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Nominations we’ll be talking about a new disney streaming bundle and much more, but before we get into any of that, make sure you do hit that subscribe button to keep up with the latest disney plus news hi everyone it’s roger here from it’s wednesday, it’s time To jump into summer’s, day’s disney plus news, so let’s start off with the big one. Um looks like we’re going to be seeing war machine in the falcon and the winter soldier series, because don chadel has appeared on a podcast this weekend. The bro bible’s post credit podcast, where he confirmed that he would be appearing in the show he said that’s, some of the fun of the mcu that we all get to show up in each other’s stories. And there are ways that we’re cross platforming these characters and they become storylines, sometimes in the movies, and then these stories in the movies become story lines in the shows, it’s a really a fun and interesting and by all imaginations, completely open ended. This can go anywhere. It’S great, i can’t wait to get in the room with the writers and come up with how all those things which connecting to the armored war series in the mcu will happen. You know rhodey shows up in the winter soldier and falcon show, so it can be a lot. He also confirmed the podcast they’re going to be starting to write the new marvel studio series i’m, a war.

Soon, they kind of want to can see how they can all connect it up with the mcu, the shows and stuff and how they can bridge it all. I think this is definitely a fantastic thing, with the series bringing characters in from the movies, even if it’s just for a brief cameo can really help kind of connect it to the larger mcu. Something that we didn’t see with agents of shield and like the daredevil shows and all that they were kind of off on their own thing, and we see much more um connection between them and that’s exactly what we want. Um it’s kind of one of those things that people kind of may be saying well it’s a bit spoilerish telling us that he’s gon na be in it. But this is the actor himself saying he’s in it. So that’s not really something we can sort of say about that. There are some other reports coming out recently that one division is also going to have a really big um kind of special moment, like we saw with luke skywalker in the mandalorian season. Two we don’t yet know what it is got a few thoughts, but i don’t want to go too much into that one there. I think it might have something to do with the upcoming um movie. That scarlet witch is in. If you know what i mean, but let’s move on from there now let’s talk about seoul. If you happen to be in the mood for having physical media still and you don’t want to be completely reliant on disney plus we’ve got some good news for you.

Disney is going to be releasing soul on physical media and also digital media, including 4k blu ray and dvds and it’ll also be a digital version. This will be coming out on march 23rd. This is interesting to see why they’re doing this, it kind of slides into the same thing they did with milan, where they kind of released the extra on the side. I think they’d obviously do the same with ryan the last dragon. They want to make sure they get a lot more money from their bang for their bucks, because they’ve spent a lot of money on those movies and they want to try and recoup as much of it as possible, because the trouble is milan and also seoul really Don’T kind of come under the kind of disney plus original that wasn’t planned for that. So, therefore, the budgets were much higher and i think they know that people would be interested in having the physical version of that movie and they would have been coming out around now anyway, because i’ve had it come out in the cinemas in november. So it kind of makes sense why they’re doing this, but yes, if you’re into your physical media, it’s good news for you, i don’t think they’re going to be releasing all of the disney plus originals. I think it’s, just some of these movies that they know would have been a big hit and yeah. So great news, if you are a collector, the super bowl is coming up this week and there’s some two teams playing each other.

I don’t know what’s going on, but the main thing i always like about the super bowl is that you get loads of trailers this year. One might be a bit different because there’s not as many big blockbusters. A lot of companies are advertising, but apparently disney have got two to four trailers that are going to be running for it, they’re keeping things very close to the chest. What they’re gon na be showing? I won’t be too surprised if there is like a disney plus one kind of trying to get people in for the different shows, maybe falcon and the winter soldier. That would make a lot of sense, potentially one for raya, and maybe we could even get um a hint of what’s going on with black widow, whether or not they are going to do it to primary access. But the idea i don’t think is that they’re going to use it there, they kind of want to push stuff that they know is coming rather than kind of showing how low the movies that are going to be. You know if they get delayed or anything else. So they might want to keep things pretty close yeah, so we are going to be expecting to see some trailers from disney and especially from the disney plus side at the super bowl. If you haven’t, already done so disney, have now launched a brand new streaming bundle in the us for espn, plus, disney plus and also hulu without the ad so that’s, the main thing, if you don’t like the ads on hulu, this new bundle is available priced at 18.

99, so yeah you get the full package of everything. They’Ve got but they’re kind of definitely they’ve been listening to feedback from people not wanting to have the ad version of hulu um. So there you go so that’s the price, if you haven’t already done so. If you play the video game fortnight, some good news has been a brand new game mode. Added featuring the mandalorian it’s only going to be available until about the 9th of february, and if you do kind of manage to get enough points, you’re going to get a special umbrella, and so, when you come flying in after you jump off the battle bus that’s. How you can kind of come down so that’ll? Look pretty cool i’ve got the razor quest because i brought the pack, so i don’t really see why i would want it, but nevertheless a fun mode to jump in, especially if you like, fortnight and they’re, just going to continue to add all of this new content. They’Ve been adding so much in this battle pass we’ve seen um the terminator we’ve, seen god of war, we’ve seen all kinds of stuff, so it’s nice to see them dinner. But this will be a limited time mode that you want to jump in now, if you’re, enjoying that game and finally it’s kind of awards season now and we’ve had tons of nominations. Events for disney plus shows, along with other shows that will be on other networks.

Such as abc and hulu, which ultimately will end up coming to disney plus internationally as part of star but let’s talk about now, the disney plus originals, the golden globes recently just wrapped up what their nominations just a couple of hours as a point of recording disney Plus picked up five nominations, two for seoul, two for hamilton and one for the mandalorian, so those are the big ones that everyone’s looking at disney also got a lot of nominees at the naapc awards, including 11 nominations for seoul, and this one is obviously very important In terms of diversity and yet hamilton, and so the two big ones also blackish from abc, was also a massive um show they’re picking up loads and loads of nominations. There was also the kids choice awards, which was a little bit more widespread there’s. Actually, a lot more disney plus content in the kids awards from nickelodeon, because you’ve got the high school musical, the series there’s a number of nominations in for that one milan also got nominated and i just think as a whole. Even the phillies and third movie got nominated for best animation, so there’s a lot more um of what kids are watching and therefore you can vote on that one as well online. So i think that was very different from the ones that get picked by the peers. Personally, i always like the fan ones um. I always think they are much more interesting um, because that’s kind of what people are really watching, rather than um sort of critics and stuff, so there so we’ve got lots of nominations expect some more to be coming pretty soon because of that time of the year.

Where all this goes on, but it’s nice to see disney, plus picking up a lot of nominations, it’s also, i find one of those things with um the way that disney kind of have all their nominations. You know you have like hulu got this. Many disney plus gets this money. Abc gets this effect, so while they don’t a lot of people when you put them all together, you know when netflix comes out says we got this. Many nominations. If you put the whole of disney together, they did get a lot it’s, just they spread them out a lot more, but it’s always great to see and great content and that’s. What we’d like to see. We want great content on disney plus and it’s nice to see you know the creators getting a recognition for that, but nevertheless, let me know what you think of all of this in the comments below. Thank you very much for watching this. Video make sure you go check us out over at like follow and subscribe, also, a huge thank you to all of our supporters over on patreon and also on our youtube channel memberships, and i shall see you guys.

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