Super Bowl, Hip hop music, 2021 JUICE WRLD MIGHT Still Be Alive After Super Bowl 2021

I think i needed a skateboard chicago based rapper jared anthony higgins, also known as juice world, tragically passed away after he succumbed to a fatal seizure, but many of his fans and conspiracy theorists still believe that the rapper might still be out there. It’S not uncommon. For many people to believe that many musicians that have passed away might still be alive. There are many examples of this phenomenon and it mainly comes from the fact that people are obsessed with conspiracy theories fans will try their hardest to piece together clues and will oftentimes reach out to find anything they can that fits into a story. They want to believe juice. World is no exception to that, but would it be fair to just say that people are reaching out with their theories surrounding the wrapper? Let’S take a look at some of the strange things that surround juice, world juice, world or formerly known as juice. The kid found much success on the streaming website, soundcloud in his high school days from a relatively young age. He knew how to play multiple instruments like the trumpet the drums and the guitar, thanks to the help of his friends, who were very supportive of him. Jews started writing his own songs and before he knew it, he was gaining a lot of traction from thousands of people across the world juice had his fair share of critics naturally, but his music was extremely influential, to say the least, something incredible about the late rapper Is that he wrote his mega hit song lucid dreams in under 20 minutes, the song went six time platinum and won him.

A nomination for the best music video award on mtv as well by the tender age of 21 juice world had made quite a name for himself in the industry, but it was to be his last year. Alive juice, world took one too many prescription drugs, while landing in chicago on a private jet upon landing. Police were already waiting because they’d received a tip that there were drugs and weapons on board juice. World suffered a seizure from which he never came back. Many fans believe that the rapper might still be alive. Their claims, while far fetched, still have some intrigue surrounding them. A recent image made a lot of fans believe in these claims, where juice world can be seen wearing a supreme shirt that supposedly came out a couple of months after his death. While these are some claims that can be chalked up as being fans clutching at straws. Many do believe that they are real at that point. It becomes a personal opinion that divides people. It is subjective – and you can’t fault people for believing in the theory that he might still be alive because juice world left many clues through his music. Now a lot of your music and even your social media posts. They seem to have hidden messages in it, so his lyrics have been interpreted by many people and they have all found some common themes. Sometimes these were harder to find while other times juice was quite explicit in what he was saying and couldn’t be more clear.

Something that strikes a chord with fans and conspiracy. Theorists alike is the fact that juice world died on the same day as john lennon was gunned down outside of his apartment in new york. Adding to that is the strange coincidence that juice world died on the same day as the beatles star. A lyric from his song. All girls are the same juice says that he really feels like john lennon. As you can imagine, similar theories around john lennon and people do believe that he faked his death as well, but these theories are quite far fetched juice, had great admiration for john lennon and his music had a big impact on him. So is it that unbelievable that juice could have orchestrated faking his death as a tribute to john lennon chances are that it is just a conspiracy, but there are other signs as well, while the john lennon conspiracy could be a coincidence. Something that gets to fans is a viral trend that started on tick, tock right after juice, world released, lucid dreams in these videos, a part of the song plays, and people can be seen dancing to it before faking a seizure and spitting out water from their mouths. It was pretty inappropriate even for the time, but it aged poorly, considering that the rapper died after having a seizure induced by overdosing on percocets. It was something that i was into early low key due to music and i’m hearing songs about sip and lean.

Those are like the real influential years i feel like, especially for like a boy juice world was pretty vocal about his dependence on prescription drugs and admitted that it was a big struggle in his life. Another one of his songs. Titled legends has a lyric where juice says what’s the 27 club we ain’t, making it past 21.. The strangest thing that is a big reason why these theories still have so many believers is a tweet juice sent out in 2017, which read my goal is to get overly famous shine for a couple of years, then fake my death. Now all of these clues can weave an interesting story. If you want to believe in crazy, conspiracies from the looks of it, juice world has hidden clues in his songs that he won’t make it past 21 references to the late john lennon, a tweet. That very clearly says that his goal is to fake his death, all topped off with the fact that he died on the same day as john lennon aged 21. Another thing he had already talked about in his song legends: are these all just wild coincidences or is there something more substantial behind these claims? 999 represents taking whatever hill, whatever bad situation or whatever struggle you’re going through and turning it into something positive, a die, hard conspiracy, theorist could say something like juice world faking. His death by a seizure was yet another clue that it was all faked.

Considering how the trend had gone out of control, you can choose to believe this, but doctors think otherwise. Many doctors have said that it isn’t out of the ordinary for a young person to die of a seizure to understand that better. It would mean to analyze what happened on the plane where juice would spend his final moments. The rapper was traveling with large amounts of marijuana and cocaine, and also with firearms. The police received a tip regarding the contents present on the plane and were stationed outside the landing site, while waiting for the plane to touch to the ground. Juice, probably realized. That fact, and took his pills to find some comfort, but it ended up having a terrible effect on his body being on a plane can affect episodes because of lowered oxygen levels, while in the air anxiety is another big aspect of seizures, and it was a pretty Well, documented fact, by that time, that the rapper was battling, his demons that came in the shape of prescription drugs when juice was about to land in chicago many police officers were already present at the airport because they had received the tip that juice was carrying weapons And drugs on board, with him upon finding out the rapper, took way too many prescription drugs, which may have caused a reaction in his body that led to his death. Many people will still want to believe the theories and that’s perfectly fine on its own merit juice.

World touched a lot of fans with his music and his words and was quite an idol for these young people. So it makes sense why many people would be in denial that he is still alive and that his death is just an elaborate hoax. If you’re someone who thinks these theories are all false and disrespectful to the late rapper you’re, not wrong, but the skepticism that surrounds deaths like these is always out in full flow. When they involve a high profile person, you can choose to be on any side of the spectrum, but it is important to consider the feelings of many people who were directly affected by the death of the rapper. His mother was one of the people who expressed some remorse but ended up putting out a wholesome and positive message. After her son left the world, i hope it’s, what he wanted. You know. A legacy of healing juice grew up in a strict catholic household, where rap music was strictly prohibited. She told reporters that she was glad that her son could go and put himself out there and his message could have been so widely appreciated. She wanted juice’s fans to learn from her son’s experience and prayed that they would be able to fight their own battles and come out on top juice. World left a big impact on the world with his music. He was a young, talented musician who was at the start of what would have hopefully been a long and successful career, but it was sadly cut short.

He had some die hard fans who want to believe that juice might still be out there, but this can be a detrimental mindset if held onto for too long, but it is clear why so many people believe that juice might still be alive. Conspiracy theories, sell and they’re interesting. They can offer up a new reality for fans and people alike to view the world through a different lens, a lens where things can be different, it’s, another form of escapism that fans use to believe in a world. They want to be a part of while the theories are all still out there, and many people strongly believe them. You have to make your own decision based on the research you do if you liked that make sure to subscribe for more content.

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