Apple Watch Series 6 REVIEW: What You NEED To KNOW!

Welcome back. So i know a lot of you have been waiting for this video. The review of the apple watch series six. I truly do feel as though my life has become better because of this apple watch. So with the new series six here now, how does this one hold up? What’S this baby, looking like so let’s break this puppy down. Let’S start things off, as we normally do with the design of the apple watch series six and how things are looking on the outside. Not a whole lot has changed here: design wise on the apple watch series 6. In fact, we’re getting a lot of the same. You still have that updated design that was originally introduced with the debut of the apple watch series 4. and if you’re not familiar with what that upgraded design was basically you’re, getting a 30 larger screen and an 11 thinner body. And you are once again getting that. Always on retina display, like we got debuted with the series 5., and in addition to that, you are getting the return of water resistance, as we would hope, you’re actually getting 50 meters of water resistance on the apple watch series, six, making the apple watch series six Swim proof, so, yes, you could swim with this thing or bathe or shower or hot tub it. Actually, i don’t think you’re supposed to do any of those things but swim proof. Yes, you are also getting that digital crown with the haptic feedback, your built in compass, that we got debuted in the series, five a now always on altimeter, so not just an altimeter and always on altimeter, so an altimeter that’s always on.

I don’t know why i felt compelled to give that so much explaining your second generation speaker and microphone and, of course, your gps connectivity with optional cellular connectivity as well. So, like i said, a lot of the same, some new things that we got in the series. Six here, but all this is complete with three different finishes and several different colors to choose from with those three different finishes: you’re getting options of aluminum, stainless steel or titanium and colors associated with those finishes for the aluminum you get either silver space, gray, gold, blue Or product red colors for the stainless steel, finish you’re, getting the option of either silver graphite or gold and for the titanium finish offering you’re getting titanium and the ever so beautiful space, black color with a dlc or diamond like coating. Yes, i went with the graphite stainless steel apple watch series 6 to match my iphone 12 pro max. I went for the matching situation here this year, but if you have the budget for it, if you could swing it, that space black man marvelous with the aluminum apple watch series, 6 you’re, getting an ion x, glass display and with the stainless steel and titanium apple Watch series sixes: you are getting that sapphire crystal and then last, but certainly not least, you are getting that ceramic and sapphire crystal back a completely redesigned back for the series 6 that is going to allow for some of the other features we’re about to talk about.

So a lot of the same things we’ve seen in the series 5 and the series 4 design wise. But as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but we did start talking about the apple watch. Series 6 display just a few minutes ago. So what about that apple watch series 6 display what’s it looking like with the series 6. We are getting that always on ltpo oled display, which offers up to 1 000 nits of brightness, which personally, i think is quite impressive. Considering the size of this device – and i have rarely if ever been in a situation where i wish the apple watch series 6 – was brighter it’s bright for pretty much any need that i have and that’s, probably in large part, because the apple watch series 6 is Actually, 2.5 times brighter when dimmed even in brightly lit situations. One thing i am going to have to complain about here, though, which i was hesitant to talk about, but it hasn’t been fixed yet so i guess it’s worth mentioning in full disclosure. This might be fixed in a future. Software update, or at least it’ll, be an option in a future software update, but here’s a problem with the series 6. In addition to having an always on display, the display itself is also always active. In other words, you don’t actually have to raise your wrist and rotate it towards you to activate the apple watch series 6 and in fact, even if it’s dimmed and facing away from you, it’s always active.

So just tapping on the screen here. It’Ll launch a complication, sounds good, sounds cool, but i’ve actually found it to be a little bit more trouble than it is helpful. I cannot tell you how many times i’ve been crossing my arms or doing something where i’ve accidentally pressed something on my apple watch display. Even when it’s dimmed and when it’s otherwise what’s supposed to be inactive, i never had this problem in the series 5, because, even though the apple watch series 5 wasn’t, always on display apple watch, it wasn’t an always active display as i’m calling it. So i didn’t have accidental presses. I didn’t accidentally send any tap back messages to my grandma at 2am. It’S happened. So, in order to turn off the always active part of the always on display, you got to just turn off the always on display altogether, and i really wish apple would come out with a update, probably through software. That will allow us to actually turn off the always active part of the always on retina display finagled. My way through that one almost messed that one up, but i got it right, got it right, but next up let’s talk about one of the most important parts of the apple watch and personally, one of the main reasons why i got the apple watch. To begin with, all those generations ago, health features and what the apple watch series 6 is offering as it relates to health.

The health features that are available on the apple watch are continuously getting expanded and improved, and the series 6 is no exception. With the series 6, we are still getting the return of the electrical heart rate sensor, otherwise known as the ecg reader, and we are still getting the heart rate sensor, which is now actually a third generation optical heart rate sensor, which of course means we are still Getting real time heart rate monitoring alerts, which means we could be alerted through a push notification if our heart rate is too low or too high and adding to the list of health features, fall detection you’re, also getting emergency sos and international emergency. Calling, if you have the cellular version of the apple watch series 6. noise monitoring, which will actually monitor the levels of noise around you and let you know if things are too loud, a very underrated feature. I think, by the way i don’t think too many people talk about noise monitoring on the apple watch, but that is a lot of potential and now for the big boy, one of if not the main feature of the apple watch series. Six. We are now getting a blood oxygen sensor, built in to the apple watch, a sensor that will literally read your blood to see if you have proper oxygen levels within it now. I can’t really speak to the accuracy of the blood oxygen sensor, but in my testing it works and, like i said it, works well with health features working in the background.

Like fall, detection, emergency, sos heart rate, monitoring and now blood oxygen levels, monitoring there’s a lot that the apple watch is doing behind the scenes that you might not actively see it doing and the blood oxygen sensor is right. In line with that, we do have a blood oxygen sensor, reader app, but throughout the day your apple watch is going to when it can automatically read your blood oxygen levels and even though i haven’t had the alert yet, which is a good thing, will notify you. If your blood oxygen levels dip too low – and i will say the animation within that blood oxygen reader app, is awesome and how this is actually possible is through four led clusters and four photodiodes on the back of the series. Six with that redesigned back of the series six we alluded to earlier in terms of the led clusters, you have green red and infrared leds that shine light onto the blood vessels in your wrist and then the photodiodes built into the back of the series 6 will Literally measure the amount of light reflected back apple then uses some of their magic and advanced algorithms. To then calculate your blood oxygen levels and will relay back that percentage to you all, based on the color of your blood. How wild is that apple? Just you always blow my mind and i will say the blood oxygen sensor does have its limitations, but this is to be expected, with a first generation sensor being added to the apple watch.

For one thing, when the blood oxygen sensor is actually reading your blood oxygen levels, you do have to be still and your wrist should ideally be resting on a flat surface, so health wise apple watch series 6, probably one of if not the best health watches smart Watches you could have on your wrist available on the market, but all this is really only possible because of the performance of the series 6 and what’s on the inside. That is making all this happen. With the apple watch series 6. We are getting that dual core processor that we’ve seen for a couple generations now, but this time around we’re getting the s6 chip built in to the series six, as opposed to the s5 chip. We had in the series five with the new s6 chip apple promising to be 20 faster than the s5 chip. We’Ve come a long way since the days of the series, one apple watch, where i swear sap dripped faster than how long it took to launch an app on that thing, and now with how long it used to take me to open an app on the series. One i could switch between two apps, like five times crazy, crazy, to see how far this thing has come. In addition to the s6 chip, you are also getting the apple w3 chip, which is a wireless chip and basically it’s just going to make your overall wi fi and bluetooth performance better and, of course, that does mean you’re getting bluetooth 5.

0 support with 5 gigahertz wi Fi support and then you get that w3 chip alongside the apple u1 wideband chip, a chip we’ve seen apple incorporated in its recent products. A lot lately we’re going to see a lot more of utilization of these. U chips in the future! Mark my words all this: with the cherry on top of 32 gigs of storage space being on the apple watch series, six gone are the days where i used to complain about storage space on the app watch. Now we literally have as much storage space on the apple watch series six as we have on some other products. That apple is offering, which is still just mind, blowing ipad, but i know what a lot of you are thinking with all this going on in such a small device what’s the battery life looking like, and can you expect the apple watch series 6 to last all Day well with the series 6 we’re, obviously getting that same rechargeable lithium ion battery with performance. That apple is advertising as all day battery life up to 18 hours with normal usage. This is in part because the 300, or a little bit more than 300 milliamp hour battery capacity we have built in to the battery of the apple watch series 6 and the efficiency of that new s6 chip, so outside of speed and performance. The chip also helps with battery life, so that’s why we get new chips, even though the apple watch is already so fast.

I’Ve even been able to squeak out an entire day and a half of battery life on the series 6, with a workout tracked and included. But i’ve said this before, and i will say this again: if you have the cellular model of the series 6 like i do, and with any other model of the apple watch currently available, nothing will drain the apple watch battery faster than an lte connection. It’S kind of unfortunate that the apple watches basically can’t handle how much power is necessary for lte connections on the apple watch, because i’ve literally seen the battery drain percentage point by percentage point as the minutes go by when i’m using it. So the more you use the lte connection of your cellular apple watch. If you do have the cellular apple watch, the faster the battery is going to drain, but if you’re not using the lte connection – or you just have the gps version of the apple watch, you’re, probably gon na – be fine having at least a day, if not a Day and a half of battery life, so with all that, having been said here are my final thoughts on the apple watch series, six, all in all, i still think the apple watch is the best smart watch on the market, and now more so than ever before. With the series 6 being available, but i know a lot of people have apple watch these days, so here’s my breakdown in case you’re, thinking about upgrading.

If you have the apple watch series, 5 it’s really only worth upgrading to the series 6. If you want that blood oxygen sensor or if you want that always active display, if you’re coming from the series 4, i think the always on display will make a substantial difference in the way you’re experiencing the apple watch. I still do think the always on display has its limitations, like we’ve talked about here on this channel before, but all in all it just makes the apple watch feel like a much more updated pro level product with that always on display, and that alone could make The series 6 worth the upgrade over the series. 4.. If you have a series, 3 series, 2 series, 1 or god bless you. A series: 0 you’re. Definitely gon na have a nice time. Upgrading it’s, it’s gon na blow your mind. What this thing is capable of now, but out the door apple watch series. Six got ta, give it a positive review. I love this thing. The apple watch just keeps getting better and better. I splurged a little bit by going for the graphite stainless steel version this year with the cellular connection, but even if you just get the space gray, aluminum version like i used to every single year, you’re gon na love, the apple watch. Do yourself a favor pick. One up you’re gon na love it as always, if you guys, are interested in learning more about the apple watch series 6 or just to cop one of these bad boys.

For yourself, you guys could always head to my affiliate link, be mac, dot, link, slash apple watch, s6, bmac, dot, link, slash apple watch s6 or, as always, there will be a clickable link in the video description box below as well so check that out. If you’re interested and with that having been said, i am in the mood for a hike, i think i’m gon na go on a hike and track it on my apple watch. I will see you guys in my next video. Oh nope, never mind 14 degrees outside. Maybe i’ll go take a nap and track my sleep instead, which is actually the polar opposite of what i was just about to do, but tier six. It can do it all.

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