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I appreciate it and subscribe to upshot if you haven’t done that already so let’s look at these tweets first, because we know elon musk has been a fan of dogecoin and the first one was on december 20th of 2020 and it was a simple tweet. One word doge, and then you know over through january, as doshcoin started to go up. Elon was pretty quiet until that clubhouse interview, and i showed that in a previous video and in that he kind of was saying he had to be careful what he said, because he didn’t want to influence the market. He said that dogecoin was created as a joke, but then also you know was was promoting it as well and then on february 4th he added a few more tweets, and here those are and in those tweets first he showed a rocket ship going to the moon, Followed by one word doge: what do you think? That means then a little bit later, also on february, 4th no highs, no lows only doge followed by dogecoin is the people’s crypto and then finally no need to be a giga chad to own. I think he knows that this is a big deal, so is elon really the puppet master behind this whole gathering behind dogecoin well, let’s. First, take a look at how dogecoin is being accepted, because many people don’t even know that you can use dogecoin now to buy lots of things. So we’ll take a look at a website that shows that and then we’ll take a look at that wallet that people are talking about and is that really elon musk so let’s take a look so a lot of people don’t even know that you can use dogecoin.

Now to buy goods and services so here’s a website i found called and i’ll leave a link in the description below uh to this page. It actually lists merchants for a lot of different cryptocurrencies, but this page is specifically for dogecoin and does coin is accepted, at least on the number of merchants that are listed on this website and over a thousand different places, and so this website is really merchants can Put their companies up on this website, it’s sort of as a promotion, so this isn’t, all the companies that you can use dogecoin for these are just the ones that have listed their companies on this website, but over a thousand companies already accepting dogecoin most people. Don’T know that – and i mean that’s great and as far as popularity of different cryptocurrencies uh by these merchants, dogecoin comes in in seventh bitcoin, first ethereum, second, like wing third bitcoin cash, four here’s dogecoin and seventh. So you know that’s pretty good from the merchant side. They’Re they’re accepting dogecoin, so i you know this isn’t, just a joke or a meme, at least as far as these merchants are concerned, because they’re accepting that as payment now also, we want to talk about this wallet. So if you haven’t heard already a lot of buzz across the internet about this particular wallet, it has this address and i’ll leave a link to this page in the description below as well. But the one thing about blockchain and ledgers and wallets is that, although it’s all anonymous, which is great for a decentralized system, it all can become public knowledge and it can be checked and verified, but again it’s anonymous.

You don’t, really know whose wallet this is. But what you will see, though, is that this wallet has over 36 billion dogecoins, so that is about 28 of all of the available dogecoins are in this one wallet and right now it has a value of 1.6 billion dollars. Now, how many people can afford to have a 1.6 billion dollar wallet that’s a good question so as we scroll down on this page, you’ll see over time from february 5th 2019, when the first dogecoin purchase was made with this wallet up until the present day? How many dogecoin has been in the wallet as well as what the value of the wallet has done over time and then there’s a listing of every transaction associated with this wallet? So you can go all the way back to the bottom and you can see here february 5th 2019. There was a purchase of 100 doshcoin at a price of 0.0018 and that george coin was sold, followed by another purchase on february 11 of 11 000 dogecoin. And then there was a sale of 9 000. But then there was a purchase of a billion, and that happened on february 12, 2019 and then whoever owns this wallet, you can scroll up and you can see how the wallet has grown over time. Most recently, on february 4th, there was here two billion dogecoin that were purchased, which took the total number from 34 billion dogecoin to 36 billion.

Since then, there have been a lot of these small little additions to the wallet, and this is where the cryptic part of trying to figure out what’s going on with this wallet comes in, and is this really elon musk now? This could just be some big exchange wallet. You know anybody can send dogecoin to a wallet, and this could be just be a bunch of people having fun sending you know. Small amounts of dogecoin to this wallet to sort of play on you know, is this elon musk or not elon musk, but there’s. A lot of very interesting numbers in here and there’s a lot of internet sleuths, trying to dig in and try and figure out like. Is this really elon, musk or not there’s? A lot of sort of repetitive kind of additions or purchases that have key numbers, which tend to maybe point to elon hard to say so, i’ll see if i can find one that points to elon musk’s birthday yeah here it is right here january 31st, 06, 28, 1971. that’s elon’s birthday right there. So is this a little message i don’t know uh there’s a number of odd ones: there’s 666, there’s, 69 there’s 420. These are all numbers that mean stuff on the internet and you can look all that up but of more interest right now are these three that were made on february 3rd, which 0.0205 2021. so that’s today as i’m? Recording this video february 5th there’s three consecutive purchases or additions to this wallet but there’s also a 666 in here as well.

So, if someone’s being funny or cryptic – or this all means something i don’t know but 205 2021 rocket ships to the moon. Is this pointing to some big announcement, that’s going to happen on the 5th of february and what bigger thing could if this is really elon? Could elon do but say i’m going to accept dogecoin for tesla cars, so that’s? What this is about? It’S a lot of hype we’re having a lot of fun with it, but it could be real as well. You never know well. Elon musk is the ceo of the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the united states branching around the world as well, and with these cryptic messages about february 5th is a statement maybe going to come out about tesla accepting dogecoin and what would happen if, indeed, that statement Came out would dogecoin rocket to the moon. Is that what elon’s trying to say to us i don’t know what do you guys think also, what would you think about paying in dogecoin to buy a tesla car? I think that would be pretty cool anyway. These are all kind of guesses. On my part, you know we don’t know for sure whether that wallet is owned by elon musk, and all of this could just be a big game, but a lot of people are taking this seriously and investing their real money into dogecoin. So, who knows where this might go? It’S, certainly interesting to follow.

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