Nintendo, GoldenEye 007, Rare, Xbox Game Pass Switch & Xbox Coming FRIDAY. Looks UGLY!

If youre new make sure you hit the Subscribe button, I would love to see you join this little Community as we get close to 2500 subscribers. Youre gon na hit the Subscribe button right now. I know you are because I love you what thats, weird hey uh, so listen last year during a Nintendo Direct, they Dropped a Bomb on us and they they announced something that a lot of people never thought would actually happen, and that is Goldeneye 64. Actually, making a return – oh my God, and its coming this week lets head over to VG 24 7.. Here we are right here: GoldenEye 007 uh comes to switch online and Xbox game pass later this week. All right so listen! I got a lot to say about this. This is a very interesting thing: uh and Im gon na they release the trailer Im, not gon na, be able to show you the whole trailer, but make sure you stick to the end, because I have some thoughts on this and youre, probably not going to like Them but lets get to this thing. A release date for GoldenEye 007 has been set for Nintendo switch online and Xbox game pass and its coming soon, like really soon, as in Friday January 27th, announced last year during the Nintendo Direct broadcast, the iconic Bond game is back with all the Nostalgia attached to It and more the Nintendo switch online version will feature online multiplayer with up to four players allowing folks across the world to play together uh.

It is the only version of the game with this feature. Oh man, good good for you, Nintendo switch players, thats good um. In multiplayer mode up to four players can compete in several scenarios based on on Bond films. Like elements from You Only Live Twice The Living Daylights, the man with the Mentha Golden Gun and license to Kill Xbox game pass users on Xbox One and Xbox x, Xbox series XS. Such a mouthful can also play up with up to three others, but only with local split screen like back in the day. This version supports up to 4K Ultra HD wow thats awesome features, alternative control, options, achievements native 16×9 resolution uh, if you, if, if uh, if you happen to own a digital copy of rare replay, the a 30 game, compilation youll be able to download the game for Your charge, I own that so I will get to download it awesome nice, even though I already actually have Xbox game pass. I think uh, the the rare developed 1997 first person, shooter uh, based on the 1995 film golden Knight, was a huge hit for Nintendo, 64 and grossed over 250 million dollars worldwide. In it, you control James Bond in a series of levels to prevent James uh, whatever it doesnt really matter. Okay, gold knife features the likeness of some actors from the film, including Pierce, Brosnan, Sean Bean, Alan Cummings, uh, so thats pretty awesome. You get to actually see the likeness, they didnt change, Pierce Brosnans face and he gets to be back in it, which is pretty good its nice to see such a great game return, considering its one of the most influential and seminal games of the first person genre.

Hopefully, it still translates well and the love of nostalgia we feel for is it lost in this modern era? Okay, lets get to that lets, go to the trailer here and uh. This is the trailer for for the switch version. Now I just want to full screen this for a second, you can see its uh and once again I cant show you this, because I dont get flagged for copyright, but well look at some screenshots here um. So he has the 4×3 element here 4×3, but it also goes 16 by nine. You can see it goes out wide with the so go for full HD, its 4K and all that fun, stuff heres. The problem with 4K is that it still looks like garbage youre going to notice like on the explosion. I Im gon na Im gon na turn this down and just play this explosion. Real, quick and youll see what I mean like this is not up Res its. Not a not an HD remastering, its just the HD version of of like polygons from 1997., so heres heres. My fear, my fear, is that an entire, an entirely new generation is going to play this game and theyre gon na be like this game. Sucks. This game, sucks and theres gon na be an entire group of 18 to 25 year olds, who are like this game is trash. Why would I why do I want to play this game? This trash game um, you know, but you know it – has all the paintball and everything attached to it, and you can see just kind of the way, the way the characters look with their with their big old boxy heads.

You know its like. I saw a funny. They were talking about that slap fighting the other day. I think it was uh uh God it was one constant career. I think its most critical. He was talking about the slap fighting and how one of the guys he saw. Somebody mentioned that they look like an N64 character because their their face was so swollen, thats kind of what we have going on here. Uh. This is the N64 character and you know like its. I think that people, my age, will go back and probably a little younger well go back in the look at this game and theyll be like wow. This is awesome and theyll get a kick at it for like 20 minutes and uh, but the idea of finding like online multiplayer matches. I dont know what thats going to be really interesting to see how that how that works out, because I think whats gon na happen is theyre going to see like like, with both most games. Youre gon na see a big bump and youre going to see a drop off. This is my fear. Sometimes things like this that have not been brought into 2023 outside of you know: uh uh, a higher frame rate and uh. You know 16 by nine. My fear is that this is going to be going to be released and its going to be dumped on and uh. I I my gut says thats gon na happen.

I dont know I do like the idea that you can. You can change controls because the uh controls were all sorts of wonky. For me. I never really liked the controls in the golden Knight games, but I think theres going to be a serious Nostalgia for some people and then its going to be really hot or really cold. Then other people gon na hate it. So I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think, are you excited for this number one? Are you gon na get it on the switch or the Xbox number two? Do you think this game will actually last today? Will it will it come out and just get Dunked On by most the internet who didnt grow up playing this game, or do you think theres enough, a big big enough audience who is now in their mid 30s early 40s, who played this in the midnight in The in the late 90s that number one has a switch knows. This is coming out and cares Im very curious. I think its a very small percentage of people. I think this is uh something cool to get the internet buzzing and its like. Well, this is happening and now thats coming Im a little concerned about it, but well see all right. A couple things before you head out make sure you hit the Subscribe button number two tonight at 10, oclock Im doing a very important live stream over on the stuttering, Craig Channel.

I would love for you to join me over there lots to talk about uh, its a big Community Hall, which Im going to be combining both this community and the stuttering, correct channel so uh, or at least the community. So please come on over uh and join me there. I would love to see you guys tonight.

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