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2. So in this episode were going to talk about the latest IOS 16.3 beta that just got released along with an update on 16.2 and if were ever going to get that 16.2.1 update or not. And then, after covering the software side of things, were going to discuss. New rumors on the airpods light and airpods Max 2 iPhone 15 and apple AR VR headset expectations, iOS 17, News, which you might not like why the iPhone 16 Pro will be the one thats worth waiting on Crash detection, causing big issues yet again and much more And as always, if you guys want to stay updated with all things, Apple, make sure to click that subscribe button down below, so you dont miss next weeks episode, alright! So lets start by talking about the latest beta of iOS 16.3, which is beta 2.. Now the big change in this was really just something pretty minor. If we go into our settings emergency SOS, you will notice a big difference in the verbiage here on multiple different sections, so call withhold is now called withhold and release. Call with five presses is now call with five button presses and then countdown sound has been renamed to call quietly, and I showed that in my whats new video earlier in the week. But really that was the only thing that had been changed in beta 2 that I was able to see. However, there is also a fix for an apple music bug thats been around since August of last year, and this is a bug where songs would play the clean version rather than the explicit version, and you can see in this email.

Apple did say that this has been addressed and it should be fixed in iOS, 16.3 beta 2.. Now. This second beta also addresses a bug with the astronomy wallpapers when you have full screen album artwork on the lock screen. I know its very specific and shout out to Reddit for even bringing this to my attention. Alright, so we have our astronomy wallpaper right here. If we tap on the album artwork to bring up the full view of that, and then we swipe to go to the home screen, you can see that the animation is still there along with when we go back. So now. If we go to the home screen or the lock screen, that animation is back now, for whatever reason and previous versions it was bugged out, and there would be no animation and something else that I mentioned in my whats new video had to do with private relay And when you turn that off how theres no cancel button anymore – and that was actually there in beta 1 – but I just noticed it in beta 2. However, that might actually be a bug. So the more I thought about this I was like. Why would you be forced to turn it off? You know what, if you accidentally tapped on that there should be a cancel button there. So I think this actually is a bug and I think we will see the Revival or the return of a cancel button down there below as a third option, and then the physical security keys, of course, is going to be one of the headlining features for iOS.

16.3, when it eventually releases, however, in beta 2, there is nothing changed here. As far as adding the security Keys, you know any of the verbiage. Everything is the same. So far, the maps application just added a new parking feature which allows you to see and buy parking straight from the application. So this was added in partnership with spot hero and provides parking information for more than 8 000 locations across the US and Canada. And I would assume this will be coming to other countries later as well, so once you go to a notable area like a stadium or a monument, if you tap on the three dots right here for more, you will see that we have a new option there For parking now keep in mind, this is not just for iOS 16.3. This is a server side pushed by Apple, so this is available for all devices running iOS 16.. You can see here right once you tap on that it will take you to spot hero for that location. You can see whats available. You could choose the time when you enter after when you exit before, and you can see the pricing and everything how many spots are left. You get all the information there straight from the maps, application, which is very convenient now as far as iOS 16.2 goes honestly. At this point, its kind of a mess and the weird thing about 16.2, as it didnt really start out as a mess.

There were not really too many issues when 16.2 first launched. You guys know this. He watched my videos. I see your comments. Really no issues were there when 16.2 first launched. However, you know over the past, like Id say two to three weeks: Ive seen a huge influx in issues on iOS 16.2. Now one of the big ones has to do with iPhone 14 pro and pro Max users that have noticed a really weird horizontal lines bug on their display when they boot up their phone – and I had seen this before on Reddit and you know – Mac Rumors forums, But you know Ive been seeing it in comments now and its kind of getting a little bit more widespread. But now, according to Mac, Rumors Apple, has acknowledged this issue and they did say that they are investigating it and that it is a software based issue. So thats good news for those that thought it was Hardware based and had to you know, replace their device, and it came back its not a hardware issue. It appears it does seem to be a software issue and apple describes this issue and that recent memo, as iPhone 14 pro customers, report that when they power on or unlock their iPhone, they briefly see horizontal lines flash across the screen. So it is very good that apple is now aware of this, and since 16.3 is not going to be released for at least another month.

I would expect this fix to be included in a 16.2.1 update and well talk about when to expect that here. In a minute, but aside from that bug, there are quite a few other issues as well. Of course, the big one is related to the home application and how pretty much all of my devices are still stuck on configuring all this time later, so Apple will re push out that home architecture upgrade most likely in 16.2.1, maybe at the latest in 16.3, but Well see by going away from all the negative 16.2 has still been good for the most part I mean, I think, for most people, 16.2 is fine. Of course, we dont really hear about all the good we tend to hear, and you know pay attention to all of the bad thats going on a 16.2 has been great for me. I really have had no issues at all and Ive actually seen a nice Improvement in shortcut automations, and you know I use these every single day. I have multiple different types of triggers location time. You know based on my home devices, all of that, and none of them have failed once on 16.2 and thats. The first time I can say that about, I think any iOS 16 version. You know Ive used shortcut automations a lot and they have improved greatly here. In 16.2, if you have a Windows, computer, the Apple, music and Apple TV applications are now available in the Microsoft store for those running Windows 11.

. Now these are not perfect, yet theyre not going to work as expected, yet because this is just a preview version. The final version will come later, but this is great and its perfect for those who hated iTunes like I did, even though I dont use Windows anymore. Every time I use a Windows device, I just hate using iTunes for whatever reason, so you should see a nice Improvement and how your iPhone is managed on Windows along with youre, actually going to have apple music and the legit TV app now alright. So now lets talk about what to expect next from Apple and lets start with the beta versions. So next up is going to be iOS 16.3 beta 3, and that could come next week. However, its not going to come on Monday because Monday is a holiday in the US. So if we are going to see a beta 3 next week, it will be on most likely the 17th or the 18th. Now there is also a possibility of Apple skipping a week. However, you know I would expect multiple betas for 16.3, so I think it is likely to be next week, but I would also not be surprised to see them skip a week one last time and then after that will be on a weekly release. Schedule so well have to see what Apple does its always tricky right after the new year and then as far as the final release for iOS 16.

3. According to Mark German, he says that this is coming in February to early March, so at some point in February, or into early March, is a possibility to see that 16.3 version released. However, you know I dont know I find it hard to believe were going to have to wait all the way until March to see 16.3, especially if we dont skip next week. You know, I think its contingent on if we skip next week or not so if we do skip a week, I could see it coming in March. However, if we go straight to Beta 3 next week, I say theres no way that we wait until March to get 16.3. So next week is going to tell a lot about when to expect the final release of 16.3. In my opinion, and then for iOS 16.2.1, a lot of people were disappointed that we didnt see that this week, however, I just dont think Apple was ready, yet they are still working on a fix for the horizontal lines bug and all of that, so I would Not expect 16.2.1 to be ready until next week at the earliest. So we could see it next week again its not going to come on the 16th, because that is a holiday. But we could see it anywhere from the 17th through the 19th and if not next week. It is also possible to be on that final week that final full week right there of January, but well, have to wait and see.

But I would suspect that 16.2.1 will come next week, just because these issues at hand right now in 16.2 are pretty major. I mean its breaking the home application. A lot of people are having visual issues that I think their iPhone. 14 pro is broken. You know so, I think pretty major issues are going on right now, which leads me to believe that a 16.2.1 should come next week. All right so now lets move on to the latest Apple news and lets kick things off by talking about the rumor that had Twitter and absolute shambles earlier this week, and that was about a touch screen, MacBook Pro according to Bloombergs Mark German. This might actually become a reality sooner than we think so. According to this new report, apple is working on adding touch screens to its Mac computers, a move that would defy long held company Orthodoxy and embrace an approach that Steve Jobs once called ergonomically terrible based on current internal deliberations. Apple could launch its first touchscreen Mac in 2025, as part of a larger update to the MacBook Pro as part of the MacBook Pro revamp apple is also planning to move its displays to OLED, which would offer improved brightness and color and will also come to the Ipad Pro in the first half of 2024 and for those asking well isnt a touch screen, MacBook just an iPad, and the answer is no. This report actually mentions that apple is not actively working to combine the iPad and the Mac operating systems together.

So this is very interesting and I am very curious to hear your thoughts on this. Do you actually want a touch screen? Macbook Pro, please, let me know in a comment down below because me personally, I would not use that at all. I dont think I would like a touchscreen MacBook Pro at all, but let me know your thoughts down there and now lets shift over to Apples upcoming, mixed reality, headset, which has been all of the rage all of the Talk of the Town over the past few Months and were finally approaching a reveal – hopefully according to Garmin 2023, will be a very quiet year for Apple aside from this headset, which he says will be announced this spring right before the worldwide developers conference. He said this with the current plan. Apple could introduce the device to Consumers likely under the name realitypro and then get developers up to speed on its software features in June. On this timeline, the company would then ship the product later in the fall of 2023.. The report then details what to expect in terms of Apple hardware for 2023 and Beyond, and it goes as follows. The M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros are expected in the first half of this year. The M2 Ultra Mac Pro is coming also sometime this year. The larger iMac Pro is not expected this year, the 15 inch MacBook Air is coming this year. Its expected this year, I should say the iPad now.

Moving on to the iPad. Dont expect the larger screen iPads in 2023, and he says that were only expecting minor changes this year and as far as the redesigned iPad, Pro thats expected it in the first half of 2024 and those are going to be the first iPads with OLED displays and Any updates to the iPad mini iPad, Air and entry level iPad will not be anything more than a spec bomb if they arrive at all and then nothing major has been planned for the airpods or Apple watch, and no new Apple TV is coming this year. However, a new homepod is expected later this year with the S8 chip, an updated touch, control panel on top and a lower price, so Apples focus in 2023 will be on the xros operating system for this headset, along with iOS 16 fixes. Now this report also mentions the iOS 17, which is codenamed Dawn, may have fewer major changes than originally planned, and this is mainly because Apples focus is just simply shifting over to xros and that headset, so it looks like iOS, 17 might be more of a bug. Fix and stability update, which is fine by me, you know thats technically what iOS 15 was, and it still had tons of new features and changes. So, even though, were not expecting major major features were still going to have a ton of changes to cover. Of course, here on the channel, but nonetheless it is always still disappointing when we hear that the next major iOS version is not going to be as major as we were, hoping so with only the headset and the iPhone expected to be exciting.

This year lets talk a bit more about that upcoming iPhone 15., more specifically the 15 Pro, because, according to Ming Chi quo, this phone will definitely have those solid state buttons aka, the non clicky actual buttons more. So the software bass buttons like we have on the home button for the iPhone SE and like we had like on the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8s home button was a solid state button. So were expecting that now, as the volume rockers on the side of the iPhone 15 Pro, so he said this on Twitter. My latest survey indicates that high end iPhone 15 models will feature solid state buttons and will equip with additional taptic engines to simulate the feel of physical buttons force feedback and see serious logic will be the primary supplier. So weve heard this rumor now multiple times and twice actually from quo, so this seems very likely and Im pretty excited about it, especially when you add that, with the likelihood of a titanium frame on the 15 Pro as well, however, the iPhone 16 Pro might be. The real upgrade youve been waiting on and the reason I say that is because it could be the first iPhone to get the long awaited under display face ID now. Weve heard this rumor before, but a new report from the elect reaffirms this by saying that Apple will move the components required for face ID authentication directly under the iPhones display in 2024, and it says when not in use the true depth cameras for face ID will Not be visible under the display, which will appear seamlessly contiguous with the surrounding screen area.

Now the hole in the display for the front facing camera is going to remain on the iPhone 16 Pro, but the overall display area and sense of immersion will be improved and once Apple has implemented, the under display face ID. They will move on to adopt the under panel camera, which would eliminate all of the display cutouts that we currently have on the iPhone AKA. Our Dream iPhone so expect to hear more about this in the coming months and next year, but it does seem likely that at least the face ID components will be under display with the actual camera going under display at a later date, and then an update on Those cheaper airpods that we talked about last episode. It seems that my price prediction might actually be a reality, because Ming Chi quo just recently said this about the airpods light and the Next Generation airpods Max. The next generation airpods will likely begin at Mass shipments in the second half of 2024 or the first half of 2025, including more affordable, airpods with apple targeting a price of 99 and new airpods Max, which will be assembled by Lux share ICT and Hong Tang. But for 2023 dont expect anything major if any anything at all when it comes to airpods and then finally lets discuss how crash detection is still completely broken and causing major issues around the U.S. So this latest instance comes from Minnesota, where emergency responders are legit telling residents to disable this feature due to the overwhelming amount of false alarms.

So, just last month the Stearns County Emergency Center received an automated call. That said, the owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash and is not responding to their phone and, of course it did give them the coordinates or location coordinates. But when the dispatcher called back, it went to voicemail. So a sheriffs deputy explored the location but did not see any sign of a crash or emergency, and since then Stearns County has received seven false crash. Calls in the past couple of weeks, involving snowmobilers and downhill skiers and in the case of a skier emergency responders, were able to track that person down after about four hours. But by that time the in individual said geez, I dont know I think I might have fallen but Im not really sure and then emergency responders and other countries have reported the same issue lately and one false call actually came from someone who was wearing an Apple Watch while shoveling snow thats it – that was the emergency, so both cook and Stearns Counties have encouraged residents in the past couple of weeks to turn off. The automatic emergency call features when taking part in activities such as snowmobiling or skiing or when it isnt needed. So yeah, even though weve had multiple fixes for these false triggers, they still remain. This feature is still fundamentally broken and, like I predicted months ago, I think this is going to take much longer than expected for Apple to actually fix because theres, a thin line between you know reducing false triggers.

You know and then also not triggering crash detection when youre, actually in a crash. That would be a much worse scenario when it doesnt work when it needs to so I guess false triggers are better than it not working when it needs to, but still Apple has a lot of figuring out to do here. So there you have it. That is the latest batch of apple news from this past week, along with some updates on the latest. Ios 16 changes. So, as always, if you appreciate this video and this apple weekly series, I would appreciate, if you give it a thumbs up and also make sure to subscribe, so you dont miss next weeks episode, but anyways guys thanks again for watching and Ill see you soon.

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