Superyacht Are SuperYacht YouTubers Getting fired? Why I am anonymous

Is it linked to them having youtube channels in your opinion, and should they have been more discreet, like you so um? What the question is talking about is obviously Tristan Mortlock. The captain left Awol recently and theres. Another youtuber called the supe, the crew chef. I think shes called she left her. I didnt know this and i looked it up, but she she left her job recently and apparently they requested that shed take all the videos down that shed posted of that had the yachts name in it and the yacht in the background or something and and should They be more discreet like me, so i i dont think theres really a right answer to this question. When i started youtubing it wasnt it wasnt a business decision. It wasnt, like hey im, going to be a youtuber. I i had a youtube channel which i used to post car videos on and it was just for fun and i kind of discovered by accident really that there was an interest in the superyacht industry or in superyachts in general. But when i was working on a boat and i posted a video – and it was really well received and thats how i got started, but at the time there was nobody else really doing it. There was just me, and there was um yachts for sale, and we were i actually bumped into him at the Monaco Yacht Show, and he said to me at the time he said you realize theres.

Nobody else in this sector on youtube its just you and me and um, and it was true that there was nobody else doing what what i was doing. So i was really nervous that it was going to affect my position, my job, because in general, when you join a boat, you sign a you sign, a non disclosure agreement and youre not allowed to post on social media. You know where you are, where youre going to be anything about the boat, anything about the owners and stuff like that and – and i still adhere by that, NDA – that any any boat i work on and do not post where i am. I do not post who i work, for i do not post the name of the boat and ive done that, because i wanted to make sure that, if even when anybody, i worked for or worked with found out that i was making youtube videos because at the Beginning i was able to keep it quiet because it was such a small channel. It wasnt really anybody on board who knew i was doing it, but i wanted to make sure that if it was discovered by an employer that they could see that i wasnt posting about their yacht and ive always kept to that now, whether thats the right answer Or not, i dont know if thats the right way to do it in for me its the right way to do it, because that, because, in actual fact, in the last few years it has come to light on a boat, i worked on that.

I was filming and they were almost fired me on the spot uh because they found out that i was youtubing, but then, when they looked at the channel they could see there was nothing on there about the yacht. I worked on so i was able to keep my job now. The other people tristan obviously had permission to film on board awol when it was owned by the previous owner. I dont know the deal with the the yacht chef. I dont know anything about her um, but she clearly well. I would say that she must have got permission for her to film at the time, but and then, when she left her job, for whatever reasons they decided that it didnt want to her to have that footage of their boat on her channel. I would imagine in the future when she makes future videos she will. She will probably hide the name of the future boat that she works on for the same reason, because she wont want to have that happen again right so down. So the question of: is it better to stay anonymous its tricky? Really, there are some other youtubers now out there that are filming from superyachts and they are obviously doing it with the permission of the yacht owner or the or the yacht company. But as you saw with the yacht chef or the crew chef, and it can get tricky, if you do it because then all of a sudden theyre asking her well, we dont want our stuff on your channel anymore, so its tricky and thats i mean i would Love nothing more to work on a yacht where they actively wanted me to film stuff about the boat, but as you can see that, even when they give you permission initially, they can at any moment take that permission away and it can be tricky for your channel.

I think the crew chef she had to take down like 15 videos or something i think, shes reposting them edited with the with the names blurred out and stuff like that, but yeah its tricky, its a its a very secretive industry. You know im a pioneer really. I was a pioneer really and in in the sense that i didnt know i was figuring it out as i went along and i just thought initially. If you go back to the beginning of my youtube channel, my yachting channel, though i wasnt, even in the videos and thats the way i liked it, i didnt feel comfortable in the camera on camera, and i just wanted to film what i saw, and so there Was a lot of videos of me walking around a marina talking about what i could see and uh and you know, but you dont know you dont know who i am you dont know where i work, and that was the way i decided to go forward, whether Thats the right way i dont know but uh like i said that i would love to work on a yacht that allowed me to film, but as youve seen from the crew chef its tricky. If you are uh thinking about, if youre working in the yachting industry and youre thinking about youtube um, let me know what you think: if youve had any conversations with any yacht management companies about this, i know there was a chap a while ago.

I saw some comments when he said he was trying to get a job and he he was telling them in the interview stage that he was a youtuber and they were all telling them that they didnt want to employ him and so yeah. That is a very out of all the yachts that are out there, the amount of yachts that would want actively want you to be filming on board and posting on the internet. I think its probably less than one percent of all the super yachts that are out there and, unfortunately, for me i ive you know over the years ive ive not found many boats that allowed me to film on board so uh. I you know, i would like nothing more to be able to bring you that kind of content where im on board a yacht and im filming and stuff, but it just doesnt really happen so ive had to navigate it. The way i have ive kept my name from my channel because i dont want um. I dont want it to impact a future job applications where my name would be known by people. You know so without even seeing my channel, they say. Oh that name. Oh, that guys a youtuber, so i didnt want to have that in my you know, blocking potentially me from getting jobs in the industry, so yeah its a tricky one. I dont think theres a right answer. Um. I think that the youtubers that have done it are finding out that it can be complicated but yeah, hopefully theyll.

Both you know, move to boats where theyre able to film or theyll find a way to to navigate the landscape moving moving forward. All right guys thanks very much for watching, be sure to comment below.

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