DEMOR IWO W66 Smart Watch W46 Pro Smartwatch Series 6 44mm 40mm Relógio Inteligente Unboxing Review

This must watch is iwow 66 and the watch plan is demo. Okay, let’s have a look at the watch. The watch is a rose gold color with pink, strap. Okay let’s. I will look at the watch case. The watch has two buttons: one run digital clone button and the one power button between the two buttons. There is a small hole for the microphone on the left side. There there is speaker for the host. Okay, let’s. Have a look at the back of the watch. We can see the slot for that job, both at the bottom and under the top side. At the center. There is a hazardous sensor. Another bag is made of glass, there is one round, other is sensor. Okay, let’s have a look at the accessories; it has one silicone strap and at the box there is one usb charger: wireless usb charger to connect the usb connector and transparent silicon watch kit, plateau watch protector case and i use a menu and the application for the Watch we have to download and install on our smartphone to connect with the watch is face cloud pro. The futures call phone calls phone book, language standby, which faces health, blood pressure, rather oxygen measurement, ecg and the hazardous moisture temperature measurements. Okay, that’s let’s fix the strap to the watch, pour the button on the job and insert it to the slot of the watch case. Let’S fix the long one. We should pay attention to the direction of that job.

Please make sure the black color be upside and in pour it into the slot of the watch case. Okay, it is fixed now, okay, let’s power on the watch to hold the power button for about five seconds it’s turned on now. Then language option is popped out on that display. We can see many language supported: chinese english, german, russian, spain, portuguese, french, japanese, arabic, dutch, czech hebrew, indonesia, korean malaysia, polish thai foreign, finnish, romanian, turkish and claudia another clone button can be functionable when scrolling when scrolling down. We can also touch the screen to operate. The watch – okay, that’s true so let’s choose the english language. Okay, we can see the default watch face. Okay, we can slide through the screen from left to right to check the functions of the watch. We can see many applications on the screen. We can click one icon to set the function. Okay, if we slide down through the screen from top to bottom, we can see the status bar six states by bluetooth connection status and the battery status indication qr code. We can scan the qr code to download and install the application on our smartphone to connect with the smartwatch and then watch about the watch model watch 6, audio mode, nine degrees. We can change the menu style to line grids mode in order to operate the watch. More easily pedometer sleep monitor has raised, monitor blood pressure, measurements, temperature management, blood, auction measurement, ecg mute control, music player, we women’s health function and sports mode.

There are several different sports patterns such as working learning, cycling, basketball by the window, football yoga, ping, pong and rope skipping. We can choose different sports pattern when we choose sports weather, alarm, clock, stop, watch countdown notice, message notification and this is the screen brightness adjustment. We can change the brightness of the display here, color recalls phone book and then make make a call about the watch, menu style option reset or please. This is the settings for this watch language. We can change the language setting here, display setting vibration intensity, menu style. Okay, let’s check the watch face. We can scroll the part around the button to change the watch face. There are four watch faces installed in the watch and we can also use our own photo to customize the watch face by the application with face cloud pro. If we slide through the screen from left to right, we can enter the exercise spot mode. We can also long press the screen to which switch the watch face. Okay, this is the smartwatch iw66.

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