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Gameplay seems like they got to go Hands On with the game kind of give their Impressions Show gameplay itself and in this video I kind of want to go over a couple of things that Ive noticed from those videos and sort of point out to you guys And also talk about why I feel like Im more hyped for this game now after seeing those than I was before. For starters, lets just talk about how the game looks for a second, it just looks even better than what I originally saw. The gameplay seems smooth the voice. Acting and animation seem better. In my opinion, I dont know if I just they didnt show them well in the last couple of things, and maybe some of them are just jankier than others, but they seem drastically improved to me. I was actually thinking like. Did I get this wrong? Did the animations and voice acting? Are they actually much better than I originally thought? So the fact that it seems better to me, even if its only slightly better, is a big Improvement. I think thats going to add to my enjoyment of the game and secondly, just looking at how the game plays. It seems to play Smooth Im setting aside performance for a second. But what I mean is the game seems to flow really well going from one activity going into a dialogue going into combat. It seems to flow really well, it seems natural, it seems, seamless and you dont get some like jarring transition or anything that pulls you out of the immersion of the game and, as I said in the other, video immersion seems to be such a huge part of This game, for me, I imagine it is for other people.

A lot of people are coming by saying, like the game. Doesnt have to be perfect, it just has to be good or it just has to pull me into that. You know Wizarding World sort of feeling, and I feel like the more I see of this game, the more that seems to be true. There were so many gameplay reveals from different people who play I didnt watch them all and honestly I tried to watch as little as I could, because I didnt want to get too spoiled with the game myself, but just watching it I mean you just want to Walk around and explore the areas of the game and see you know whats available in the game world and it just like the exploration just its just so top notch, like I feel like. I just want to walk around and see every little detail of how towards Castle fly around in my broom get different angles, and I can see just spending hours really not accomplishing a lot in the game. You know what I mean where youre just like doing things that really dont progress, the game forward, because you just want to spend time in the world and I feel like thats, a really really good sign for this game. Another thing I want to say is that combat looks even better than I previously saw before we didnt get to see too much combat. We just got to see very specific clips now seeing it kind of in an unedited form where people are just showing the entire combat scenario and different scenarios where theyre using different spells and different encounters.

I definitely think its more Dynamic than I originally thought it. It looks like it plays fluidly. It looks like its easy to use after playing for spoken, which had like really good, combat, like theres other issues with that game, but the combat of the game was really good. I feel like this games, probably going to be on par with that in terms of combat that actually makes me really excited. I was watching the content I was like. Actually, I think Im gon na get excited to get into combat in this game, which is not something that I really thought I would be or was expecting to be. But it actually looks really exciting and I cant wait to like get in and use spells and throw them, and I think its just even better. I dont know also a lot more spells were showcased that players were using and it just it seems to give a lot of variety to what the player can do. They can stealth up on enemies. They can throw them off cliffs. They can attack them in different ways, and it just seems like its going to have a lot of variety in the ways you can do things again with the customization that I mentioned in the previous video being able to change the traits of your spells and, like Their duration and their effects, via your equipment and stuff like that, is really going to change up the way the Spells function, and I cant wait to see how that pans out in terms of like your style of play as a wizard or witch another thing.

Youre going to notice, as you watch through the different gameplays, is that the performance seems very good like if theres no stutters, you dont notice. Anything like that graphically the game looks good. The frame rate looks pretty good its hard to say exactly how itll be through the entire game, since we have just a snippet, but so far the performance of the game, which I think was a huge consideration for people, looks really good, and that makes me really Excited I plan to play the game on PS5, probably because of all the different pre order bonuses I mentioned in the previous video, but I think that looks really good. I think its going to play well with the SSD on there. The load time should be really good. I think, if youre playing this game on PS5 or probably Xbox series X, I think its going to play phenomenally piggybacking off that, though this leads me to the next point, and this is kind of a glaring point for me. Unless Im mistaken, I did not see any PC gameplay show all the gameplay I saw was PS5. I didnt see any Xbox gameplay, which maybe there was somebody had some Xbox, but I didnt see any PC gameplay unless theyre playing on PC with a PlayStation 5 controller. I didnt see any PC gameplay at all, and that really makes me wonder how the performance of this game is going to play on PC. Admittedly, I could be wrong.

There could be some PC gameplay footage out there, but just about all the big channels wholeheartedly advertise that theyre playing on PS5. This makes me really really worried about PC. Typically, when you see games promoted before launch, people are typically using PC builds because usually that plays the best you get better graphics, better performance on a top end, PC than youre gon na get for a console if youre getting better performance on a console – and you Want people to show it on a console? Typically, that means the PC performance isnt as good otherwise youd be showing PC. So again, maybe Im wrong here I dont 100 know. But if you just look over all the big channels, most of them advertise wholeheartedly than its PS5 gameplay. And we do know that the PC version of the game is going to use the Nuvo, which is a DRM copyright protection. And in my experience just about every single game that uses some sort of copyright protection like that slows the game down tremendously. You saw this in Elden ring, for instance, this is the first time they used an anti cheat software, and the performance on PC was actually worse than it was on Console at launch. So, Im really suspicious that the PC performance of this game, potentially because theyre using this you know DRM software in the game, will be a problem. There have actually been a few games in recent memory, like rise of the Tomb, Raider and Monster Hunter world that actually had this software in their PC version of the game at launch, but then later removed it because of so much complaints.

I would expect this is probably going to be the case with Hogwarts Legacy as well, simply because they probably want to get the sale at the launch of the game and once theyve probably figured enough people have bought it, theyll probably remove it, because theyll be less Worried about pirating after theyve already got those sales. Another thing you really notice when youre watching the gameplay is how you interact with the environment like theres. This part, where someones like repairing a bridge – and you know youre picking up things and doing puzzles on the landscape and its not like youre, just in a playground and youre doing things in the playground. It seems like your decisions and the things you do really affect the game World, which again adds to that immersion that I was talking about earlier. So, Im really happy to see that thats happening in the game as well, and I cant wait to see like what sort of impacts you can make on the game, its possible that you maybe make some decisions in the game that will change things permanently. One way or another – and I think thats really interesting – gives replay value to the game, and it also makes your playthrough play a little bit more special. In my opinion, because not everyone is going to have the exact same experience, and another thing we learned from the gameplay shown is that you cannot play Quidditch so thats unfortunate.

I was kind of looking forward to playing that in this game. Havent really heard much talk about it, but playing quidditch would have been great. In my opinion, I dont know if you guys played that old Harry Potter Quidditch game, but that was a lot of fun that would have added like a mini game inside this game. Maybe over time that will be added to the game. I expect this game to get content updates like that, since you know its probably a huge Endeavor to create this big world and all this stuff in it and I dont think theyre gon na try and create another one. You know what I mean I dont think youre going to see a Hogwarts Legacy too. Maybe you will someday, but I would expect over the next couple years, youre probably just going to see content updates, adding more and more to the game, more expansions, things like that. Taking this world and really building upon it of adding to it, so that, like you, know a couple years from now its an even better version of the game, also we found out that you can swim. I didnt know swimming would be part of this game. I never occurred to me after seeing the broom exploration walking around, but I guess you probably want to swim in the lake at some point and explore that so thats. Another thing, thats, really cool to this game, adds even more immersion youre going into that leg.

Checking things out just another cool thing: they added to the game was like when you discover that you could swim in sakuro uh. That was something that was not expected at all. I think from anyone and its definitely not something I expected in this game. For some reason, but it totally makes sense another thing: youll notice from the gameplay is that, like you, finally get to see some examples of like Puzzles and how they operate, and I think theyre really unique in this game. The way they did them because they are youre, obviously using magic when thats involved and youre not just getting this like typical, like pick a lock, which youve seen in like a hundred RPGs, which is kind of boring at this point. But now youre, seeing like different interactions with different spells, allowing you to solve different puzzles in different ways and its just really interesting and unique. In my opinion – and I think probably the last thing thats most telling about most of these. If you guys have seen the other gameplay and people that have commentary, is that everyone seems to have loved the game like if you listen to any of the commentary from any of the videos, almost everyone just says it flew by they wanted to keep playing. There was more to it and thats always a good sign in my opinion and thats. What Im seeing when I look at the gameplay too. I look at a game that you pick up on.

You know Friday night and you just binge play until four in the morning and then you wake up, eat breakfast start playing and you just get lost and those games are so few these days it has been, I think, the last game. That really did that. To me was midnight Suns and thats just because the gameplay, the combat of the game, was so good. But beyond that its been a really long time, probably since Ellen ring, where a game pulled me in so much that I just couldnt stop playing it. And these are really rare, and I think the fact that youre, seeing that is pretty much a consensus in the early impressions of the game, is quite amazing. And if you you know, if youre concerned like well, I dont know how its going to play through the whole game theres all always that, but the fact that after two hours you want to keep playing more. That is such a good sign. In my opinion, I think it would be a lot more alarming if that werent the case, so that kind of wraps up the things we learned. I think people should be more hyped for this game, except possibly PC players for the reason I mentioned, but I dont know what do you guys think? Have you seen the gameplay making you more excited Im, seeing people in comments saying they watched it now they really want to play. I feel like this was a good move by Warner Brothers getting this gameplay out there I mean a lot of this is like just raw gameplay people have put up.

You know its not edited to be some deceptive trailer, its just gameplay, and it looks better than what theyve shown before um. In my opinion, I think content creators have done a better job of showcasing the game. So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below Music Music.

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