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My name is clayton davis and the film awards editor at variety and i’m janelle reilly. The deputy awards and features editor at variety and we’re. Talking about the best picture contenders today at the golden globes, both drama and the commodore musical side, and it is an embarrassment of riches as we should always expect, and we have to just kick off things with noting me, not e the great film uh from the Isaac chung is not eligible in the drama race, so that won’t be mentioned during this time here, but we can kick things off with another great asian director chloe zowes nomadland, my mom says that’s your homeless is that true, no i’m, not homeless, i’m. Just houseless not the same thing: right, no beautiful, beautiful film about a woman who is displaced from her home of many years and becomes a nomad on the road led by the wonderful francis mcdormand. This is representation at the greatest core level that we look for. In hollywood, this is, you know, a movie about those types of people that feel under seen, but brought to you by an asian director with a point of view. That is just touching moving great performances across the board movie is just it’s gorgeous right behind nomed land. We have the trial of the chicago 7 aaron sorkins sophomore uh directorial feature. We want to underscore again that we’re coming to chicago peacefully, but whether we’re giving permits or not we’re coming insane cast sasha baranco, cohen, eddie, redmayne, frank langella it’s.

You know wonderful, true story about the people who they tried to convict for the riots at the 1968 democratic convention. Couldn’T feel more timely. Could it yeah yeah? I mean, like i mean great cass uh, terrific writing. Aaron torkin writes the script and you expect this to be at the top of many uh ballots, uh as their cast. Also over on netflix, we have david fincher’s, manx, wits, new york, playwright and drama creation, humble screenwriter, mr hurst. This is a business where the buyer gets nothing for his money, but a memory who doesn’t love a story about hollywood. Well, hollywood certainly does so. We could see this film, which is about hermann minkowitz, the writer of citizen kane or co writer with orson welles, depending on what you believe beautifully shot in black and white it’s david fincher it’s, a story of old hollywood. Amazing performances, never underestimate it more netflix. On the horizon, spike leads to five bloods welcome back to vietnam. It is not easy, came out back in june, sorry in delray lindo, the late chadwick bozeman and i think it really showcases all of spike’s great sensibilities as a as a filmmaker that he’s exhibited his whole career. But i think there’s, just like almost like a re falling in love with spike lee these days and all the films that he’s doing he’s really really stretching himself out as a filmmaker, and this is another great achievement for him. Another great ensemble over on another streamer.

Over on amazon, prime video, you can see one night in miami new heavyweight champion of the world, say champ, he don’t suppose you could sign an autograph yeah. Of course, man give him an autograph jim. Actually, mr cook, regina king’s, feature directorial debut about an imagined meeting between four legends and most of the action takes place in, as the title suggests, one night in a hotel room in miami based on the play by kent powers, who also adapts uh the film it Even expands beyond the play because you, you know the whole play takes place in the hotel room but regina, who just gets into a director’s chair with a surety and force in a way that not the directors that have been doing it for decades. Can’T do, but it is quite the addition to a year that has very timely themes regarding race equality and where we are as a country, but looking into the studios. The father from sony pictures classics, you’re living with your daughter at the moment. Yes, until she goes to live in paris, no dad why’d, you keep going on about paris, you told me no, i didn’t directed by florian zeller, stars academy, award winner, anthony hopkins and academy award winner olivia coleman, also based on a play, seems to be a theme. This year, where a man named anthony is going through, the early stages of dementia is losing his memory, and you really go on this ride with him through Music rooms in his house and where he is in time.

And you are just as disconnected confused and disjointed from reality as he is, and it’s it’s a tough sit for a lot, but it’s also brilliant construction of a film that i haven’t seen in quite some time. Another one of my favorite films of the year. Moving from the father to promising young woman, you remember what happened right, why i dropped out i’m, not the only one who didn’t believe it. We get accusations like this all the time i have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I am a huge huge fan of this movie from emerald finnell who’s writer, on killing eve. She has made a fierce funny, wonderful movie. It is absolutely savage in all the best ways. I actually expected it to be more divisive, but i’ve heard actually nothing but praise. I think it’s a wonderful performance. The film is loaded with them, it’s uh it’s, just a movie, unlike any other. The icing on the cake for this film is beau burnham and how amazing he is and how i hate how much i love him in this movie. Another movie, i would love for people to keep an eye on. I mean they obviously are because it’s being seen and the actors are doing well sound of metal over on amazon. A lot of praise for the lead performance by rizz ahmed and the supporting turn by paul racey, but i really think that should translate into some love for the film itself.

The movie just really puts you in the mind of someone who is going deaf and it’s a difficult sit for a lot of people, because you are just as stressed out as he is, but what an achievement and uh wrapping the drama side up. I can’t think of a film that has got punched me harder this year than judas and the black messiah from shaka king you’re, looking at 18 months for the stolen car five years for impersonating, a federal officer, Music or you can go home, starring, lakeith, stanfield, daniel Kaluya and the beautiful dominique fishbach, this film takes a look at fred, hampton’s murder by the fbi. That was pretty much caused and started by the infiltration of bill o’neil, who was played by lakeith stanfield, and it is 70s esque filmmaking from a second time director. This is one of the the big things everyone needs to keep an eye on, but now moving to the funny side who doesn’t love a good chuckle than borat subsequent movie film, the daddy has a lot to learn. My daddy is the smartest person in the whole flood world, one of my favorite films of the year in any category. I just think a fan of the first movie. I think this one is superior in every way, thanks to introducing this feminist angle via borat’s daughter, tootar played by, i think the year’s breakout star maria baccalova, so funny so clever, so smart um. I really really adore this film she’s, like the it girl right now.

She’S just she’s just fantastic uh, but people love to laugh, but people also love to sing, and that goes to netflix’s the Music. It can promo done. Uh big bold, beautiful, cass, meryl streep, nicole kidman ariana debose, who is just like amazing in it james corden, directed by ryan murphy, who who’s done some dark angled. You know television shows and and films like american horror story and uh running with scissors. But this is ryan murphy at his best it’s his best moment he recreates broadway he’s, really in the zone here and speaking of broadway. This is where hamilton will be eligible, because it’s not eligible at the oscars found a father without a father got a lot farther by working a lot harder by being a talk about a celebration of broadway. Putting this on streaming on disney plus was one of the big gifts you know during the pandemic, and it absolutely held up and even sort of elevated. You know it wasn’t, just a film play: they they shot it very smartly yeah they shot over a three day period, uh towards uh the end of pretty much all their runs of the original cast. Jonathan groth actually was already gone at. That point came back to to play his role of the king, who we love so much. But hamilton brings about the conversation that hollywood’s been avoiding for some time. The distinction between film and television and the fact that golden globes accepted this as a film and the oscars would not.

This now elevates that conversation and really seeing the lines blurred between everything but hamilton is is definitely in the mix, but along with that uh another streamer on the rocks from sofia coppola, so dean’s going away a lot huh on business trips. Dad raise your hand if that sounds fishy. He’S, not like you re teamed with bill murray, funniest ever rasheeda jones, marlon wayne’s, just so great in in a comedy, by the way, where he’s not doing the comedy he’s the dramatic heft of the comedy. But it is a love letter to new york city. I adore this movie and it’s such an easy breezy watch speaking of easy breezy watches, but at the same time, with moments of great stress palm springs, it’s, one of those infinite time loop situations you might heard about that. I might have heard about yeah the second. You fall asleep, it all just goes back to the start. It openly pays homage to uh groundhog days to also starring bill. Murray um done really well with the critics and audiences, and i could definitely see it landing a space here. Oh, i mean it’s hilarious, andy, sandberg, kristen miliadi is so great in it as jk simmons, fantastic screenplay by andy sierra everything that we are doing is meaningless. I hope it’s not all meaningless and that’s it. For this edition of awards circuit once again, i’m janelle o’reilly deputy awards and features editor at variety and i’m clayton davis film awards editor at variety thanks.

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