Mark Rutte, Government, Resignation, Politics of the Netherlands After Benefit Scandal

A parliamentary report concluded that tax authorities unfairly targeted poor families over child care benefits. Prime minister mark rutt and his entire cabinet stepped down. Prime minister mark rutt of the netherlands in the hague on friday, prime minister mark rat of the netherlands, one of europe’s longest serving leaders and his cabinet resigned on friday over a report highlighting systemic failure by his government to protect thousands of families from overzealous tax inspectors. Mr wright has handed in his resignation and that of his entire cabinet to king william, alexander van oranje, the public broadcaster nose. Reported mistakes have been made on all levels that have led to great injustice for thousands of families. Innocent people have been criminalized and their lives destroyed. Mr rutz said in a news conference. This cabinet has takes full responsibility. Mr rutt said the report that led to the downfall of the cabinet was hard as nails but fair. The report, the result of an inquiry in which mr rat was also questioned, concluded that unprecedented injustice had been done to innocent families, some of whom were forced to immediately repay huge amounts in child care benefits. In many cases, an administrative mistake like a missing signature, was enough for the tax authority to label parents as frauds and fine families as much as tens of thousands of euros. The report said: fundamental principles of the rule of law were violated. It concluded blasting both the government and parliament for creating rock hard laws with little room to fairly consider individual cases.

Mr rutt and his cabinet will continue running the government in a caretaker capacity with general elections already scheduled for march. His center right is currently leading in the polls, and the other parties in his coalition, who have also been touched by the scandal, are not expected to call for earlier elections because of the coronavares pandemic. Mr rudd had been serving his third term as prime minister and has been leading the netherlands since 2010. If his party again gets the largest share of votes in the upcoming elections, he can serve a fourth term, the chairman of the parliamentary committee that led the inquiry. Chris van damme said the system that was created to track down benefits. Fraud was a mass process with no room for nuance. In a separate investigation, the dutch data protection authority concluded that tax inspectors had discriminated against citizens with dual nationality. The former vice president of the dutch council of state hermann gene quillink added to the accusations of systematic failure by calling upon parliamentarians to also take responsibility for voting in the strict laws. They should look themselves in the mirror. He wrote in an op ed in nrc handle, split and questioned their own role in this affair. Insiders expected mr wreck to shrug off any criticism very easily. Yes, it is a disgrace. This happened under rut’s responsibility, said giustvelings a political commentator, but if anyone knows how to not feel embarrassed, it is our prime minister. He will go full throttle to win the upcoming elections.

Mr rutt said last month that the tax campaign detailed in the december report, was shameful and that the government has announced that nearly 10 000 families will each be given compensation of 30 000 euros or about 36 500. Earlier this week, mr rutt insisted that the government should not step down because it could weaken the nation’s response to the pandemic. The netherlands has grappled with the coronavirus since march, and its inability to curb the spread of the disease has laid bar.

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Mark Rutte, Government, Resignation, Politics of the Netherlands Dutch government resigns over child welfare scandal

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