How FK88 Pro Smartwatch Connect with Phone & FitFly App Functions-Customize Watch Face/Message Push

Firstly, we go to the qr code in the watch and use the camera to scan this qr code. Then we can go to the link to download. Also, we can search in the apple store and the app is fit fly after download. Then we can set the step after download the app we can go to the bluetooth setting in the phone and enable the bluetooth setting, and then we go to the bluetooth connection in the watch and click search, new device. And now we can see this is the bluetooth parent request. We click pair and now the watch is connected in the phone and then we need to go to the feed fly app and go to the device and click to search. And now we can see the fk88 pro is in the search result and we click to appear and now again there will be a brutus parent request. We also click pair and allow the fk88 pro to display iphone notification. Allow so now the watch is connected with the phone successfully and we can see there are two bt device in the bluetooth setting in the phone and after we click inside. We need to enable the show notification and the second contact. Then we can go to the phone book in the watch and click to sit on it, and now we can see the contact as i connect from the phone to the watch and then let’s check the functions in the app.

The app has three pages. The first page is the daily page: it can still connect the data from the watch to the phone and also you can check the reports and, secondly, is the device page. We can turn on the raise bright. Then, when we reach the list, the screen will power. On and the language, this language is in the app and alarm clock. You can also add alarm, clock here and the central reminder and the strip setting also goes and the watch face. Firstly, it has several default watch face in the app and also you can customize any photo and to the watch. I just select a picture and we can modify the type and also the location such as digital and pointer and the location left right or other place, and also the color of the time. After done, we can click send and now we can see the watch face is send successfully. Then we can check, and the last page is the me page. It is the privacy policy and the version. If there is any new version, you can click here to upgrade Music and we can see all those incoming message. Notification will be shown in the remote notifier and we can go to here and we can see. There are two messages and we can click to wheel. You can see they are same.

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