Apple, Face ID 's risky plan to SAVE the iPhone!

. Some models of the 2023 iPhone lineup might not be making the Final Cut. Apple really needs to bring their A game this year, as competition in this space heats up more than ever before, and they really have to make the 15 lines stand out and be Innovative and exciting, and not just sort of the same old thing I mean you Tell me which one of these is the newer 14 and which ones the old 13. cant innovate anymore. Mike apple is starting the new year with some pretty big problems. So let me tell you about Apples secret plan to save the iPhone, how theyre going to make the 15 better, how theyre really going to make it release, try to competes best they can with the Android flagships of the year, and also why some of the most Popular iPhones ever are about to get canceled seriously looks like this is actually gon na happen, foreign. It seems like every time we make a video about a new upcoming iPhone theres. One comment that I see over and over again something along the lines of Apple is finally catching up to what Android has been doing for years, youre late, again apple and I like to poke fun, but even as a long time Apple fan. I agree a lot of the times, especially lately. That statement is kind of true Apple has always taken the strategy that theyre not going to be the first to do something generally, but when they do introduce a feature they do it better or in a more revolutionary and magical way than anyone else has thought of, And in a lot of ways that has been true over and over again, but recently, it seems like theyve, just been sort of late to implement some pretty standard features like.

Why did it take this long to get a blown up version of the weather app on the iPad? How is this really revolutionary, and also many have said rightfully so that Apples take on the always is on display, was actually in a lot of ways worse than what Android has been doing for years and Im not looking to dunk on Apple in this video? I think they do a lot of amazing things year after year, but lately it seems, like their priorities, have not really been in the order that many people want them to be and what weve seen from the iPhone 14 and really the iPhone 14 plus sales have Been bad like really bad worse than what Apple expected and the sales of iPhone 14 models might be so bad. That apple is about to make some drastic changes to the iPhone 15 that, as far as we can tell at least in modern Apple history, theyve never done before making things particularly worse is the iPhone 14 plus, because this seemed in theory like a winner of a Phone, it gave you all the benefits of the pro Max the big 6.7 inch OLED display that was really bright and vibrant. You had excellent battery life, some great cameras, great processor, all the best of the pro Max minus the pro features, but what weve seen now time and time again is its kind of the opposite. It is a major loser for Apple.

In many cases, some are saying worse than what the mini sold during its two year stint as part of the iPhone lineup. In fact, things are looking so bad for the plus sized iPhone that were now hearing that theres some Talk inside of Cupertino. They might just cancel that phone altogether, taking the number of iPhone 15 models from four down to three, but now, according to rumors, the iPhone 15 lineup might not look like this, but more like this. Youd have a 15 youd have a 15 Pro and then a 15 Ultra thats. It only one base iPhone, but the bad news does not stop there, because another seemingly Uber popular iPhone model, the iPhone I see, is set to not get a new edition in 2023 or 2024. In fact, it seems like the iPhone SE. 4 might not be postponed, but maybe canceled all together. Remember that we had heard for a while that Apple was going to bring some big changes to their lower end more budget friendly phone that the iPhone sc4 was gon na get an iPhone 11 Style redesign. It was going to be a little bit more modern. It would ditch the home button, it would have a notch for face ID. You could get a bigger screen. It was said to be a pretty substantial upgrade for that price point, but now, according to Apple analyst, Ming Chi quo, whether it was due to some economic concerns or budgetary concerns, or just the fact that the phone would be too expensive to build.

This phone has seemingly been canceled and it seems according to right now. What were hearing is that Apple has no plans to make an iPhone se4, at least not anytime, in the next two to three years, so yeah, some major shake ups are happening in the iPhone lineup and Ive got a couple of ideas on what Apple could do And Ive got some rumors on what apple is planning to do, but before I dive into that, I want to ask you guys what are your thoughts on the iPhone lineup as it stands? What are your thoughts on these issues and, more importantly, if you were in Tim Cooks chair so to speak, what would you do to fix the iPhone? My two cents on this, which I dont really think is a very controversial take. Is that the price of the iPhone lineup is not good? The price of the 14 plus in particular, is too high. I and I dont think that the price of the pro phones is necessarily out of line. Apple, loves to sort of have premium higher and more expensive phones. But when you look at the lineup, as it sends right now, theres only a 200 difference between a 14 and a 14 pro or a 14 plus versus a 14 pro Max, and for so many people that 200 goes a long way in getting them way more. Exciting features you get a phone that looks different with the dynamic Island youre, getting more cameras, youre, getting the always on display youre, getting promotion youre, getting the new chip theres a lot to love in the Pro and iPhones as the iPhone 14 and 14 plus are Sort of boring, underwhelming phones and pricing, I think in a lot of ways, is hurting Apple in this instance because in one hand its a good thing, because more people are spending more money to go with the pro phones.

But, on the other hand, no one wants to buy the 14 or the 14 plus, because theyre just sort of underwhelming compared to what you could get for just two hundred dollars. More one thing Apple could do with the iPhone 15 line if they wanted to keep the plus size around was to do some juggling with the price and make a bigger gap between the non pro iPhones and the pro iPhones, whether that is raising the pro prices, Which I hope they dont do, but that wouldnt be out of line for Apple thats, one way they could go or its just going to be lowering the price of the standard iPhone 15. Maybe, instead of the lineup starting at 7.99, it starts at 6.99, so theres a 300 difference between the pro and non pro phones, maybe its some kind of incentive or discounts on those lower end phones or maybe Apple, does what they sort of have been known. To do, and that is raise prices on their higher end, more exclusive phones, not sure what direction theyre going to take. But it looks like theres going to be some pricing adjustments happening uh in 2023, with the upcoming iPhone 15 line, not sure if its going to be three phones or four phones. But some big changes are going to happen and, according to different reports and analysts, discussions and all the different things were hearing from the Apple Rumor Mill right now, it seems, like apple – is going to do three major things to try to save the iPhone 15 get It more popular and get things moving back in the right direction.

First thing theyre set to do is give the iPhone 15 some kind of substantial redesign because its been a while, since the iPhone has really gotten any noticeable massive design change. I mean if you look at the lineup, the 10 10s 11 were all sort of the same 12. 13, 14 are all the same, really its been since the iPhone 10 that we got any kind of jaw dropping difference in the style of the iPhone, but hopefully that is going to change this year with the iPhone 15 line and its new design. The second thing Apple has had to do to save the iPhone 15 line is give some more exclusive Pro features to the higher end phones, but also bring a lot of good features down to the iPhone 15.. One of the big criticisms of 2022 was that the 14 or 14 plus didnt get a whole lot of new features, but that should luckily not be the case with the 15 and maybe the 15 plus the regular 15 is actually shaping up to be a pretty Exciting phone, its supposed to have a cutting edge city of the Arts, Sony image sensor, a new rumor suggested we could see the 48 megapixel main camera from the 14 pro go to the regular 15 next year. We should be getting USBC. Finally, the a16 bionic processor, better battery life and the dynamic Island should be moving from the pro iPhones to every single iPhone 15 next year.

So, even if you just buy the base cheapest 15 youre going to get the dynamic Island on your regular non pro iPhone and move number three apple is going to make to make the 15 more exciting is sort of something I alluded to a minute ago and That is to make the 15 Pro more exclusive and more exciting. What were hearing right now is that Apple might have two pro and iPhones the 15 Pro and the 15 Ultra. That would both pack some exclusive features you cant get on the non pro iPhones, always on display promotion, better cameras, three cameras on both of these and then possibly on the 15 Ultra. You would have things like the optical zoom being increased with the new telephoto system. It might give you 10x optical zoom on the highest on iPhone. Those phones also get a titanium body. They would get a new, possibly a17 equipped chip inside and also solid state buttons, replacing physical buttons on the side and then maybe Thunderbolt speeds for the USBC port. On the bottom for super fast data, transferring from your iPhone to your computer, so again, let me ask you guys the question: what are your thoughts on the iPhone 15 line? What do you think that Apple could do to make these phones more exciting? Do you think theres some new technology they could Implement? Do you think theyre not getting into the folding phone space fast enough? Do you think theyre sort of doing things a little bit too conservatively? Should they be more exciting and more Innovative, or do you think that apple is heading in the right direction and again, what would you fix with a 14? Do you think there should be a 15 plus? Should there not be, should there be three phone models? Four phone models: five fun models.

Let me know your thoughts on the 15 lineup down below. As always, I appreciate you guys watching the Apple Circle. Thank you so much Happy New Year to you all. Thank you for all the support. As always, I appreciate it. I read your comments.

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