NFL, Bowl game, Overtime, Super Bowl LV, National Football League Playoffs, 2021, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots, American football MADDEN 11 BUCCANEERS VS. CHIEFS SUPER BOWL 55 SIMULATION!

, of course, between the tampa bay, buccaneers and kansas city chiefs. In this one we will be playing it in texas just so we can get the super bowl broadcast of madden 11.. So bear with me on that one and we flipped another coin to see who we’re going to be playing with in tonight’s video and a guinness. The chiefs, so we start off with a big streak of tampa bay, buccaneers playing, and then we go on a streak with the chiefs. I promise you i’m flipping a coin and it just worked out this way so we’re here for madden 11, the pregame show is so much better than it is in today’s game. I mean look at this. We have this side by side comparison of the two quarterbacks in tonight’s ball: game, it’s, matt castle versus josh freeman, oh, my goodness, the matchup we have got and folks, if you have not yet make sure to subscribe button down below for more madden classic sims. Here on the channel right here morris is your head coach of the buccaneers. It is a throwback here tonight and let’s get it underway, so the buccaneers will start off with the football josh freeman will hand it off to carnell williams, he’s back, given the half back draw for a gain of six to start us off in this ball game. Third and six now for tampa bay, freeman again up the gun, looking to throw he’s gon na roll to his right.

He’S got some time and he will pick up the first down. Josh freeman gon na use his feet for the first, but now it’s a third and eleven for tampa freeman out of the gun, looking to throw left side, it’s a contested pass and it will be incomplete. So the kansas city chiefs will get the football, and here comes matt castle on a second and seven jamal charles is in the backfield and they’re gon na give it straight to him charles gon, na pick up about five on the ground to set up now. For a third and two from the 44 yard line castle, gon na drop back looking to throw matt castle, it is batted down at the line segment now for a fourth and two where the chiefs are gon na, go for it so castle, looking to throw rolling To his right, he dumps it off. He’S got his fullback, it will be leonard, pope and pope will pick up the first down and a gain of 19 through the air for the chiefs, but now they got a third and 15 from the 31 castle. Gon na drop back look to throw he’s gon na step up in the pocket. He’S gon na look to run matt castle. Looking for the first, oh, he follows the football it looks like he might have had the first down, but instead he’ll fumble and now the bucks get the ball back at the 16 josh freeman gon na drop back look to throw he’s gon na go for it.

All again, freeman it’s gon na be incomplete and we will now head in the second quarter, still with the score zero to zero, just a defensive matchup. So far i mean only 10 total yards for tampa. So now the chiefs have it at the 36 yard line. It’S, a third and one format castle: they go counter and yeah that’s going nowhere. Jamal charles blown up in the battlefield it’s now, fourth and three for the chiefs they’re going wild cat charles gon na keep out the wildcat and it’s gon na go nowhere. They’Re gon na lose yards and the buccaneers will turn them over on downs, so that’s a 38 for tampa from the 45 yard line, freeman gon na drop back. Oh, i thought that might have been a fumble. Instead, they say the arm’s going forward. They punt the ball to the chiefs of the 28 yard line is matt castle gon na dump it off to his man that will be gerham urban for the first down a play later. Matt castle just hurts his ankle um on a handoff, so yeah brody croyle’s. In the game now for a third and ten he’s gon na look to throw rolling to his right um, somehow he gets it off to jamal charles charles stays in bounds, picks up the first down: okay, brody croyle magic let’s, get it going first and ten for Croil he’s gon na look over the top to dwayne beau, his first catch of tonight’s ball game it’s, a pretty good ball thrown by croyle as well.

We’Re gon na keep in the ball game for a little bit more it’s, a first intent for the offense jamal. Charles gon na get the handoff up the middle jamal, charles no safety, dp’s gon na get in jamal charles in the end zone, it’s the first score of the game and the chiefs are up seven to nothing. Here comes tampa, though 40 seconds left here in the half josh freeman looks over the middle he’s got his receiver. It will be antonio bryant for the first. They get it now at the 41 yard line freeman again looking to throw he’s got time, the puck and he said it right. Side got kellen winslow for the first down and more, it will be down out to the 12 yard line. Give him a gain of 29 same now for another first and ten for tampa freeman. Looking he’s gon na run, maybe i don’t know he’s stuck behind the line, somehow he’s still on his feet: okay, josh freeman, picks up seven it’s, the second and three. Now, for the bucks, with 12 seconds, freeman rolling out yeah josh freeman, the mobile quarterback runs it in for six, as the buccaneers will tie this game up as we head into halftime. We are all knotted up still at seven to seven again, not much offense, but we do still have a thai football game. Hey guess: who’s back back again, matt castle’s back in the ball game here for a third and 12 in the second half he’s gon na throw from zone 28 he’s gon na get off to urban.

Down to i don’t know about the 40 let’s get a spot here and the chains – oh my goodness, he’s, just like yeah, oh a couple inches. They will keep the offense out in the field for the chiefs, because why not i mean i think you got ta. Go for it, let’s ask madden what does good old jonathan madden think we should do well. Let’S go here out the goal line. Oh my at the ‘ yard line. It is a gutsy call in this game. Matt castle gon na line up they’re going for he’s gon na hand. The ball off he’s got his man it’s the fullback. It is mike cox for the first down two now in tampa territory. Down to the 40. they’re gon na hand, the ball off here on a third and two not to jamal charles instead is going to thomas jones. He doesn’t get the first down, but instead there’s a face mask on the defense on brian price. We’Ll. Take it kc! Now, down to the 26 yard line third and 10, however, for the chiefs castle out the gun looking to throw rolling to his right, he’ll dump it off to dwayne bow bow, will not pick up the first down he’ll be down at the 21 yard line, thus Bringing out the kicking team for the chiefs it’s a 38 yard field goal the kick from ryan’s suck up the current buccaneer it’s up and it’s good suck up hits it.

Of course, the buccaneer in real life will give the chiefs a 10 to 7 lead. But here comes josh freeman, the offense, and here comes carnell williams. He’S been a superstar so far of our entire series going from madden 6 to now and carnell williams will pick up the first down as we now head into the fourth quarter, where the chiefs to stop by three ten to seven. So here comes the second and three for the buccaneers. Now at midfield freeman they hand the ball off to carnell williams again, and williams will pick up yet another first down, give him a game seven on the ground. Second and eleven. Now, though, for tampa freeman looking to throw he’s got all day in the pocket up the middle goddess man for the first down, it will be mike williams for the first down to the 31 yard line again freeman up the gun looking to throw over the middle Okay, that’s a different williams, not carnell, not mike. It is demario williams with the interception. The chiefs have it with three minutes left but it’s. Now, a third and five for matt castle he’s got ta pick up the first down rolling to his right. He’Ll dump it off somehow he picks up the first. Oh, my the pass to terence copper, it’s, the first down down to the 33 jamal charles looking for more in a second and eight. However, he will lose a yard, so sets up now for a big third down.

But here are your players of the game so far, matt castle, 78 yards sure all right ‘ for the chiefs from the 32 yard line castle looking to throw over the top? Oh, he had a man, but he overthrows him and the buccaneers will get a shot. A minute 49 left in this game, josh freeman from the 21 yard line, look in the throat going for the deep ball we’re there, oh it’s, incomplete second and ten. Now for tampa bay, empty shotgun for freeman he’s looking to throw to his right – oh my goodness, we could add another to mario williams pick instead it’s off the hands sets up for a third and ten for freeman from the 21. he’s got time in the pocket. He has to get it away. Fourth, and ten for tampa and they’re punic, again: okay, a questionable decision by the buccaneers, the chiefs will get the football back and the buccaneers are banking on their defense. Getting a stop. They need a three and out to stay in this one, but it’s a third and 12 for castle from the 35. They need to stop here. Castle floater jamal charles has got it for the first down and more down the sidelines: 20. 15 10 5 end zone and jamal charles will end it here in texas. What a clutch play to get that ball off from matt castle and charles will come down with it, and the kansas city chiefs win the super bowl matt castle with the gatorade shower and they’ve done it and hey it’s a different celebration than what we have right.

Now, because in madden currently what we’ve said, the same super bowl celebration for oh, i don’t know six years and it’s different here in madden 11. I don’t know how it compares to the other mountains, because you’ve got to play franchise to get to that point. In the previous ones, here in mountain life – and you can go straight to the super bowl, unlike 910 man, you can’t play the super bowl. Again, you got to go through franchise. You got to get to the super bowl from there, so we got a celebration. Matt castle is victorious lifting up his man, of course, right there, dwayne, beau and jamal charles wins the pete roselle trophy. He is the super bowl mvp and folks. I will leave you guys here with the rest of the super bowl celebration, because it goes on for another two minutes. You’Re gon na see the chiefs party in the streets of kansas city and you’re, also gon na see them go to the white house as well. Something that i don’t know why they’ve taken out like the entire process. Again, you could just have them, do a parade. But, of course madden will never do that again because they simply don’t care about these types of games, because it doesn’t make them 50 to open a bundle of packs and ultimate team, but that’s a story for another day. So folks, i’ll leave you with the super bowl celebration again folks, thank you all for watching make sure to subscribe button down below for more and mama forever Applause.

But while one team is covered in the confetti of triumph, the beauty of sport is that there can only be one champion for the losing team it’s heartbreaking to give so much to get so close and to come up empty. You simply can’t quantify how much this victory means to these players, how much it means to this city and how important it is to all these loyal fans that year in and year out, give their passionate support. So many superstar players never made it to this pinnacle.

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