Nintendo, GoldenEye 007, Rare, Xbox Game Pass 64 CLASSIC GoldenEye 007 Is Now On Nintendo Switch & Xbox! Which Is The BETTER Version?

Now is there much of a difference between the two? Well, it really depends on what youre looking for as they both kind of have some things going for them, and then things that are not going for them. So I just want to do this real, quick video kind of talking about some of my first impressions playing this game on both the Nintendo switch and on the Xbox series. S Ive only played it on the series s so far. I do have a series X, but didnt have a chance to try it on there, but this is a uh. You know its a Nintendo 64 game and it looks like a Nintendo 64 game, no matter how you play it, but with the Xbox you do have 4K resolution and achievements. If you have a TV for it and a system that supports that right, theres. Another thing going with the Xbox version, then I find a little little interesting little annoying, but its now available via Game Pass right. So if youre a Game Pass member you subscribe to Game Pass, you can now play it for free, or I mean not for free. You know what I mean youre paying for a service, none of that is free, but its part of the service. Now the other way you get to play it on Xbox is, if you have rare replay now, this irks me a little bit because I do have rare replay. I have a physical copy of the game, but if you have a physical copy of it, due to whatever licensing deals agreements, whatever the hell, the case may be, you dont get it with the physical copy of rare replay.

You have to have bought the game digitally and then you get a copy of it included with your rare replay game. I find that a little Annoying kind of bothers me a bit, but you know it. It is what it is. I have Game Pass. So I get to play it, but I did go back and forth playing both versions. Now, with the Xbox version you have native uh. You know 16 9 aspect ratio here and it looks fantastic now if you played on the switch version, the you know its a Nintendo 64 game, youre gon na have that four or three aspect ratio, but within the settings of the game you do have a few Options uh that you can manipulate you have cinematic mode and widescreen mode, and then you can change it to 16 9, so it gets a little a little. You know black bars on the screen when you play it that way, but you do have that 16 9 option within the actual game itself and it looks okay uh both games. I mean Im not sitting here saying: oh man, the Xbox version looks so much better than the switch version, because thats not really the case here. In my opinion, the game looks great, no matter which way you decide to play it, but there you go. You know the Xbox version, you you have those benefits 4K native 16, 9 and then the other big benefit from playing on the Xbox.

Is you have that support for for dual analog sticks in the sense that you have a whole new X, Xbox layout, to play the game with it feels a hell of a lot more natural when I played it on the Xbox versus on the switch turn. The switch you can manipulate things within the system for the controls, but if youre just playing it just straight out the box youre playing it with the Nintendo 64 switch online controller man. It takes a little bit for me anyway to get used to it, as I Ive always loved this game, not not going to deny that, but its not one that Ive Revisited. Often I played it a ton when it first came out and it was amazing back then it was kind of the gold standard at that time. For you know a first person shooter with you, know, multiplayer aspect you know to it at home anyway, on a console, not you know talking about PC gaming, but a console game. This was this: was the gold standard for it and then uh? You know at that time you kind of you know that thats just what you the way you played. It was that control scheme, and, to this day it just feels outdated, its its difficult to play um right away like to get used to you got to get used to it once I got used to it. It was no problem, but man.

I wish it played like the Xbox version place where the controller, just damn it feels natural. You know, instead of using different uh trigger buttons for shooting and aiming and and all that stuff you just got to play it, but yeah. The Xbox layout is way more natural, but the biggest thing here, the biggest thing um is gon na be the features here now. Weve talked about a little bit with the aspect, ratio and whatnot, which isnt the biggest deal. The controller thing to me is kind of a big deal, but probably the biggest deal for many people is going to be online multiplayer. This is non existent on the Xbox version. There is no online multiplayer and weve known that for a little while some people may be kind of out of the loop at first. I didnt know that when they first announced it way back, I thought they were both going to be online. There was like leaks of achievements that showed that this game for the Xbox was going to have online multiplayer, but for whatever reason, however, they had to go about it. Online multiplayer is exclusive to the Nintendo switch version. That kind of sucks man that kind of sucks, because if you want to play this on the Nintendo switch, you have to have that you know switch online expansion pack, which costs so much a year, no matter which way your you know: Game Pass or switch. You can you know whichever system you have if youre paying for that service.

You know youre in it some money every month or yearly or, however, you pay but yeah thats how you get to play it online on the switch and thats. The only way you get to play it is by have that expansion pass. They dont offer this game for sale as a single download on either system that kind of sucks but yeah on the switch you could play multiplayer with your friends. People on your friends list. Theres no way to just get into like random rooms with people you have to have already been friended with somebody in order to play. So obviously you know you unless you coordinate things youre not going to have like in game chat being able to. You know talk crap to one another, that kind of thing if youre, just playing with people randomly on your friends list, but its still a lot of fun. You know, I think, as Ive only played the first few stages on both versions. Here I think if I were to revisit the game and play it like story mode from beginning to end Im gon na do that on the Xbox. But I feel like Im gon na wind up spending more time and the switch version just because of the switch online multiplayer aspect you know of the this game playing it online. I played a few a couple matches not too many just a couple and it was kind of Hit and Miss like, I think.

Sometimes it seemed like. I was playing with people with dial up. I dont know what the hell is up with that, but you know: Ive got one gig internet up and down and a solid connection yeah its constantly giving me these. You know little messages like yeah connections, not good connections. Not good audio goes out of sync this. This and that kind of took away from the experience a little bit, but if you get set up with some people with some good connections – and you know, however, that all works with switch online, it can be a smooth. You know match, and I had a lot of fun with that. You know I just wish. I had that Xbox control layout for the switch version that would have been cool but yeah. Let me know what you think just wanted to throw this video out there. Real quick give people the heads up hey. This is part of these different. You know ways to play: it switch online expansion pack or Xbox game pass, or if you have a digital copy of rare replay, I dont know why it couldnt be part of.

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