HW12 vs HW16 vs HW22: Super Clone Smartwatch Comparison: Which 1 Of These HW Smartwatches Is Better?

But just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as always for sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified, so we have all of these hw series. Smartwatch i’ve done full unboxing and reviews on all of these. So make sure you check them out on my previous videos or the playlist fake watches, or i will leave the links in the description box below make sure you check it out so in this video today, i’m going to show you what the differences are between them. Uh i’ll show you the operating system and what they are like, but i won’t go in depth on the features that they have, because you can check that out in the review. So there’s no point in actually doing that and at the end i will tell you what uh my in my opinion, which one is my favorite. So if you have a favorite, do let me know in the comment section below anyway: let’s get started, so we have the boxes small, medium and large, going from the hw 12 hw 16 hw 22 let’s open the box and show you what the hw 2012 is Like so it’s pretty small, to be honest, the hw 12 is like a 40 millimeter uh series, 6 clone smart watch, but that is the smart watch itself.

I’Ll show you later a bit more um that later this is what you get inside the box. Just the charging a two pin charger and a hdb 12 manual, so that’s the box of the hw12 or that aside, uh zoom a bit in for you, and now we have the hw16 a bit of a bigger box than the hw12. What we get inside is pretty similar. You’Ve got the watch here, which is slightly more bigger than the hw 12. As you can see right here, let’s see what we get inside the box on here. A bit different inside you’ve got the watch band. Another two pin charger and hw 16 manual, so that is what we have on the hw inside of the box. Now the hw12. This is like a series: six clone box, it’s, not the same but it’s, just the shape of the box. You’Ve got five watch faces where you can change the sixth one being the customize. You can customize the smartwatch from the app uh the watch face from that similar to what you can do on the hw12 and the 16. um pretty base same. To be honest, you can check out the following review: here’s, what we get inside and, as you can see, it’s the same picture as the hw series inside you’ve got the hw 22 manuals. This is how it comes as well and i’ll show you the size comparison after. I show you, but the charger is a two pin same as the previous ones uh, but this one is a little bit different.

You just place the watch inside of here and it charges i’m, pretty sure you can use the same charger as the other hw series as well. So that is what we have in the boxes. Let’S, take a closer look at the watches right here we go so let’s start off with the one on the left: hw 12 hw, 16 hw, 22 i’m gon na leave the watch band on the hw 22 as it’s a similar size to the so i don’t Want to get them mixed up, so i know which one is which, but coming to the hw12. This is a 40 millimeter smartwatch. I do like the uh body to screen ratio, because if i switch it on right here, as you can see, it’s in the middle, you get the same tone as well. You’Ve got a startup tone which is on all of these. I’Ll show you, but, as you can see, with the screen to body ratio, uh it’s mainly placed in the middle, you have got bevels around it as well, with a big big one at the bottom on the top, so that is switching it on. That is the hw12 coming to the hw16. Let me just show you a size comparison it’s slightly larger. It does say the hdb16 is a 44 millimeter, but let’s take a look at the body, as you can see here pretty much the same, but the difference is the micro towel. As you can see, these buttons are fake as well.

It comes on all of them as well, but they all are fake, even on the hw 22. So let me just show you the body on both of these. So, as you can see here, it’s uh pretty much the same except the micro towel and the charging mechanism on the hdb 12 is at the bottom. On the http 16 at the top uh sensors look identical as well. You’Ve got a bit of a difference in the text, but no band buttons to take the bands on and off and as you can see here, the speakers are placed in exactly the same actually dropped from that. But yeah let’s bring the hw 22 on the hw 16. So here we have the hw 22 micro place in the middle same as the original, but it’s placed a bit more down. The buttons are fake on all three hw series: smart watches, taking a look at the back, the uh two pin charger is placed at the bottom of the http 22 placed at the top of the hw 16. The sensors are a little bit different, much more same as the original on the hw 22. In my opinion, uh, the hw 22 is made a bit a bit better than the previous http series, so the speaker cutout is placed in the middle of the body on the http 22 right here. So there we have the looks on the watches um. I would say the size is pretty much identical when it comes to the hdb16 and hw 22, but with the size of the hw 12 it’s, a 40 millimeter, the rest to the 16 and the 22 is um 44 millimeter.

So i’m gon na switch these on. At the same time, you got vibration Music right there. Here we go i’m gon na try and keep these on as much as i can right here now, you’ve got different watch faces for different watches. They all have split screen, as you can see right there. So when it comes to the split screen, you can change between the apps that you’ve used previously it’s going to be hard to switch these on all the time. But, as you can see here, it’s pretty much all the same as well. The only differences are when it comes to the watch faces as well, so let’s go into the watch faces on the uh hw12 and, as you can see, the crown still works. You’Ve got four different styles and you’ve also got a customized one going to the hw16. Holding it in i’m gon na get used to this as well so holding this in. As you can see here, the crown does work as well, and you’ve got uh five different styles, but no customized one. When it comes to the hw 22, you can actually customize. This it’s got better and better watch faces as well, and this it’s got five style with the sixth one being a customizable one as well, and i have got to say, um. The quality of the screen on the hdb 22 is better than the 16 and the 12 as well right. While i was changing the screen time, i’ve got to say, the http 12 is much slower when compared when it goes to the menu.

So when you go to the menu on here, they all are exactly the same. They all have passcodes as well, which is really good, so let’s click that into going to the menus on all of these, as you can see right here, so what you want to do either i’ve done 15 seconds it’s not able to go into 15 seconds. So what you need to do, if you want to change the menu you just double click it so you’ve got the nine up view and you’ve got the smart view. You can also zoom out and zoom in same again with all of them. It’S the same. So if you double tap the crown uh, this one is a nine view, but its layout is much more different compared to the hw12 and same again with the hw 22 when it comes to the menu. If you double tap, you got the nine up view, which is much more clearer and the better quality on the h w 22, but it’s different that from the http 16 and the hw12 click it again. You’Ve got the smart style one which can zoom in and zoom out as well, so let’s go on to that nine up view uh same again with this one. I need to take this one off. If you do a click again, you go to the smart view, but i have got to say the hw series smartwatch is uh. You know the screen to body ratio is much better compared to the fk versions and the w versions stuff like that.

Go through the menus, you with you here just to show you what the what you can actually get on this everything is exactly the same when it comes to the menu. So if you go into the menu here and as you can see, you get exactly the same menu options, the uh on all of these as well. The layout might be different. The pictures uh up a picture might be different, but the um features are exactly the same. The setup as well as you can see here, it’s color uh. You got passcode there about and, as you can see so coming to the hw uh 16 it’s got passcode already on which i didn’t take off let’s go to this one right here. So, as you can see here, the crown does work as well uh. The app pictures may look a bit different, but it’s a bit slower, as you can see, with when i’m scrolling down uh pretty sure. The only thing difference about these is the speedness as well, because this one as you can see you just got all blue it’s. Much more faster on this one as well about version 1.12 hw 16. So you can actually change everything like that, so that is about it on the hw 16 same again on the hw 22 um. If we go into let’s change it to um the menu and as you can see, it’s much more smoother as well. You’Ve got it’s similar to the hdb12 when it comes to the menu settings and the pictures and, as you can see here, it’s much more clearer as well and definitely more smoother than the previous hw16.

So you got passcodes and everything everything exactly the same. Um. The only thing difference i can actually tell is the smoothness, the screen resolution and um the size as well on the hw 22 it’s, much more better than the hdb12 16 and the hw 12. um. If i had to choose my opinion on which one i to choose, i would kick out the hw16 i’ll just leave it between these two. If i wanted a smaller watch, i’d choose the hw12. If i wanted a bigger watch, i’d choose the hw 22, and that is only the difference. I would actually um see in both of these watches yeah it’s a bit more laggy on the hw12 but it’s which much more smooth on the hw uh 22. But the screen to body ratio is good. They all got the same features: passcode split screen and whatnot, but yeah overall they’re, both good watches. They both have the fake buttons on and off button other than that everything’s exactly the same except the sensors. The health apps don’t work as good, but you know it don’t matter about that, because taking a look at these watches, they perform good as well. The hw series do perform good and uh yeah. That is about it. So if i wanted, if i had to choose between one, it would be the http 22. In my opinion, let me know what your thoughts are, which one is your favorite or which one do you have.

Let me know in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed this video.

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