How to Connect HRYFine app to 116 Plus Smartwatch in iOS/iPhone

com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are here to show you on how to install the support app for the 116 plus smart watch. Okay, so the last time we showed you the process in how to install the support app for the android platform. This time, we’re going to use the ios platform, with our, of course, iphone so we’re going to install the support, app let’s check if it’s going to work or not okay, again to be able to install the support app, you have, of course, to download the application. Okay, so so, based on our review last time on our video, we have the hry fine application. Okay, it is the same with the ios. Also to download the app. All you have to do is just scan the qr code or go if you happen to lost this user manual, just go to the settings here and we have the qr code. Okay, so don’t worry, if you happen to lost the user manual and you want to install the support app and then you don’t know, and you don’t have the qr code just go to the settings of the smart watch. Okay, another one is to search it in the ios. Okay, so go. We let’s go to the app store. Just look for the hry, fine, app, okay, let’s! Try look so we have here the hry fine let’s see if this is the exact app. As you can see here, we have similar logos here: okay, so let’s try and download the app okay, so let’s verify okay, let’s wait for the app to download okay again, so we have here the one one: six plus mark watch, okay, so let’s check, while waiting Let’S check again the ui of the hry i or rather 116 plus, so we have here the step counter heart rate monitoring, as well as the blood pressure monitor.

We have the sports function, the settings, the remote control for camera we have. I think this is the anti lost and, of course, your watch face. So, as you can see here, we have successfully downloaded the app okay let’s, have a closer look: okay, let’s open, hry, fine again, just like any other support app. It is asking for notifications or other permissions, so let’s just allow the app to access permissions to different settings or different functions in your smartphone, so allow hry fine to access your location. While you are using the app that is your gps. Okay – and we have here the ui okay, so it is asking for your email and a password. So you have the option to sign in if you already have the account or you have if you want to register okay, so the the benefit of register registration is that you will be able to save your data. Okay, you will have you can store the the steps, the graphs okay of your activities in the hry, fine database or cloud okay. So our goal today is to connect only this smartwatch to our support app. So for the meantime, we’re just going to have a direct login, okay, so successful landing. So this is the ui of the hry fine okay, so we have here menus on the bottom part. We have a health, the data, the motion and mind. So mine is your profile here: bracelet settings the target and about we have the motion for the step handler.

The gita here for the graphs and stats and a health for your automatic activity, tracking and sleep monitoring so let’s add first, the support app or the smartwatch. Okay turn on your gps turn on your bluetooth function so go to mine. Then this is the hry finds support app in the ios platform. Okay, so we have go to mine. We have add device, so it’ll start looking for the smart watch. Okay, so, as you can see here, we have here smartwatch, so b03 let’s see vo2h116 okay. So i think this is the smartwatch, because we have here the 116 plus smartwatch, but if you are not sure if this is the smartwatch that you are trying to connect to your support app and as you can see here, we have here the codes let’s go To these settings of the smartwatch okay, long press, as you can see here, let’s have a closer look. Okay, so it seems like we cannot have a clearer graphics here. Let’S see! Okay, as you can see here, bo3 h116 smartwatch. So the code here, as you can see, okay, so i’m, pretty sure you’re, pretty sure that this is the smartwatch that we are trying to connect to our hry fine support app, although, as you can see here, the 116 is already a dead giveaway, just just showing You the proper way of identification of your smartwatch okay, tap on the smartwatch we’ll, see so it’s connecting bluetooth pairing requests.

Vob03H116 would like to pair with your iphone. Okay bear and we’ll see. We did not receive any notifications. I think we already successfully connected with our smartwatch to test that to try that let’s check for the heart rate. Okay, if this one will change okay, the heart rate monitoring, i guess we have successfully connected it. Let’S start! Okay, you see. Oh, it did not change, but right there. We have here still a connection here, okay, so 94, so we have a confirm connection. Okay, i wish they it should. I wish that the ui should change also to the functions that we selected here, but anyway we have successfully connected the smartwatch, so let’s try and check other functions here we have the sleep monitoring motion, heart rate blood oxygen for the data here, so this is a New smartwatch, so we still don’t, have we don’t? Have the graphs here or the data walk in and mine dial management? Guess this? Is the watch face? Okay? What else here? Braid let’s bracelet settings? Okay? So we have here the notifications message, notifications, so try to. If you don’t want other functions here, just turn it off, so we have incoming calls sms notifications, wechat youtube, facebook, twitter and other popular support or other popular social apps. So the entire reminder: remote selfie let’s, try if it’s working okay. So here the camera is working. Okay, okay, that’s it did it work let’s check another one: okay, let’s! Try for the camera; okay, okay! So far, it works.

It works. Okay. What else do we have here? Automatic heart rate measurement? Do not disturb mode. Raise your screen. Sync time restore factory? Okay. So we have here the anti lost, a alarm: sleep monitoring, disturb mode, okay, sync time and restore factory settings so far, that’s it very simple ui. As you can see, we have successfully connected our 116 plus smartwatch with the ios platform. No issues, no problem, smooth connectivity, easy, adding or connecting of our 116 plus smartwatch 2d support app. Then we are using the hry fine app for ios. If you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, as well as the installation of the support app, please drop a comment below and we will answer your ques again. This is smartwatchspecifications.

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