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We have the biggest football game of the year right around the corner. We have the super bowl and guess who’s in the super bowl again right yeah, you know we all know tom brady is in the super bowl again. How old is this guy? He is about 43 about 43, this year, 2021 and um. He is just doing fantastic. He is one of the most decorated athletes elite athletes out there with a record a resume six super bowls under his helmet, and so i wanted to take a moment and figure out: he’s 43 he’s going stronger than ever he’s in the super bowl again um. While that is a little bit older for the nfl for such a punishing sport, it’s not old by today’s standards, it’s, not nearly as old as i am, but you know what can we learn from from some of these athletes? One thing that we know about tom brady and his wife gizelle a little just a cute little couple. They are primarily plant based. So i wanted to tackle that. Subject, look at what’s happening out there in the world of elite athletes and just explore that a little bit this week, so tom brady and his wife gisele have personal chefs and one of the chefs um. This was a few years back had done quite a few interviews. Uh a noted one was with this particular chef. Alan campbell worked with tom on his lifestyle brand it’s called tb12 it’s, a lifestyle, nutrition diet brand.

They developed some recipes together in some of these interviews. He explained a little bit more and he stated that they eat up to 95 plant based which was a match for him. He had done uh stints in hotels and restaurants and then really saw the value of plant based nutrition and diet, so he extended his culinary education through cornell, which has a class taught by t colin campbell. Now, if that name sounds familiar it’s, because t colin campbell is a phd in nutritional biochemistry he was the one that authored the china study. The china study is a book heavy book research book. With a lot of statistics. I have a link to that below. In the description, but it compared the diets between traditional chinese populations, which is heavy rice, vegetables, too, and comparing chronic diseases and things like that. Cancer rates to the standard american diet, which, as we know, is very heavy on animal based products like meat, dairy eggs. Things like that through some of these interviews, with their chefs, of course, you’re never going to know how celebrities athletes eat unless you’re having breakfast and dinner with them. From some of these interviews, we know a little bit more. He said that they really stick to almost a complete plant based diet. Just some differences tom doesn’t eat strawberries. We learned that for the most part they eat whole food plant based they stay away from processed foods, pretty pretty elite eating as far as comparing it to any kind of traditional diet.

So let’s dig a little bit deeper and look at some of these athletes that are vegan whole food plant based because there’s a reason why there’s kind of this rise of elite athletes that are doing whole food plant based veganism rich role, is one of them. Rich rule is considered one of the uh world’s fittest: men um. If you look at the resume on him, you can see why he’s completed the ultraman been a top finisher in the ultraman a couple of times and what is the ultraman it’s invitation only, and certainly normal people don’t get invited to this it’s three days 320 miles Of running swimming biking with vertical climbs up to 6 000 feet, so obviously one of the world’s fittest, man he’s, also done some other insane things. So he’s often said that the whole food plant based nutrition helps his recovery. It helps him uh with the endurance just uh becoming a better athlete so he’s. Definitely one to look up. Ritual he’s got all sorts of podcasts and he’s uh he’s a big believer. Big promoter, passionate promoter of the lifestyle. So if you want to get into the ultraman, maybe uh maybe check that out. You’Ve got lewis hamilton. He is the formula one world champion five times over. You have venus and serena williams, the tennis stars. You have carl lewis, one of the fastest men on the planet, the olympian track star, oh the world’s, strongest man, patrick boobamian.

I would love to call him to help me move. He is germany’s strongest man. This guy looks like an ox, but he’s got just a heart of gold. I’Ve seen a couple of interviews with him. He has a couple of guinness book of world records. He did one insane thing where he he walked with uh 1260 pounds 1260 pounds. He walked across the stage he’s vegan and has been for many years. He credits his strength with, with his diet, someone to check out i’ll, throw a few pictures up here. Speaking of strong men and bodybuilders, some of the uh, the most let’s call them buff it’s called ripped some of the most ripped guys on the planet. Uh mystery universe would be one barney. I will throw some pictures up nema delgado. He is also one of the most decorated bodybuilders out there today and if you want to ask the question the age old question that plant based vegans get of the concern very concerned question: where do you get your protein? These would be great guys to ask because they do not get any protein from animal products they’re all 100 plant based if you’re interested in these athletes and some of their really specific stories. I would highly recommend the documentary called the game, changers it’s on netflix, and it has interviews with doctors. It gets into the science the biochemistry of the efficiency of plant based versus animal based, uh nutrition. There is the producer of it.

His name is james wilts. You may have heard his name before he was a decorated, uh mixed martial artist and he started doing a lot of research. He did like seven years, research and interviews put together with the help of a lot of other heavy hitters. This documentary a lot of other people in the sports industry and so it’s very interesting, it’s, very eye opening check it out. It’S called the game changers as we look at these top athletes, the most elite physical specimens on the planet, the most ripped bodybuilders, the like a tom brady he’s in the super bowl. Once again, what we want to do is figure out what we can learn from this. So what are the takeaways for normal people like you, and i one of the critical things i want to mention in this video is that, even though all of these guys and women are primarily plant based, so technically they’re a vegan, a vegan is not necessarily what You want to go for and here’s why, with a vegan diet, you can also have a a junkie diet, so we want to call it a junk free, vegan whole food plant based with a vegan diet. Technically, you could have french fries, you could wash it down with beer and then you could have oreos so technically that’s a vegan that’s, not what these these athletes are doing, that’s an important distinction for me personally. It just has given me so much more energy.

My numbers are, my labs are fantastic, and so these are just the kinds of things. Hopefully i will prevent any kind of chronic disease that are so common today, i’m doing everything that i can and i think that’s. What we want to strive for is just to be the best that you can be it’s a journey for everybody. In the meantime, i’m going to get to my appetizers for a little scaled down super bowl party – and let me know if you have any questions at all let’s get inspired and let’s.

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