American Red Cross, Tornado, Volunteering Engine Trouble on the Road (FULL TIME RV)

Try it go ahead, you can. We both have their own idea. Theyre like dang it i started. Go ahead. Try it! The ass is the star of the show you we are doing something we havent done in a very long time hanging out with a bunch of asses. No, i hang out with you all the time i cant keep these jokes going forever. We have like 15 of these one up for you. It was almost that was true, its very true. Now we are at a harvest host and its a dairy farm and a petting zoo, yeah, its pretty cool theyve got uh. You see the the miniature donkeys behind us. You can obviously hear the chickens, but theyve got goats. Theyve got either alpacas or llamas, and theyve got a kangaroo, which is pretty cool yeah. So, hopefully, in the morning before we leave well be able to go over and check it out a little closer, the petting zoo closed at five. In case you missed last weeks, video we spent the last two weeks working volunteering really with ooh. Well hello there. Oh, they dont bite its a little close to me. I have no. I have no snacks for him yeah. He just came and leaned leaned into us. He came and leaned right up next to us on the fence whats up there little fella, so we just spent two weeks, volunteering with the year to volunteer and we had electric only so when we left there.

We went straight to a campground, so we could do laundry clean everything up, dump fill all that good stuff and we found the campground not dump fill but dump and fill you know whatever. You guys decide how that really should be so so we actually hit up a campground right off the ten, its an escapees, campground and its nice level and flat, and because were members, its only 21 bucks, a night yeah and if youre, not an escapees member. I think it was 26 bucks, so still not bad, and it was right off the ten easy peasy to get in and out of you remember the name of it dream catcher rv park. Yes in deming new mexico, it was a perfect stop. We left there this morning and came straight here, so we are going to slow roll it to our next destination, which is taking phil back to school yeah, and i dont know this guys. Just hes like cuddling up with phil, i mean look hop down, show yeah whats up fella wheres. He at i cant see him dude hes, like all but cuddled up with phil, maybe phil smells good or bad or something you know lets asses hang out with each other. Phil was a little disappointed when he found out they dont make their own homemade ice cream. Here, but they do make homemade cheese and butter, so we did pick up some of that before they closed today and, of course, phil picked up just some regular old ice cream from the freezer.

Today we are headed to a cracker barrel. We are still traveling east. Taking phil to school yeah that wind is bad yeah, so im gon na try to hold this camera steady with one hand, but the wind is whipping uh. We stayed here at the cracker barrel overnight, because you know i like to fuel up in the morning and im talking biscuits and gravy fueling up, so its always a good stop. But this is the first cracker barrel that weve been to that. We actually had to unhook the jeep to pull in so theres the jeep in front of ruby yeah. So we werent sure if we were actually going to stay here last night, because of that i know it only takes like 10 or 15 minutes to unhook the jeep, but we were like. Should we stay? What should we do and we decided to go ahead and stay yeah, so one of the things that ive ive just kind of picked up along the way is, i know when the jeep is hooked up that i have to have at least eight or nine parking Spots to park long ways in a parking lot, if you will walmart cracker barrel, whatever yeah, and this one only had seven. So i knew uh that i wasnt gon na fit because one i cant back up with the jeep on the back of the rig. So thats problematic right there, so we ended up taking it off and i did have to do some um maneuvering to get in the site because, on the other side, theres trees that stick out about halfway into the parking spaces.

So we had to fight that as well, but we made we managed to make it work, and i know there are questions out there, because we get it all the time about why we cant back up. We cant back up with our toe arms because you could bend the arms and you could also mess mess up the front of the car because it can kind of jackknife or whatever so thats. Why? You dont back up with um toe arms if youre plateau, yeah and theres people that do it and you know good on them for figuring out how to do it without bending them. But it is not recommended yeah its not recommended and im not a risk taker, especially with when youre spending that kind of money on on your setups and whatnot. I could probably back up a couple feet if it was straight but again im not willing to risk the biscuit, well, biscuits and gravy. I am but not that Music. We been on the road for about 45 minutes, and i have been in the wrestling match with ruby here and i seem to be losing. It is so windy outside right now were getting gusts of about 45 miles an hour and its coming from the drivers side. Its smacking us, so we have 35 feet of sail right now we pulled off in a rest. Stop so that i could look at my windy app, which shows you wind, speed, wind direction, gus! All of that so im just trying to figure out if im going to be in a fight with the wind all day.

It has been seriously windy to where weve almost had brownouts from all the dust going across the interstate, and you probably see me swaying right now, thats the wind. We are getting 19 knots of wind with gusts up to 34. Here this windy app is pretty good at letting me know the intervals, the wind, the direction, the gusts. All of that. So, if youre interested in that portion of your weather tracking features, try the windy app um ive been using it for years. Even before we started rving, is it a freebie or do you have to pay for it? You know its a freebie. I dont pay for apps. My big fear is just catching a big gust of wind somewhere and big rigs topple over all the time were probably lighter than those guys we come in at a smelt, 29, 000 pounds. Ruby does felt yeah, so um and we dont have full tanks. We dont have full water. We got three quarters fuel, so were not as heavy as we would normally be um. I guess traveling down the interstate so were gon na were gon na catch. Our breath and jump back at it, and hopefully we make it a little further than 45 minutes. Before we stop. I i could tell that im im gripping the hell out of this wheel. Okay, i will uh actually theyre open today, 7. Okay, they all closed tomorrow. Gotcha all right ive got ta pass by there, so i will uh ill.

Do the reset, like you said, see how that works, and then um well go from there all right, buddy. Good luck, all right appreciate it barry. Thank you. Alrighty bye, not looking good for the home team, ive heard about this. I know youve been talking about it for a while and were full of deaf. I dont. I dont understand why today so they say its so censors they just i mean its five years and now theyre having problems getting those sensors. We were on the road for about. I dont know 10 minutes 15 minutes um headed toward the schoolhouse, and we had a sensor light turn on and its the depth sensor. So its a little nerve wracking, because the def sensor can actually shut you down and we cant drive. So we had a three hour drive today, so phil just got off the phone with freightliner um and you heard what they said and now youre going to call cummins no im going to call the fort the freightliner dealer in fort worth thats. Where were headed um and see what they say its an hour and 20 minutes away? Oh thats thats, not as bad as three hours. No, but i dont know if we can drive to get there, though thats my thing so im going to try to call them and ask them the same thing and see what they say: yeah im in a 2016 tiffin rear engine diesel rv and i had a Low def pressure sensor pop on um.

What can you tell me about that and if, if im safe, to drive, uh and or how to clear it, if youre having low depth pressure issues, youre, probably going to end up what we call d rated, meaning uh, your engine is going to go into a Protection mode, its not going to let you drive over 55 miles an hour okay, more than likely you have a death pump, this thats starting to fail um and honestly we could get that done for you, no problem, um problem lies and getting the parts here. Weve been having little issues um, you know getting deaf pumps and things like that in here, dang theres, no im about an hour and a half out from you, um im west of you guys right now, um. So, even if i brought it to you, you wouldnt be able to fix it without because you dont have the parts im, not sure. If we have the parts we may. I just know thats the one that weve been having issues um tracking down. Okay, do they have availability? Can we communicate? Is there is there if i come in today, will you be able to take a peek at it and, let me know for sure um i could probably get a technician to hook up to it um and do the diagnostic portion, okay, and if we have parts We could probably get it out of here today but, like i said its just one of those deals im not you know, im not sure what happened gotcha, i dont want to sit here, live yeah.

No! No! I appreciate that and it so is there a way to um kind of reset. It is there a way to try to reset that um sensor like turning the batteries, the chassis batteries off this you know, yeah, you can try that um, sometimes disconnecting the batteries completely. You know, take a 9 16 wrench and take the battery terminals completely off and let it sit for about a minute or two and hold all my stuff back up, sometimes thatll work. But if you have an issue its going to come back fairly quickly. Okay, but if i so i can drive it, itll, just itll, just um keep me at 55.. So so this is. This is kind of the difficult part. Sometimes you can drive on that check engine light for months. I never have an issue. Sometimes you can drive on that sucker for five minutes and it throws you the d rate, its kind of uh. You know gotcha. I was dry. I drove about 10 miles before i i pulled over or i could pull over so um. Now. How will i know im in the d rating as youre talking about what you have just the amber light on your dash yeah the amber engine light and it says low, def yeah. It says low def, but im full of def. I just filled up the other day, yeah um, so when you most of the time when it starts to get into b rate, youll have another check.

Engine light comes on, itll be an amber one as well, but itll take checks through the middle of it. Okay, thats not always going to throw you in d rate, but but if you are d ray that light will definitely be on, and when that does happen, i am still safe to drive it. Just i cant go over 55 itll. Keep me at 55 or below yeah, exactly yes, sir. Okay, all right well im going to get real bad if it keeps getting ignored. Itll end up, kicking you down to 5 miles an hour. Oh yeah! I cant do that um and all this doing is keeping itself from taking anything else up gotcha. So we got to get it addressed somehow, but im gon na try and do what he said and um disconnect the batteries see if that at least gives us a break until we can get to him yeah we waited about 20 minutes or so after we disconnected The chassis batteries took the terminals off the battery itself. I just reconnected them fingers crossed this, clears it and keeps it clear, nervous yeah. I just hope it starts. You know its still. There the check engine lights on but im not getting the low def on uh. The dash, so what im going to do is run out and check the the the the dev tank itself, because there was a red light on that and see if it cleared that this had a red light on it.

When i checked it previous and now the red lights gone, so its cleared that we just punched in the address for freightliner in fort worth so thats going to be our next stop. Hopefully they can run a test and figure out what theyre doing, and we can actually make it all the way to the school house. Well, hopefully, we make it to freightliner first, so lets do first things. First, even though its clear, the guy said it can clear and come right back on in five minutes or never come back on again. So we just dont, know whats gon na happen. They will hook up their diagnostic, the computer, to it, see what it is. So, how do i clear the check engine light? We can clear them right now: theyre, all inactive meaning from the time that you disconnected your battery since you brought it here. You never never saw a parameter. Okay. How many miles did you drive since we talked to here um, probably between 50 and 70 miles uh somewhere around there? You drove that far and it never came back active. I would say that you probably risking for a little while longer we have a fault code shocker. It is the diesel exhaust fluid dosing unit voltage below normal. So it could. You know they said it could be a multitude of things um. It could be a loose connection. It could just be bad. Wiring could have been air in the line, yeah, so its kind of vague they would, they would know more once they they got it in and did their their other checks once they.

You know dialed it into that so um they were able. So we cleared the code when we disconnected the battery so that code didnt come back um and we drove about an hour and a half yeah. We drove another 90 some miles yeah, so we drove it. Yeah, so we went 90 miles and it didnt return and normally, according to the guys on the phone and these guys, if theres a problem, it will come right back yeah. So our check engine light did stay on um, but they said there was no code. There was nothing um at the towards the engine, i should say um, so they cleared that code um and now, like i have it, i got. I need an oil change so, but they couldnt get in to do the oil change because they have limited guys on the weekend, working so but thats on the to do list. We can get that done. Yeah thats, not emergent gon na make us stop on the side of the road. No, no so were good. Now i think um. Now we have to get to athens texas, which is 105 miles busy day and its about an hour and 44 minutes yeah so cross. Your fingers that we stay in the clear, because if we do, i would assume of course, im assuming that it was just a a bleep and its not anything. We need to get done immediately, yeah, so um. I tell you what the guys here at uh freightliner fort worth um, they were super friendly.

Super nice uh came out. You know right away, uh, you know trying to try to figure it out for us, so um youre in the fort worth area need some freightliner support. Ask for read. He was ready. I was gon na say, read but im like what, if im wrong, yeah and they are uh first come first serve bases here, so theres no appointment. So if you get here earlier in the day better chance, you are youll have to get out the same day. All right lets book it its getting hot in here yeah. Did you say that they didnt charge us anything to die for diagnostic for the diagnostics so which is really nice yeah and i even went in uh or started to go in to settle up and they said nope, nobody there. You know just glad to be able to help us it out, and i told them you know they gave us peace of mind. If you know now, we know what were dealing with one of the things you can do to make sure that your death pump continues to operate like its supposed to is never run out of depth. Keep your def tank at least halfway full. Thankfully, the def sensor error code never came back, weve driven quite a few hundred miles.

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