a cheaper alternative option at just 300. I still do believe that they should probably mark that price down a little bit more, which ill kind of get to here in just a moment. But what about microsoft and the xbox one its been a little while since ive actually seen an xbox one in stock anywhere and well its starting to make sense because microsoft themselves, thanks to the verge, actually confirmed that all xbox one consoles was actually discontinued way back At the end of 2020., you can actually take a look at their statement here where they say to focus on production of xbox series x and s. We stopped production for all xbox, one consoles by the end of 2020., so there you have it. The xbox one has officially been discontinued, which does make absolute perfect sense.

Considering microsoft does have the xbox series s. The xbox series has easily replaced the xbox one consoles, as this is an affordable next generation option at just 300. That was the same price that the xbox one s was going for when it was discontinued. In fact, the playstation 4 currently is being sold for 300. So thats, where the xbox series has comes in this is an extremely affordable next generation option and, as pointed out by phil spencer himself, its also a console that is easier to manufacture. This has worked in microsofts favor majorly, as weve been going through these chip shortages. All generation, we really saw this during the holiday where the xbox series s had a lot of stock and it sold incredibly well. According to daniel ahmad, the xbox series has actually now shipped 12 million units worldwide large part in things because of the xbox series. S and all the success that that console has had once again – and i said this several times in the channel the xbox series – s just continues to look like a brilliant console coming from xbox. As for the xbox one, even though this was a console that wasnt necessarily a fan favorite and it really had an uphill battle throughout the generation, according to daniel mod, its still a console that sold around 56 million units, which actually isnt all that bad for a Console that really struggled its definitely a step back from the xbox 360, but really it could have been a lot worse with that xbox one launch.

Now, speaking of xbox weve got to talk about xbox game passes. They just continue to make major announcements for the first month of 2022.. Earlier this month, they did reveal eight games coming to xbox game pass, including mass effect, legendary edition. That was a huge one. A few day, one releases such as spelunky ii and the pedestrian. Then later on, they revealed that rainbow six extraction will be coming to xbox game pass day, one on january 21st. That one already was a huge surprise, but then they also revealed that nobody saves the world a game coming from the guacamelee studio. That one is coming on january 18th again day one so this has already been a really exciting month for xbox game pass subscribers. But oh no! It doesnt quite stop there because io interactive just announced a hitman trilogy which will include hitman 1 hitman 2 and hitman 3, which just released last year will be coming to the xbox series. Playstation 5 xbox, one playstation 4., the epic game store steam. For the first time, that ones actually pretty cool there, but then the kicker here is that it will also be launching directly into xbox game pass on january 20th. Yeah there you have it youre, not only going to get something like rainbow six extraction day, one on the 21st, but now youre also going to be getting the entire hitman trilogy on the 20th and for a lot of people. They view this trilogy as some of the best stealth games of all time, especially with that third game.

It is absolutely excellent. The level design in that game is just so good, but if you do like stealth based experiences, you absolutely need to do yourself a favor and check these games out and well its never been easier, as these games will now be available in xbox game pass. This is kind of what i was saying yesterday, though i i know that there was a lot of people that was really upset with stalker 2, as that was a big xbox game pass release for the first half of 2022 and unfortunately, it has now been delayed. All the way to december of this year, so that has left a lot of fans disappointed. But, as i pointed out yesterday, youd never really know when it comes to xbox game pass because they just always seem to be filled with surprises, as were seeing here with the hitman trilogy coming day. One on january 20th, now, while were on the topic of xbox game, pass, one thing that we have been hearing a lot about is that playstation reportedly is working on a game pass competitor. Reportedly, this game pass competitor will combine, playstation, plus and playstation now benefits it will have a large catalog of playstation 4 games at launch and later on, it will include playstation 5 games, and on top of that it will have extended demos, game streaming and a library Of classic games from playstation 1 playstation, 2 playstation 3 and even the playstation portable, sadly, it sounds like sony might have forgotten about the playstation vita.

Once again, according to that initial report, but i mean we still kind of got, ta wait for the official announcement and whats actually happening with this service and thats the thing, because it sounds like an announcement might be imminent see. One of the things about this service is that it reportedly will be combining playstation now with playstation plus and whats so interesting about. That is that all of a sudden sony has reportedly instructed uk retailers to pull playstation now cards from cell based off an internal message from the uk retailer game. They have until wednesday 19 to get rid of these cards, which is really interesting. Considering the reports that they are going to be combining playstation now with playstation plus, is this all really just a coincidence, or are they more or less phasing out playstation? Now for this new service and thats kind of what its looking like right now? On top of that, a new playstation patent has been spotted regarding backwards compatibility. The name of the patent is actually backwards, compatibility through use of spoof clock and fine grain frequency control. So again, reportedly one of the key features for spartacus is legacy backwards. Compatibility for playstation, 1 playstation, 2 playstation 3 and a playstation portable. So here we have this patent and we also have the playstation now card looking to be phased out and yeah its starting to sound like this might actually be happening after all, and we could get an official announcement for this rather soon now for myself.

Personally, i do need to hear more about this before im completely sold on it, because, basically from what ive been hearing, i dont think that this is necessarily the same thing as xbox game pass, because one of the big things with that is day one releases and First party games coming day, one based off the reports that were hearing thats not going to be here for spartacus but well kind of see what the official announcement is like. I, however, do find it to be very exciting that we could get some legacy titles in this service, especially with the playstation 3.. That one is a little bit surprising to me im very curious if this is done through streaming or if they do actually manage to make an emulator work on the playstation 5. im really hoping they can get this to run locally, because the playstation 3 has a Phenomenal library of games, but with that cell processor, its definitely a complicated console to work with regardless, though it doesnt sound like were gon na, have to wait too long before we get some official news on this quote: unquote, xbox game pass, competitor lets go and take A look at the poll of the day, though, and one of the things about 2022 – is that theres, a lot of exciting games coming out this year, a lot of highly anticipated games. That fans have been looking forward to for a few years now. So i wanted to put you on a bit of a bind and make you all struggle just a little bit.

As i asked you all if you could only pick one game to play that releases in 2022. What game would you play and if you take a look at the results here, the majority of you all did vote for starfield with 36 percent. Second place was zelda breath of the wild 2 at 24. 3Rd place was a tie between eldon ring and god of war ragnarok at 17, a piece and then at the bottom. You have six percent four other. Based off the comments. I saw a number of different games, including harry potter. I saw king of fighters, tiny tinas, wonderland triangle, strategy, metal, slug tactics, horizon forbidden west and the list just kind of goes on and on theres, a lot of good looking games thats releasing in 2022, as i said, but yeah 36 percent of the votes did go To starfield it does sound, like a lot of people are really looking forward to bethesdas next big rpg. This, of course, is the studio behind fallout and the elder scrolls skyrim. So we know that they can make really good rpgs and some of the all time greats have come from them. In fact – and this is their first new ip in decades – so theres definitely a lot of excitement when it comes to this game but whats kind of crazy is we still havent really seen much about this game? So the fact that fans are this excited for a game that they really havent seen much about that just kind of shows you the reputation that bethesda has when it comes to their big rpgs.

It is supposed to be an ambitious game and well. The good news is that were actually going to get officially see it ourselves sometime here soon, so if theres already excitement for this game, its going to be really fun, seeing all the different reactions for star field, i know one thing, though, if you start to look At this list, you can really see that 2022 is going to be a fun year for gaming anyways though thats it for this episode. But if you like, the video dont forget about notification and subscribe button for more content. Just like this.

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