Eversource Energy, Power outage, Connecticut, Winter storm Marshall Miles Interviews-Mitch Gross, Eversource: Managing Energy, and the upcoming possible storm

Thanks for having me, you know before we go on, i just want to talk about the project that you’ve just about completed, which was changing the the transmission poles uh that run basically across route 41 heading towards new york state all the way uh from uh the Uh falls village area, they really do blend in. I don’t know if this is the reason why it was done, but they blend into the scenery so now they’re not nearly as visible when you take a look at that view, overlooking uh silver lake and sharon and on beyond, but uh, and you got it done Much quicker than i thought, you’d get it done. Well, we’ve got we the guys and ladies, they know what they’re doing you know it was a matter of aesthetics but, more importantly, reliability. You know strengthening the system, upgrading the system and that’s, something where we’re always doing. You know we we serve uh 149 of the states of connecticut’s 169 communities and some 1.27 million customers. So it is a lot of work to do to keep the the keys to keep the system strong, uh in all kinds of weather conditions. Well, uh. What was the reason we’re speaking with mr mitch this morning? Is he pointed something out to me by sending me an email and that is uh eversource helping uh people manage energy course. You have a different uh. I guess new usage monitoring tools that uh that you want to talk about that’s right, the kill, a watt meter kit we have and actually we’re making them available to more than to about 200 public libraries around the state in sharon, at the hotchkiss library in salisbury.

At the scoville memorial library and to your listeners in north cayden, kanan, cornwall norfolk warren kent ocean. We have them available at libraries all over the place and the kilowatt kit. Basically, it’s a meter it’s, a meter that you plug into your electronic device and into the your outlet, and it gives you a real time look at how much power that particular device is using. So you may consider making some immediate adjustments because, as you know, marshall many many of us are still working from home going to school from home. And you know usage: electric usage is up across connecticut and this is a way to better educate yourself as to how much power you’re using and make adjustments. If you choose to do so, you know what’s interesting about this years ago, uh uh the program was implemented about uh using your uh, your appliances at uh non peak times. I remember yeah, wait till eight remember the way till late, yes, uh, and this is kind of a way to see what you have in your house, because nowadays uh what i’m 68 years old and there’s some things that i just don’t like and that’s. Like our our cable box, it never shuts off, there is no on off switch on it. Uh it’s it’s it’s, always on uh, and you can by i guess, by using a service like this. You can really see where you’re using the most energy from and how you might be able to adapt your lifestyle to still stay in the convenient way, but use less energy that’s exactly right and that and that’s the premise behind the program.

You know this, these, the the kit is basically the kilowatt meter which, by the way, if you’d like to take it beyond borrowing the kilowatt meter from your local library. These meters are available at big box stores, hardware stores all over the place and they retail from the simplest ones at around twenty dollars, retail to the ones with all these bells and whistles to up to upwards of a hundred dollars. I’Ve seen. But you know we’re making these available. We we really thought this is a great opportunity for customers to uh, be pro our customers to be proactive, to learn a little bit more about the the amount of energy they’re consuming and it’s a very easy way to do. It the kit contains the meter and a booklet with instructions on how to use the kit and what to look for now. These are all our area. Libraries locally. Are you? Are you just going to leave them there for uh for for the time being? Yes, for the foreseeable future they’re available, so we encourage our customers to use them, but, of course, contact the library first regarding up their operating hours during the pandemic, of course, and the availability of of the kilowatt meter and go from there. We hope they. We hope all of your robin hood radio listeners take advantage of this and what we’ve done uh when we’re finished with this interview, we’ll put it up on our on demand.

Page all people have to do is go to our on demand page. The interview section in this interview with mitch and uh it explains more about it and it even shows what the the kilowatt meter looks like. But another important thing which you did point out is: if you use this once and you like it, uh it’s available in a lot of different forms from 20 bucks on up from from big box retailers, or, i would just say uh, you would just have to Put kilowatt in kilowatt uh in your search bar and you’ll, find out where you can purchase one if you’d like to purchase one that’s, absolutely right, uh. You know they’re available online they’re available through hardware stores bit by big big box stores. I’M. Not here to push the sale of kilowatts believe it or believe marshall, but i’m encouraging we’re encouraging our customers. You know we’ve made these kits available at nearly 200 libraries across the state and you know take advantage of it. The the tool is available, uh to better uh, better educate you as a customer as to how much power you are using all right now before i let you go mitch, i have to you’ve, been you’ve, been with the power company for a long long time. Uh handling public relations and information to media. Have you ever seen a year like uh 2020, where in our area we had tropical storms and tornadoes and the weirdest weather events that really really affected the output of power in our area? I think it’s safe to say marshall, that none of us have seen weather like this.

In the many years i’ve been with eversource and have lived in connecticut, you know i, i think we all turn to meteorologists and climatologists to find out what’s going on, but we’ve really uh mother nature has really delivered uh a one two punch at times to us, Which you know as your electric company keeps us on our toes and hustling um. You know there’s. There have been some very tough times, but we’ve all we’ve, all gotten through them. You know it’s one of those things. I think i think you know people in the height of a moment get angry but it’s one of those things if you, if you take a look at the electrical grid and you take a look at a power company um, you can be 99 perfect, but that One percent over the course of let’s say 10 years. Uh seems like it’s it’s horrible. I mean i can’t. Imagine how tough it is to maintain the infrastructure of an electrical grid and the amount of money that you just go into, maintaining it and trying to keep it current it’s got to be in the millions and millions of dollars each year. It is absolutely in the millions and millions of dollars you know. As far as the the polls and wires along the streets across connecticut, we have nearly 18 000 miles of them that that’s a that’s, a huge responsibility that you know. We absolutely understand what our customers are expecting of us and that’s.

Why we’re we’re always out there, you know doing upgrade work. You mentioned the the transmission system, that’s that’s, another huge portion of our program, but there’s always there’s, always work being done and to be done and if there’s an issue we’ll get out there as quickly and safely as we can to take care of it. Well mitch. It’S great to talk to you – and hopefully i won’t – have to call you after some after some big storm, so we i mean we have the potential. We have a potential it’s, not really uh, set in stone yet for uh, either a little snow or a lot of snow monday and tuesday of next week. Things like that must must keep you guys up at night heading into the weekend. We are always watching the forecasts. We are always preparing for severe weather it’s part of the job. You know the men and women of eversource. You know we’re used to it, it’s all it’s, all part of the package when you, when you work for a utility well mitchell. I want you to have a good weekend and get some sleep, because you know who knows what’s going to happen monday and tuesday, but thanks for talking with us this morning anytime. Thank you for having me all right. Take care mitch gross from eversource energy, the kilowatt meter available at local libraries. If you want to borrow it and see how it shows you, your electric usage, and if you like it, you can find it at big box stores anywhere from 20 to 100 bucks.

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Eversource Energy, Power outage, Connecticut, Winter storm discusses preparations for nor'easter

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