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Some of the stuff we’re going to be touching on today is cloverfield is getting another movie. Are we getting the venom 2 trailer come this sunday? Matrix 4 gets a ridiculous title and, of course, because i just cannot stop talking about it. We got more spider man, 3 news. Okay, i’m. Sorry, if it’s out there, what can? I do so be sure you guys are leaving your thoughts and opinions. Everything we discussed here today, don’t be that guy who’s just skipping to the spider man story. Okay, i know who you are. I can see you get your hand off that damn mouse on don’t. You use that finger for good and hit that like button. Okay, all right so the first story – we’re going to dive in here today was some big news that happened last week concerning the stock market and don’t worry it’s still movie related. But all you big brain wolf of wall street people out there might have heard that gamestop amc and all these other companies had their stock prices risen thanks to a reddit group that was trying to show some big hedge fund guys what it’s like to be a Little person – really it was a fascinating story that i wish i could break down and tell you guys what it was all about and how the stock market worked, but there’s a reason: i’m, a youtuber and i dropped out of college. But the reason i’m talking about this today is because believe it or not mgm went ahead and bought the rights to make this thing.

A movie deadline here is reporting that mgm lands the rights to ben mercer’s book proposal. The anti social network would chronicle recent wall street gamestop chaos. This is just how the world works nowadays, when there’s something that’s huge news that the whole world had to stop and look at of course, it’s gon na get its own movie. That title to me is kind of interesting. Obviously i think it’s a play on words from the social network that was the facebook movie that was released and with the idea that they’re going with for this movie saying it’ll, be about a ragtag group of amateur investors. Gamers and internet trolls, who brought wall street to its knees, this seems like it’ll, be something really fascinating and fun to watch on screen. So why not let’s see if it’s fun or not just wonder who these amateur gamers internet trolls are going to be like and how hollywood portrays them, because you know they always get that stuff kind of inaccurate? Do you guys hear about this? Do you think this whole debacle that happened in the stock market with gamestop? Do you think it’s gon na make a cool movie, or is this something you’re just gon na pass on one fascinating thing that did come up this weekend that i was like? Okay, i’m. Up for this is we got the announcement that another cloverfield movie is on the way, if you guys aren’t familiar with it.

This is a movie that started way back in 2008, entitled cloverfield directed by matt reeves. The man who is now making the batman with robert padson was really kind of one of the first high tier found footage movies. That people found crazy, so much speculation and wonder it created its own little separate universe. Where, then, they made the movie 10 cloverfield lane, which is actually my favorite and then cloverfield paradox that i was not too much a fan of, but still they had a fan base here. So it seemed obvious that they would eventually make another movie and here’s the details on the next one, they’re saying your cloverfield sequel in the works with batman, tv spin off showrunner, but the catch to all. This is instead of this. Just being another monster like movie set in the cloverfield world, this one will actually be a direct sequel to the events of the 2008 cloverfield movie, essentially ignoring 10 cloverfield lane and cloverfield paradox really a lot to kind of dive in there because, like i just mentioned 10 cloverfield lane is kind of my favorite. I really like the dynamic with the characters, the slow burn of it. Just this high, intense suspense, that is building and building with john goodman’s character, just creeping the hell out of me and then wondering is something actually happening outside this bunker. Highly recommend it, but i don’t think it’s really that big of a deal that this one will be a direct sequel in kind of ignoring all these other cloverfield movies, because well, every cloverfield movie kind of ignores the last one and then just slightly hints to the Bigger universe with this one, it looks like we’ll, be going back to the gigantic monster, trying to figure out more of what happened that day in new york city, maybe their origin story.

I also don’t mind the fact that it’s not gon na be found footage. I think found footage doesn’t get done all that well anymore, i’m. Looking forward to it, how do you guys feel about cloverfield getting a direct sequel to the first one that’s gon na ignore all these other cloverfield movies. Moving on here, let’s talk about one of my most anticipated movies, that is still slated for 2021, and that is venom 2. Let there be carnage now the reason i’m bringing this movie up is because there is a lot of speculation wandering and high hopes that venom 2 will be getting its first teaser trailer come this sunday at the super bowl there’s. A couple of reasons for why that is one: there was this leaked tv spot that landed online. That promises our first look of venom this sunday at the super bowl. Now i guarantee you guys that thing is fake. It was made up by a fan. It just looks very convincing, and also if that was a real thing. They would not just play that commercial once it would be a continuous thing that they’d continue playing and hyping people up and we’d see a lot more people grabbing a video of it and putting it online instead of just one person who got lucky that one time, But even though i know that little promotional thing was fake, there’s still a good part of me that thinks it’s a very likely chance, we’re getting the venom.

2 trailer come this sunday for a couple of reasons. One it’s one of the only sony movies that did not get delayed out of everything that sony just went ahead and moved don’t forget. Recently. Hollywood just had a big purge of delaying a bunch of their movies. Sony specifically went ahead and delayed ghostbusters afterlife morbius, uncharted kind of the only two movies they didn’t touch was spider man, 3 and venom 2. Let there be carnage, but even on that higher note of. Why are we going to see any trailers? The super bowl? I kind of highly doubt it man, i think, there’s a lot of companies who looked at their numbers last year and saw how much ridiculous money they spent on the super bowl, showing these trailers to people for movies that never got released and millions of dollars just Disappearing, this might be one of the first years in super bowl history, where we just don’t have these giant blockbuster movies releasing trailers. On that day, the only movies i believe are going to get trailers coming. This sunday are stuff that’s headed straight to streaming, that’s. The kind of stuff we’re set to see this sunday, but the thing also i want to mention if we actually do get trailers for let’s say like a black widow, because marvel does like to promote at the super bowl, even though i think they’re just going to Go ahead and promote their disney plus shows with juan division and falcon and loki and all that stuff, whatever movies that are set to go to theaters that get a trailer to super bowl, it’s locked in it’s said they are going full throttle and they’re thinking we’re.

Releasing this movie no matter what, because they just put their money where their mouth is and shield out those millions of dollars. So right now, just because everyone’s buzzing about it, i’m gon na give it a 20 chance that we’re getting a venom. Two trailer come this sunday, but i wan na know from you guys do you think we’re gon na see our first trailer for venom, two come this sunday and what movies are you actually thinking are going to pop up at the super bowl? Some people are hoping this black widow has the confirmation for the movie coming out moving out to something i was really looking forward to until i found out the title of the damn film. We all know that matrix 4 is in the works which is sort of the reboot for the matrix franchise. It is going to be starring, keanu reeves, bringing back a lot of cast members from the matrix, franchise and kind of starting all over or starting anew in the way modern reboots work, and we do have hbo max promoting their upcoming movies for warner bros, one of Them is the matrix, and as of then, they only had the movie titled the matrix, but now thanks to a crew member who got a rapping present from the ending of matrix 4 filming on this rapping present for the crew member who worked on matrix 4. It has it written as the matrix resurrections with an s and immediately as soon as i saw that butterfly floated away of, like i thought this movie was going to be good, but honestly man, when was the last time, a movie that was titled blank resurrection or Blank resurrection s was that film ever good.

Okay, we have halloween resurrection. We have alien resurrection, even the scream tv series where they named the third season, scream resurrections. That was the worst season of scream tv ever i’m, just slightly annoyed that they would name it resurrection when i think they could have given it so many more cool titles like i had one person who responded to my tweet on twitter when i was going ahead And ranting off about this, they could have named it the matrix rebooted, and i know that might seem a little on the nose because you know it’s a reboot it’s starting all over, but computers, matrix internet systems like rebooted, would have been the perfect meta term to Throw in there and i would have been much happier with a movie titled, matrix rebooted, but something like matrix, resurrections, okay, like i get it, is it the god, symbolism that they’ve been doing all over in these matrix movies, where neo is basically like jesus, so he’s Being resurrected brought in again for another movie, along with all these other characters, which is why there’s an s because there’s multiple characters being resurrected, and then i know some were just throwing out. The argument. Oh well matrix just like to put the re words in front of their sequels like reloaded revolutions and now resurrections even matrix revival would have been cooler to me, but either way i’m still. Looking forward to this movie, i think it’s going to be cool i’m, just kind of hoping that maybe that was their working title or the title they used.

While they were filming and they’re going to change it once they actually go ahead and start marketing the movie to the public for the fourth matrix movie, what other re word would you rather have preferred, or am i just an idiot, and i should just be happy? We get another matrix movie. I agree all right, so the first story – we’re gon na dive in here today, is concerning what has happened this past week with this whole i’m in the middle of filming side, flick and tom holland just went ahead and released. This photo with his brother, you guys are getting to see me react to some real time news right here. Oh that is so sweet man look at harry on top of his brother right there, spider man can really carry him. He said today was easily one of the highlights of my career for those of you that were there, you know what i’m talking about and for those of you that weren’t you better buckle up, but now getting out to spider man, 3 news. I probably went ahead and edited my reaction to what tom holland just went ahead and released first because it was early on. While i was filming side flick, let’s get into some of the set photos that have been recently released from the set of spider man. 3. A lot of stuff is going on since they’re, currently filming in atlanta i’ve already done a couple of videos of other set photos where we’ve gotten things like the homeless, shelter feast.

That is right now very popular with the spider man. Video games, even a guy that people were saying, look like miles morales in a mocap suit, even though i don’t think that smiles at all. We now have one this photo that tom holland released with his brother, who i already talked about in previous video we’ve, seen set photos of this, that is tom, holland’s real life, brother harry holland, who’s, just gon na be playing a small little cameo in the movie. It looks like he’s gon na be playing some sort of thief that steals a bike or a purse and spider man has to whip him up and actually didn’t realize this until i got to the editing process. But this photo right here with tom holland and his brother harry holland. This was filmed over two weeks ago, almost coming up on three weeks, and we know this was just meant to be a little cameo in the movie. Something small, like i said, probably harry, being some sort of bank robber or thief or something like just something small. So it would not take three weeks for this little cameo to be filmed it’s, not going back to exactly what tom holland is teasing here. He said for those of you that were there, you know what i’m talking about and for those of you that weren’t you better buckle up. This is the highlight of his career and the only thing i can think about that he’s.

Obviously, looking forward to tom holland might have just finally have had his scenes together with toby maguire and andrew garfield, all at once, that’s. The only other thing i could think of involving spider man 3. That would be the highlight of his career having all three spider man right there. Other than that i mean your guess is as good as mine. The other photo that’s recently getting released and has a lot of fans talking is of this stunt double wearing a mocap suit that, yes wearing that mask with the hair and his complexion heavily resembles tom holland, but that is not tom holland. That could very well be tom. Holland’S stunt, double and it’s led a lot of people to believe that this means we’re getting the return of the iron spider, suit or heck. This is maybe even going to be tom, holland wearing the symbiote, but i honestly don’t even think this person is supposed to be mocapping into spiderman. I feel like this is one of the villains being thrown into the movie, because we had that other person who is not the same individual, also in a mocap suit, paired that up with the words that zendaya went ahead. And let us know a couple days ago is that on the set of spider man 3, she feels like she’s running away from aliens and things she can’t see. There is some sort of villain creature or mass produced thing in spider, man 3.

That requires mocap work, but before even theorizing, further on what this other villain could be or what these creatures are in this spider man, 3 movie. We have here a giant poster off to the side of spider man in his homecoming outfit advertising to get photos and autographs for free there’s, even some other words at the bottom, with spider man, symbol that i wish i could make out. But this is really fascinating and i feel almost like a small spoiler for spider man 3, because the last time we left peter parker and his world of spider man, he was being framed for murder and basically the whole world hated him. It really seems to me, like we’re, going to wrap up that whole storyline of spider man being accused of killing mysterio and out on the run kind of early in the movie. That’Ll segue us into this multiverse dimension where toby maguire, andrew garfield will be brought in and then also spider. Man is a beloved person in new york. Otherwise i don’t see why there’d be photos and autographs being offered for tom holland to do. But really, my curiosity is just stuck at who are these guys in the mocap suit and what are they bringing into the movie that is already feeling extremely packed to me? Okay, there were some rumors early on before spider man, 3 started, filming that there could be spider slayers in this dirt film and if you don’t know what spider slayers are they’re.

Basically, these robots, created by dr octopus and also funded by j jonah jameson, which are these like robot things that are meant to hunt down spider man. We know dr octopus is involved in this movie. We also know jay, jonah jameson is also coming back. Could they be setting up spider slayers? I don’t even know man. This movie makes no sense at all to me anymore. Every time i think i figured out a little story plot point, a little thing of how it’s going to go down. Some new set photos. Some new pieces of details drop and i’m like screw. It i’ll just wait to watch the movie, but that is just all the move news we currently have going on right now guys. I want to know your opinions down below on everything we discussed here today. What was your favorite news story? What story did you not care about, be sure you’re hitting that subscribe button for more movie related content and continuing to hit that like button? But as always, my name is chris.

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