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I you know i don’t even follow this or know what’s going on with it. But if you look on twitter, i did see these tweets overnight. Elon said: first, dogecoin is the people’s crypto no need to be a giga chad to own uh. He tweeted other things. Just like no highs, no lows only doge again doge was originally this made up crypto. It was it’s got this dog for a symbol. You know it’s. What are those dogs called the shiba inus that dog for the symbol there’s another one? He tweeted saying you’re welcome with a picture of him his face on rafiki the monkey from the lion king holding up simba with a face of the doge dog on it so stuff, like that still kind of out there. He also mocks the shorts with some of his tweets overnight. He said i am become meme destroyer of shorts. So again, this uh fight against the shorts kind of carrying on through elon musk, with his tweets overnight hi and welcome back to swedish trade. Today is february 6th and i just wanted to talk about dogecoin and whether or not, if it’s a goodbye, but before i continue just want to. Let you know that i am not a financial advisor. This is just for entertainment purposes. Only also if you are planning to switch platforms right now, weibo is offering two free stocks, one. When you sign up and one more when you deposit 100, you can always take the money back when you get your free stocks.

If you are interested, i will go ahead and leave my link down below let’s. Just take a look at the one week charts so one week, it’s up 113. I think i did a video a week and a half ago when elon musk tweeted a picture, and i will show you that picture right now. This was a picture that caused dogecoin to go up from .03. All the way to .08 elon musk is known for moving stock prices and cryptocurrency prices as well. So he’s done this several times in the past, with dogecoin on december 20th 2020. He tweeted one word doge. With this tweet, he was able to make dogecoin go up by 20 may 1st 2020 elon tweeted. That tesla shares were too high and what happened once he tweeted that it dropped as much as 12. And this was on a friday by the way – and i panicked and i sold all my shares at a loss and then it recovered on monday. But i already took that loss, but now i know how powerful his treats are just lately. In the past couple of days, he’s been tweeting about dogecoin, which was able to drive dogecoin from a low of .03 to its current price of 0.05, and i will show you those streets right now, so this was 16 hours ago. This is a poll of the future currency of earth, either dogecoin to the moon or all other crypto combined and then he’s also tweeted on february, 4th no highs, no lows only doge and then another tweet dogecoin is a people’s crypto, and then he has this of Himself with a dog and then february 3rd doge at first, i thought into his count, but this sounds like elon musk.

It sounds like something he would do so i definitely missed out on a lot of gains. On december 19th, i sold 127 000 worth of dogecoin at .00’69 right now, it’s trading at .05, so i missed roughly 11 000 profits and i’ve only invested 500 in this. So i sold it the day before elon musk tweeted, one word doge. That was his tweet. That day, if i had just waited patiently, i would have made that amount of profits just with 500. So when i initially bought in it was back back in july and i bought it because of elon musk. He also tweeted in july, so he’s been tweeting about dogecoin for a very long time and i bought it had a high price. You can see it’s point zero, zero, four, zero, seven six and then i kind of averaged down a little bit. So right here was point: zero, zero, three five one five right! So what i’m trying to say is it’s not too late to get in and i’m i’m planning to get back in shortly, it’s, just because i’m very frustrated that i missed so much gains that i went from zero, zero, three, nine six, nine all the way to Point zero five, so for me, it’s a little different, but for those people that have not entered into dogecoin and are planning to it’s, not a bad price. If you, you don’t, even have to make a big investment into dogecoin for you to make money, because this can easily go up to point 10 or above, as you can see here back in december, it was worth .

00’69, so it’s, not too late, and also, if Elon keeps tweeting about dogecoin, it will just make more people buy into dogecoin and for dogecoin to go up. There needs to be a lot of buying pressure, so, as you can see that it did go up 10 today because of his tweet, so that did help if he continues to keep treating. This can, like, i said, easily go 2.10 because last week there was a big jump from .02 all the way to .08, and that was back in january 28. So you can see it was 0.0389 all the way to 0.0880, and everyone was talking about dogecoin. That day, so everybody was pouring their money into dogecoin, which drove the price to .08 and i’m thinking that people just took their profits because they don’t need to invest so much money into george coin. To make a lot of money, as you can see, i’ve missed about seven thousand dollars in gains. Let me know in the comments below, if you already have dogecoin or if you’re planning to buy dogecoin, and if you got this far, please don’t forget to like subscribe and comment down below. It would help out my channel out greatly thanks so much hi there. If you are interested in helping out the channel, you can sign up for weibo if you haven’t already, they are currently offering two free stocks. Now it used to be four, so you don’t want to wait until it gets to one free stock or no stocks at all.

So you get one free stock. When you open up a weeble accounts and when you deposit, 100 or more, you get one more free stock, which is valued between eight dollars and sixteen hundred dollars. And if you are transferring from another brokerage, they will reimburse you the fees up to one hundred dollars, and you will also receive a complimentary three month subscription to level two events, nasdaq total view from the day you sign up so guys.

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